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Tilde News
21  février     14h23
Advent of Computing: Episode 126 - IBM Compatible (No, Not Those)
   p a href https: s egrqbn advent computing episode ibm Comments a p
20  février     19h58
   p a href https: s fhaeyr nginx Comments a p
Five years of Teal: minimalism versus growth in language design
   p a href https: s fwysdn five years teal minimalism versus growth Comments a p
19  février     15h14
Help The Benson Place Rebuild our Reservations System
   p a href https: s xynkc help benson place rebuild our Comments a p
18  février     20h45
Fully documented source code for Lander on the Acorn Archimedes
   p a href https: s vvamg fully documented source code for lander Comments a p
16  février     01h33
Retro68: a gcc-based cross-compiler for classic 68K and PPC Macintoshes
   p a href https: s oet sw retro gcc based cross compiler for Comments a p
15  février     12h49
It Was 33 Years Ago Today: Happy Birthday Lemmings
   p a href https: s k n it was years ago today happy birthday Comments a p
14  février     20h48
From Mac OS X 10.2 to macOS 10.15 pt 2
   p a href https: s qq bxd from mac os x macos pt Comments a p
15  février     01h31
Apple Pushes Back On Right To Repair Bill Due To Parts Pairing
   p a href https: s ye ez apple pushes back on right repair bill due Comments a p
12  février     22h02
Hands On: Bus Pirate 5
   p a href https: s qu vv hands on bus pirate Comments a p
Reinventing the Single 8 home movie format
   p a href https: s sra vp reinventing single home movie format Comments a p
11  février     16h33
HexChat 2.16.2, The Final Release
   p Can’t post their official site due to unseen domain from new user. a href https: news . . .html rel ugc https: news . . .html a p p a href https: s wgyahb hexchat final release Comments a p
10  février     19h38
40 Years Ago, This Ad Changed the Super Bowl Forever
   p a href https: arts television super bowl apple ad.html rel ugc source on NY Times a p p a href https: s ssofp years ago this ad changed super bowl Comments a p
08  février     20h34
DEFCON 17: Failure (2009)
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Returning to Monkey Island - Noclip Documentary
   ;p ; ;a href ;https: s bzxkne returning monkey island noclip ; ;Comments ; a ; ; p ;
07  février     11h23
PiStorm - The evolution of an open source Amiga accelerator
   p a href https: s agufw pistorm evolution open source amiga Comments a p
06  février     23h15
gathio - A quick and easy way to make and share events which respects your privacy
   p a href https: s g a gathio quick easy way make share events Comments a p
Build Distribution for Maintaining the Famous GCC 4.7
   p a href https: s bkatuw build distribution for maintaining Comments a p
Sega Dreamcast Homebrew with GCC
   p a href https: s ua ezn sega dreamcast homebrew with gcc Comments a p
KallistiOS is a pro-grade development system for consoles
   p a href https: s y b u kallistios is pro grade development Comments a p
05  février     00h29
iris: Serverless text-based forum for tilde-likes
   p a href https: s twctst iris serverless text based forum for Comments a p
04  février     19h48
Converting Minecraft maps to Half-Life 1
   p a href https: s myt z converting minecraft maps half life Comments a p
tinmop - An opinionated client for Gemini, gopher, kami and Mastodon Pleroma
   p a href https: s l ex tinmop opinionated client for gemini Comments a p
03  février     22h43
Iffy Books Permacomputing Meetup - Sunday, February 25th at 1:00 PM EST
   p a href https: s xeszvl iffy books permacomputing meetup sunday Comments a p
openFPGALoader: universal utility for programming FPGA
   p a href https: s avfl openfpgaloader universal utility for Comments a p