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Vice : Ukraine
31  mai     13h00
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Hypersonic Missiles
Matthew Gault    The unstoppable weapons have been making a lot of headlines but the truth is complicated
30  mai     11h16
Russia Shot Down a Bunch of Drones After an Apparent Attack on Moscow
Jordan Pearson    At least drones are believed to have swarmed the city the biggest incident on Russian soil since the start of the war Ukraine has denied being behind it
23  mai     16h11
Anti-Putin Militias Celebrating Attacks on Russia Are Filled With Neo-Nazis
Mitchell Prothero    Members of the Russian Volunteer Corps include a guy arrested for spreading the Christchurch Shooter s Manifesto and the founder of a neo Nazi death metal festival
Anti-Putin Russian Militias Are Attacking Russian Villages
Helen Nianias    Russia said it was investigating the attacks by self described pro Ukrainian Russian partisans as acts of terror
18  mai     13h00
Russia Fields Increasingly Desperate War Machines Cobbled From Spare Parts
Matthew Gault    The Russian army is innovating its tanks by turning them into artillery placements and outfitting them with anti aircraft and naval guns
This Quiet City Has Been Transformed By the Ukraine War Into a State of the Art Military Hub
Emanuel Maiberg    VICE News visited the once sleepy town of Rzesz w that s now home to Ukrainian refugees rare NATO military planes and Patriot Missile batteries
16  mai     15h52
Sadly, Russian ’SuperCum’ Aircraft Are Just a Typo
Mitchell Prothero    The three drones Ukraine shot down are actually large reconnaissance UAVs
10  mai     13h12
Revealed: A Neo-Nazi Band Played a Private Gig for Russian Troops
Helen Nianias    And they recorded a music video at their base too
04  mai     16h16
Verified Twitter Accounts Spread Misinfo About Imminent Nuclear Strike
Matthew Gault    YouTube and Twitter accounts spread rumors about nuclear war after two drones struck the Kremlin
03  mai     14h28
Drone Explodes Over Kremlin, Russia Alleges Putin Assassination Attempt
Emanuel Maiberg    Ukraine has denied any connection to the incident and said Russia was planning its own terror attack