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03  juin     05h47
Ukraine and the Jewish world - with Rabbi Jacobson
   Why is Ukraine important to the Jewish world Which figures and elements of Jewish religious history and culture are linked to Ukraine How can we look at Ukrainian and Jewish history in a way that treats tragedies with justice but also discovers parallels and interconnections Volodymyr
30  mai     15h45
How Ukrainians overcome their inferiority complex with the Ukraine Calling podcast
   A conversation about the Ukrainian experience during the war Russian fascism the future of this war and Ukrainian security Volodymyr Yermolenko the chief editor of UkraineWorld was a guest on Ukraine Calling a podcast by Hromadske Radio a Ukrainian independent radio broadcaster Host
29  mai     17h42
Bakhmut, F-16 fighter jets, Russian volunteer corps - Explaining Ukraine Weekly, 22-29 May
   Bakhmut F fighter jets Russian volunteer corps attacks Russia Explaining Ukraine Weekly May key events in and around Ukraine over the past week Zelensky on G meeting agreement on F fighter jets Russia ready to transfer nukes to Belarus Ukraine returns its POWs the situation
24  mai     19h04
Ukrainian Identity vs Putin’s tyranny - Volodymyr Yermolenko with the Silicon Curtain podcast
   A conversation about Ukrainian identity Europe and Russian imperialism Volodymyr Yermolenko UkraineWorld s chief editor was a guest of the Silicon Curtain podcast https www youtube com SiliconCurtain and its host Jonathan Fink Original video https youtu be v y l jsJeA
23  mai     11h37
Ukraine as seen from Latin America - with Carolina Amoroso Thinking in Dark Times # 18
   In this episode Argentinian journalist Carolina Amoroso speaks about her experience of reporting from Ukraine during the war She shares her understanding of the Ukrainian struggle the strength of Ukrainian resistance and the driving role of women in Ukrainians fight for their freedom
19  mai     08h59
Timothy Garton Ash - on Ukraine’s role in Europe Thinking in Dark Times # 17
   Why should we avoid dividing Europe into Western Central and Eastern and instead speak of Europe as a whole What is Ukraine s struggle bringing to the European idea What is it like for a British intellectual to visit Ukraine during the war Why must Europe regain its strength and
09  mai     12h56
EU diplomat S ren Liborius. World War II and the Russian invasion of Ukraine - Vol. 2
   How does Russian propaganda manipulate World War II and how is it using the Allied victory over Nazism to justify its current invasion of Ukraine How does Russia make the West into an enemy and how has this process evolved since How does Russia use pop culture to promote its narratives
Historian Serhii Plokhii: World War II and the Russian invasion of Ukraine - Vol. 1
   Russia has tried to assert a monopoly for itself in the victory over Nazism in WWII But what role did Ukrainians and other nations of the former USSR play in this victory What is the role of in Russia s current ideology How has it influenced the Russian invasion of Ukraine What are the
05  mai     11h45
This Ukrainian man lost 7 members of his family to a Russian bomb. We’re telling his story Ep. 222
   A Ukrainian man lost members of his family including children in a matter of seconds They were killed by a Russian bomb in Izyum in March We met him one year after this tragedy and will tell you his story Hosts Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and journalist chief editor
25  avril     14h08
Nicolas Tenzer - on morality in geopolitics Thinking in Dark Times # 14
   Nicolas Tenzer is a French philosopher analyst and author of numerous texts about the issues of security and strategy He founded and runs the blog Tenzer Strategics in English Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and chief editor of UkraineWorld speaks to Nicolas Tenzer about the
21  avril     07h58
There is still much to learn about Ukrainian history - with historian Andrii Portnov
   Andrii Portnov is a Ukrainian historian and essayist the Chair Professor of Entangled History of Ukraine at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder in Germany and one of the EU s rare professors of Ukrainian history Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and chief editor of
06  avril     06h27
What’s happening on the Eastern front? Bakhmut, Lyman, Slovyansk, and more Ep. 219
   What is happening on the frontline Are Russian claims of taking over Bakhmut true What does the situation on the Eastern front look like Are there still people living in destroyed frontline villages Hosts Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and journalist chief editor of UkraineWorld
