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Vice : Ukraine
22  février     15h27
How Do Oil Companies Get Away With, Well, Everything? An Expert Explains.
Nick Thompson    New analysis shows BP, Shell, Chevron, Exxon and TotalEnergies have made billion from the war in Ukraine.
20  février     15h09
Russian Pilot Who Stole Helicopter to Defect Found Shot to Death in Spain
Becky Burgum    Maxim Kuzminov, a target of Russia’s secret service, was found murdered near his home near Alicante six months after defecting to Ukraine with a helicopter.
14  février     18h04
Globetrotting Millennial Woman Pleads Guilty to Sending 7M of Drone, Missile Parts to Russia
Mitchell Prothero    The basic Instagram influencer was part of a scheme to send semiconductors to Russia to avoid U.S. sanctions.
13  février     14h28
Russia’s Leaked Most Wanted List Includes a Prime Minister and a US Senator
Max Daly    An investigation found almost , people are on Russia’s secret wanted list, including Estonia’s PM Kaja Kallas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and the head of the International Criminal Court.
07  février     17h49
Even the Kremlin Is Fact-Checking Tucker Carlson Ahead of Putin Interview
Matthew Gault    Carlson’s claim that no other Western journalist has tried to interview Putin was instantly debunked by reporters and now, the Kremlin itself.
31  janvier     18h05
Ukraine Is Getting a New American-Made Bomb Before the Pentagon. Here’s What We Know.
Jordan Pearson    The Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb will reportedly be the latest weapon to be deployed by Ukraine before anyone else even the U.S. military.
25  janvier     16h52
Will Conscription Happen If We Go to War With Russia? An Expert Explains
Mitchell Prothero    A British military chief says people should be ready to join the army, but is that actually going to happen
18  janvier     19h39
Knockoff Iranian Drone Sold on Alibaba Was Meant for War, Documents Show
Max Daly    The drone, advertised as being for survey mapping, is described in documents as a suicide UAV used on the battlefield. The supplier said it was destined for Ukraine.
17  janvier     16h22
Leaked Footage Shows a Greek Crime Boss Executed in a Hail of Bullets
Jordan Pearson    Notorious mobster Vangelis Zambounis was killed by two assassins who peppered him with rounds as he sat in his BMW outside a gas station in Athens.
12  décembre     15h34
24 Million Ukrainians Knocked Offline In War’s Biggest Cyberattack Yet
Maxwell Strachan    The telecom Kyivstar reported a major cyberattack that took out mobile service and internet connectivity in Ukraine on Tuesday.