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Tilde News
28  septembre     17h24
bandcamp-downloader: Download your bandcamp collection using this python script
   p a href https: s elkzz bandcamp downloader download your Comments a p
27  septembre     19h05
How I got robbed of my first kernel contribution
   p a href https: s tqvcvm how i got robbed my first kernel Comments a p
24  septembre     17h15
The NeoHaskell Dogma
   p NeoHaskell is a dialect of Haskell that is focused on newcomer friendliness and productivity. p p It is designed to be easy to learn and use, while also being powerful enough to release your app with minimum effort and maximum confidence. p p a href https: s...
23  septembre     19h15
S8JFOU: Self-Reliance Through Software (2022)
   p a href https: s bieav s jfou self reliance through software Comments a p
22  septembre     13h38
John Gilmore on ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, and Sun (2022)
   p a href https: s ondgei john gilmore on arp rarp bootp dhcp sun Comments a p
21  septembre     20h25
Project Gemini
   p New domain for the project site. p p a href https: s ezu ez project gemini Comments a p
20  septembre     14h53
New revelations from the Snowden archive surface
   p a href https: s ixpsgh new revelations from snowden archive Comments a p
My4TH - A discrete CPU Forth computer
   ;p ; ;a href ;https: s zeoxtl my th discrete cpu forth computer ; ;Comments ; a ; ; p ;
18  septembre     16h28
The Connection Machine CM-1 Feynman T-shirt
   p a href https: s bbkox connection machine cm feynman t shirt Comments a p
17  septembre     18h17
Serial adapter reboot controller for Apple M1 M2
   p a href https: s on xnc serial adapter reboot controller for Comments a p
16  septembre     07h21
Forth: The programming language that writes itself: The Web Page
   p a href https: s zjxzgd forth programming language writes Comments a p
12  septembre     22h16
Hypermedia Systems
   p a href https: s e bhml hypermedia systems Comments a p
Simple, Non-Commercial, Open Source Notes
   ;p ; ;a href ;https: s aldfjt simple non commercial open source notes ; ;Comments ; a ; ; p ;
Hand-made Nixie Tube
   ;p ; ;a href ;https: s r n hand made nixie tube ; ;Comments ; a ; ; p ;
09  septembre     09h00
The Santiago Boys
   p a href https: s u tbfg santiago boys Comments a p
07  septembre     19h22
Kagi Small Web
   p a href https: s hektjt kagi small web Comments a p
The road to fully open hardware mobile computing
   p a href https: s lgurbi road fully open hardware mobile Comments a p
06  septembre     20h33
The making of a computer-in-a-brick
   ;p ; ;a href ;https: s binusr making computer brick ; ;Comments ; a ; ; p ;
USENET, the original social network, is under new management
   p a href https: s gvydot usenet original social network is under Comments a p
05  septembre     17h18
New EU Rules: Smartphones and Tablets will follow new ecodesign requirements by June 2025
   p a href https: s a bmiq new eu rules smartphones tablets will Comments a p
03  septembre     11h32
Photography for geeks
   p a href https: s en p e photography for geeks Comments a p
02  septembre     22h36
12 Principles for a Diverging Desktop Future
   p a href https: s edxadp principles for diverging desktop Comments a p
Alex Winter on the dangers of proposed Internet laws
   p a href https: s exettp alex winter on dangers proposed internet Comments a p
Disallowing GPTBot
   p a href https: s oehodn disallowing gptbot Comments a p
Nmap 26th Birthday Announcement: Version 7.94
   p a href https: s ih wde nmap th birthday announcement version Comments a p