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22  juin     14h57
Two more countries sign Ukraine’s Global Peace Summit communique
Alya Shandra    Barbados and the Marshall Islands have become the fifth and sixth countries to sign the final document after the conference’s conclusion as Ukraine continues efforts to woo the Global South
Ukrainian military reports increased Russian offensive near Toretsk in Donetsk Oblast
Maria Tril    Ukrainian military spokesperson Nazar Voloshyn confirms ongoing battles as Ukrainian forces resist Russian advances near Toretsk.
Playing not to lose mindset hampering West’s support for Ukraine, says Garton Ash
Maria Tril    No football team ever wins by setting out to not lose, and the notion that Russia is invincible is complete nonsese, says British historian Timothy Garton Ash, insisting the West needs a paradigm shift on Ukraine
Russia attacks Kharkiv with guided bombs, killing 2, injuring 18
Maria Tril    The Russian army launched at least four strikes on Kharkiv on June around : pm. Kharkiv Governor
Washington Post: US allows Ukraine to strike Russian territory but with limits
Maria Tril    Ukrainian officials claim US restrictions on weapons use continue to give Russia a military advantage, WP reported.
German vice chancellor warns China of economic fallout over Russia’s support
Maria Tril    Germany’s Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck linked China’s support for Russia to potential economic consequences during talks in Beijing on June.
Spanish authorities dismantle criminal group involved in sexual exploitation of Ukrainian women
Maria Tril    Spanish police have arrested five individuals for allegedly trafficking and sexually exploiting Ukrainian and Belarusian women under the guise of offering refugee assistance.
ISW: Russia pushes for new Eurasian security architecture as alternative to NATO
Maria Tril    Russia’s proposed Eurasian security structure could include Southeast Asian nations, expanding beyond traditional geopolitical boundaries.
Netherlands to provide Patriot air defense system to Ukraine
Olena Mukhina    The Netherlands’ Defense Ministry has refused to disclose the exact timeline for delivering the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine, aiming to keep the information confidential from Russia.
Resources of war: Can Russia sustain its war in Ukraine for years? (infographics)
Volodymyr Dacenko    Russia’s artillery may deplete by , tank reserves are sufficient until , armored vehicles may degrade within years, the financial strain growing, yet the manpower remains stable.
Russo-Ukrainian war, day 849: EU members unanimously back Ukraine’s accession talks framework
Euromaidan Press Staff    Meanwhile, Russia used a massive FAB guided bomb for the first time in Kharkiv Oblast.
IAEA confirms destruction of critical substation in occupied Enerhodar
Maria Tril    The International Atomic Energy Agency has reported the destruction of a key electrical substation in occupied Enerhodar, raising concerns about regional power stability.
Russia strikes at energy infrastructure in Ukraine’s south and west overnight, injuring two workers
Maria Tril    The Russian attack injured power workers in Zaporizhzhia. Attacks hit energy infrastructure in Lviv educational facility in Ivano Frankivsk.
21  juin     20h14
Three men arrested for spying on Ukrainian target in Germany
Vira Kravchuk    Three spies from Ukraine, Armenia, and Russia were taken into custody by German police in Frankfurt am Main on June for allegedly gathering information on behalf of an undisclosed foreign secret service.
No cases of weapons trafficking from Ukraine to West, arms monitor finds
Orysia Hrudka    A study by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime reveals that while Ukraine has seen a surge in trophy Russian weapons, valued up to million, there’s no evidence of these arms reaching Western criminal networks.
EU states unanimously back Ukraine’s accession negotiating framework
Olena Mukhina    The EU has approved the talks framework, marking a significant milestone in Ukraine’s decades long pursuit of closer ties with Europe.
Defense Intelligence: Ukraine’s troops thwart Russian advance on Borova in Kharkiv Oblast
Olena Mukhina    Russian invaders faced heavy losses in the attempted advance.
Ukrainian company Nova Poshta receives international logistics Oscar
Olena Mukhina    Nova Poshta, co founded by Volodymyr Poperechnyuk, triumphed over global competitors to win the prestigious WORLD POST PARCEL AWARDS, showcasing its excellence in delivering parcels and cargo amid Russia’s war.
Ukrainian national football team achieves its first victory at Euro 2024
Olena Mukhina    Now, Ukraine is once again vying for a spot in the round of . The decisive match against Belgium will take place on Tuesday, June.
Frontline report: Ukrainian forces target Russians hiding in water pipes in Donetsk Oblast
Reporting from Ukraine    Russia’s attempt to use the local water pipe network to covertly amass an attack force near Chasiv Yar backfired spectacularly as Ukrainian drones detected and eliminated soldiers inside the pipes, leading to severe losses that enabled successful Ukrainian counterattacks.
BBC: Putin warns South Korea to make big mistake if it supplies Ukraine with weapons
Olena Mukhina    Growing cooperation between Pyongyang and Seoul raises concerns of potential conflict.
Global unity needed to restore world order undermined by Russia, Ukraine’s spy chief says
Olena Mukhina    Budanov explained that Russia avoids new mobilizations due to fears of negative public perception, emphasizing Putin’s priority on internal stability.
Russia launches 2,107 strikes on Donetsk Oblast in one day, killing 5 people
Vira Kravchuk    On June, Russian forces targeted residential areas in Donetsk Oblast with bombs, missiles, drones, and artillery, damaging civilian objects, including residential buildings, critical infrastructure, and cars.
Ukraine’s IT Army disrupts key Russian online services
Olena Mukhina    The Ukrainian hackers launched a large scale attack affecting major Russian banks like Sberbank and VTB, making their services unavailable to some users.
The Guardian: Russian weapons to North Korea could destabilize Korean peninsula, says US official
Olena Mukhina    Recently, Putin and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong un, signed a defense agreement in Pyongyang, requiring immediate military assistance if either is attacked.
One cup of water per day for 8 people : Deaths of Ukrainian POWs in Russian captivity rise, human rights group says
Vira Kravchuk    The Ukrainian Media Initiative for Human Rights MIHR verified deaths of Ukrainian prisoners of war POWs and emphasised that the defenders of Mariupol are treated with extreme cruelty, with approximately, servicemen from the th Separate Marine Brigade still being held in Russian...
Trump says Biden should not have promised Ukraine NATO membership
Maria Tril    Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of making promises about Ukraine’s NATO membership that may have contributed to the current war.
Trump vows not to send troops to Ukraine
Maria Tril    Former US President Donald Trump has pledged not to send American troops to Ukraine if he wins the upcoming election, according to a recent podcast interview.
Russia uses first time a massive FAB-3000 guided bomb in Kharkiv Oblast
Vira Kravchuk    Despite landing meters ft away from its intended target, the FAB M bomb used by Russian forces caused substantial damage to a three story building serving allegedly as a temporary deployment point for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Lyptsi, Kharkiv Oblast.