05  avril     16h02
Finland joins NATO: has Russia’s strategy failed? - Around Ukraine # 10
   Finland has officially joined NATO which is further proof that the results of Russia s foreign policy are contrary to its strategic goals Russia has drafted a new foreign policy doctrine in which it claims to be a state civilization in line with the worst far right Eurasianist ideas In
31  mars     13h28
Writers under attack: the cases of Ukraine, Nicaragua, Myanmar, and Egypt - with PEN International
   PEN International a worldwide association of writers presented its CASE LIST which documents cases of writers facing harassment arrest violence and even death This episode is a recording of an online panel of writers and activists discussing the situation surrounding freedom of
28  mars     13h55
Putin plays a nuclear card again - Around Ukraine #9
   Putin is threatening to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus This could amount to a violation of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty China and Japan have opposing attitudes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which shows a clear divide between the two major Asian powers In a new episode of
27  mars     08h38
Ukraine’s fight against corruption: is it effective? - With Allan Pagh Kristensen
   Fighting corruption is an essential element of Ukraine s EU integration To understand the EU perspective on this process we spoke to Allan Pagh Kristensen a Danish diplomat who heads the EU Anti Corruption Initiative in Ukraine Host Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and chief editor
24  mars     14h56
How Russia uses the grain exports problem to manipulate the global public - Propaganda diary #8
   Russia s invasion of Ukraine and its occupation of large parts of Ukraine s Black Sea littoral zone caused serious problems for the exports of Ukrainian food worldwide Although a grain deal was signed it remains fragile with Russia threatening to end it and blaming Ukraine for causing a food
22  mars     15h07
Are we facing a new China-Russia axis? - Around Ukraine #8
   China s leader Xi Jinping paid a visit to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin and stress the strength of the China Russia axis The visit took place days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Putin and Russia s children rights ombudswoman Mariya Lvova Belova for
21  mars     15h57
Askold Melnyczuk - on Ukrainian literature, diaspora, and culture during the war
   Askold Melnyczuk is a prominent American writer of Ukrainian descent and author of books What Is Told Ambassador of the Dead House of Widows The Man Who Would Not Bow and others His novels have earned honors as a New York Times Notable an LA Times Best Books of the Year and an Editor s
19  mars     14h11
Gillian Tett - on anthropology, imperialism, and the West’s (mis)perceptions of Ukraine
   Gillian Tett is a British journalist and author She is chair of the editorial board and US editor at large of the Financial Times She is the author of Fool s Gold The Silo Effect and Anthro Vision A New Way to See in Business and Life Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and chief
17  mars     20h14
Different countries, similar narratives? Ukraine’s and Slovakia’s experience with Russian propaganda
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we discuss joint Ukrainian Slovak research studying the key narratives of Russian propaganda in both countries Host Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and chief editor of UkraineWorld Guests Peter Dub czi Research fellow of Adapt Institute
15  mars     11h11
Is there a risk of the West changing its Ukraine policy? - Around Ukraine # 7
   Is there a risk of the West changing course with its Ukraine policy Are democratic values moving eastwards with the protests in Georgia Why should we be worried about Russian Iranian military trade In a new episode of our Around Ukraine series Volodymyr Yermolenko UkraineWorld s chief editor
14  mars     15h10
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk on war, music, freedom, and resistance Thinking in Dark Times # 10
   Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is a Ukrainian rock star the leader of the rock band Okean Elzy and one of Ukraine s most popular modern musicians He is also a civic activist and formerly a politician who founded the political party Holos Voice Volodymyr Yermolenko a Ukrainian philosopher and
13  mars     06h40
