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LAAC Dev : Python
21  juin     00h00
Should You Use AsyncIO for Your Next Python Web Application?
   Python s AsyncIO web ecosystem continues to mature but should you build your next production application with one of these shiny new frameworks such as FastAPI Starlette or Quart Table of Contents A Brief History of Python Web Server Interfaces AsyncIO Package Ecosystem Overview Servers
09  juillet     00h00
My Python Development Environment in 2021
   Choosing which tools to use in your Python development environment might be the toughest part of Python programming The Python tooling ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly I ll share what I need my tools to do what tools are a part of my development environment and why I use each one Table
02  mars     00h00
Five Common Django Mistakes
   Table of Contents Introduction Example Code Not using select related and prefetch related Adding null to a CharField or TextField Descending versus ascending with order by or latest Forgetting that clean is not called on save Not including update fields on save Final Thoughts Introduction
01  février     00h00
Database Constraints in Django
   Table of Contents Introduction Example Code Unique Constraint Check Constraint Exclusion Constraint Final Thoughts Introduction Data integrity refers to the accuracy of data stored inside a database When creating web applications data integrity becomes an important issue and rules help
01  décembre     00h00
Float vs Decimal in Python
   Table of Contents Introduction Floats Decimals Fractions Final Thoughts Introduction Both the float and decimal types store numerical values in Python and at the beginning choosing when to use each can be confusing Python s decimal documentation is a good starting point to learn when to use
01  novembre     00h00
Five Advanced Django Tips
   Table of Contents Introduction Using Q Objects for Complex Queries Optimize Database Calls with Prefetch Related and Select Related Annotate Querysets to Fetch Specific Values Use Prefetch Objects to Control Your Prefetch Related Define Custom Query Sets and Model Managers for Code Reuse Final
29  septembre     00h00
Making Concurrent HTTP requests with Python AsyncIO
   Table of Contents Introduction Project Set Up Example Code Test the Example Code Walk Through Final Thoughts Introduction Python added the asyncio module to the standard library Asyncio allows us to run IO bound tasks asynchronously to increase the performance of our program Common IO
20  août     00h00
Setting Up a Modern Python Development Environment on Ubuntu 20.04
   Table of Contents Introduction Tools Tool Explanation Walk Through Installing Pyenv Installing Pipx Installing Poetry Final Thoughts Introduction Setting up a Python development environment can be daunting For some this setup will be overkill but for a professional project I ve found
14  juillet     00h00
Vetting Dependencies: Ensuring Software Maintainability
   Table of Contents Introduction Dependency Check List Checklist Explanation Example Dependencies Django Pendulum Final Thoughts Introduction What is a dependency In the software world a dependency could mean many different things but for this article when I say dependency I m talking
23  juin     00h00
Getting Started with Content Security Policy using Django
   Table of Contents Introduction Project Set Up Walk through Fixing Bootstrap Allowing the Google Slides Iframe Integrating Google Analytics Reporting Content Security Policy Issues Final Thoughts Introduction Content Security Policy CSP is an added layer of security that helps to detect
13  juin     00h00
Automating Convention: Linting and Formatting Python Code
   Table of Contents Introduction Project Set Up Tools for Automation Walk Through Using the Tools in Your Project Final Thoughts Introduction Readability counts The Zen of Python I ve found that most programmers favor a consistent code style and format However I ve also found that
10  octobre     00h00
Improving Website Security with HTTP Headers
09  octobre     00h00
Automating Convention: Formatting Python Code with Black
08  octobre     00h00
Docker Images Best Practices with Python