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Montreal Python
08  août     04h00
Montréal-Python 100 - Unipolar Orchestra
   The September monthly meeting of the Montréal Pythonistas is going to be Montréal Python Unipolar Orchestra on September , at : pm This meeting will feature: Denny Perez on the PSF mins, EN Jean Philippe Brochu on creation of in house tools for data processing mins, FR ...
Lost Events on our Website
   We had an outage on our website and as it turns out, our last backup was a manual one and it was rather old. As a result, there is a big gap between our next event and the previous event listed before that. Not all is lost since you can still see the historical videos of our event on Youtube and...
21  juin     04h00
Montréal-Python 75: Funky Urgency
   The summer has started and it’s time for our last edition before the seasonal break. We are inviting you for the occasion at our friends Anomaly, a co working space in the Mile End. As usual, it’s gonna be an opportunity to discover how people are pushing our favourite language farther, to...
11  juin     04h00
Call for Speakers - Montréal-Python 75: Funky Urgency
   Montreal Python will be hosting its last event before the summer break. This is also a special moment because it’s our th event You would like to talk about your new project Or share what you have learned at PyCon Or maybe you have discovered something new in python and would like to share it...
27  mars     04h00
Montréal-Python 74: Virtual Echo
   We will meet up at Shopify for the first Montreal Python of the year. We will start with most interesting presentations, and then we will move up to Benelux to continue the discussion. Speakers Nicolas Kruchten: Explore Your Data and Then Let Others Do It Too: Plotly Express and Dash You start...