Why Ukrainian universities need support - with Aaron Wendland Ep. 207
   Despite the war many Ukrainian academics and students remain in the country and continue doing academic and research work In this episode we explain why Ukrainian universities and academics need support and why the war is a time for thinking but also for action Volodymyr Yermolenko the chief
09  mars     18h13
Nikopol, a town 6 kilometers from Russian troops, and from Europe’s biggest nuclear plant Ep. 206
   A few days ago we made a trip to Nikopol an industrial town in southern Ukraine located kilometers from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant now occupied by Russian troops Russians shell the town every day with artillery but despite this regular bombardment and the risk of a major nuclear
Kryvyi Rih, the hometown of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president Ep. 205
   Kryvyi Rih is a big industrial Ukrainian city and the hometown of president Zelenskyy We went there to see what the city looks like during the war and how and if it is changing In this episode we try to describe both the civic and political life of the city Hosts Volodymyr Yermolenko
08  mars     19h02
Words to denigrate: how Russian propaganda talks about Ukraine, and why - Propaganda Diary #6
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we analyze the vocabulary of Russian propaganda about Ukraine An anti Russia puppet of the West former country nezalezhnaya and terrorist state why and how do Russian propagandists use these words and what purpose do they serve
Ukraine prepares a counter-offensive and seeks support - Around Ukraine #6
   Ukraine may be preparing a counter offensive in the spring and therefore needs military support both in equipment and ammunition Ukrainian pilots are in the US which might mean that fighter jets may be on the way in the future The G summit in New Delhi features Russia but not Ukraine In a
04  mars     21h00
Marci Shore on Eastern Europe, ethics, and cruelty Thinking in Dark Times #9
   Marci Shore is an American historian and associate professor at Yale University where she teaches modern European intellectual history She is the author of Caviar and Ashes A Warsaw Generation s Life and Death in Marxism The Taste of Ashes The Afterlife of Totalitarianism in Eastern
03  mars     21h39
5 things to know about Russian imperialism Ep. 201
   How is Russian imperialism similar to and different from other imperialisms that we know What are its key traits with regard to the questions of difference and sameness domination nation states and mythology of the past Hosts Volodymyr Yermolenko Ukrainian philosopher and journalist chief
02  mars     19h38
What is Genocidal Propaganda? Take 2 - Propaganda Diary #5
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we continue looking at the genocidal rhetoric of Russian propaganda We analyze the most common messages of the Russian media and experts that Ukraine should not exist that Russia should de Ukrainianize Ukraine and that its strikes against
28  février     14h46
Can China’s peace plan stop the war? - Around Ukraine #5
   China has released a peace plan with the aim of putting forward ideas that could stop Russia s war against Ukraine but are they realistic The UN General Assembly s recent resolution demanding a Russian withdrawal shows overwhelming support for Ukraine but the abstaining countries form a
27  février     07h23
Syria, Ukraine, and parallels between autocrats - with Jean-Pierre Filiu - Thinking in Dark Times #8
   What are the parallels between Putinist Russia and Syria of Bashar al Assad Why is the cult of violence widespread in both countries Targeting hospitals humanitarian corridors and civilian infrastructure how have Russian tactics in Syria and Ukraine been similar What are the parallels
26  février     09h58
What is Genocidal Propaganda? Take 1 - Propaganda Diary #4
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we look at the genocidal rhetoric of Russian propaganda Before starting the full scale war Russian politicians and media figures systematically spread the message that Ukraine does not exist and is an artificial state which should be eliminated During the
23  février     22h07
One year of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine - lessons and prospects Ep. 195
   One year has passed since Russia launched its full scale war against Ukraine In this episode we draw lessons from this past year the strength of Ukrainian society its transformative power its grassroots nature as well as the weakness of Russian authoritarianism and its imprisonment in the
Ukraine’s cultural scene after a year of the full-scale war. Die Kulturmittler podcast Ep. 194
   This episode is an interview given by UkraineWorld s chief editor and host of the Explaining Ukraine podcast Volodymyr Yermolenko to Die Kulturmittler a podcast by ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen a German organisation for international cultural relations Together we look at the past
22  février     07h58
Biden visits Kyiv - Around Ukraine #4
   US president Joe Biden paid an unexpected visit to Kyiv showing support for Ukraine and sending a strong signal to Russia The Munich Security Conference showed a solidified consensus among Western leaders that Russia must be militarily defeated A Russian planned coup d etat was foiled in Moldova
20  février     07h24
Ukraine: history has come back Ep. 192
   What is it like to live inside history Why was Fukuyama s idea of the end of history wrong What does history mean and why is Ukraine important for the world s future Why is Russia a captive of the past while Europe is a captive of the present and why is this dangerous Hosts Volodymyr
17  février     09h31
Top methods of Russian propaganda - Propaganda Diary #3
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we look at the top methods Russian propaganda has used during the full scale invasion of Ukraine We analyze how Kremlin propagandists mirror their opponents arguments deny Ukraine s existence dehumanize Ukrainians and other nations sanctify their
16  février     12h04
How can Ukraine win this war? - with Ostap Kryvdyk Ep. 190
   What would Ukrainian victory in this war look like Why is Ukraine s accession to NATO essential Is the West s support of Ukraine sufficient Could Russia become a new Latin America UkraineWorld s chief editor Volodymyr Yermolenko speaks to Ostap Kryvdyk a Ukrainian security and defense expert
New Ramstein meeting scales up arms supplies to Ukraine, but is it enough? - Around Ukraine #3
   In this episode of our Around Ukraine series we discuss the th Ramstein meeting held this week the latest mass wave of Russian missile strikes against Ukraine with one missile allegedly flying over a NATO member s territory and increasing calls from the Western governments to their nationals
10  février     06h33
Russian propagandists threaten Europe - Propaganda Diary #2
   In this episode of our Propaganda Diary we look at how Russian propagandists have responded to the catastrophic earthquake in Türkiye and Syria as well as how they continue to threaten missile strikes on European capitals and how they try to dismiss the idea of a tribunal against Putin and his
09  février     14h16
EU-Ukraine summit; Zelensky’s visit to London and Paris; more arms supplies - Around Ukraine #2
   In this episode of our series Around Ukraine we talk about the EU Ukraine summit held in Kyiv and strong EU support for Ukraine s victory and recovery Also President Volodymyr Zelensky visits London and Paris and Ukraine shows solidarity with the Turkish and Syrian peoples after their horrible
06  février     17h00
Incredible stories of the Ukrainian resistance Ep. 186
   This war is full of incredible stories of Ukrainians who resisted the Russian invasion We went to northeastern Ukraine right along the Russian border and talked to people there who lived through very difficult moments one year ago In this episode we will tell you their stories Hosts
Living near the Russian border: what does this mean? Ep. 185
   Northeastern Ukraine one of the most vulnerable areas of the country is very close to the border with Russia How did this region get through the Russian invasion one year ago and how is it living now We went to the borderlands of Sumy Oblast in northeastern Ukraine just a few dozen
02  février     19h51
Dana Pavlychko - on Ukraine’s economic recovery and support for small businesses Ep. 184
   Why is helping Ukraine s small and medium enterprises a vital component of the country s recovery from the war What are the challenges Ukraine is and will be facing from the war s large scale destruction Explaining Ukraine speaks to Dana Pavlychko owner of Osnovy Publishing and CEO of United
How Russian propaganda reacted to tank supplies to Ukraine - Propaganda Diary #1
   In our new series Propaganda Diary we analyze both new and recurring topics of Russian propaganda justifying the current invasion of Ukraine In this episode we look at how Russian propagandists responded to the news that Ukraine s allies decided to supply the country with modern tanks
01  février     21h31
Tanks supplies, Iran explosions, Czech election - Around Ukraine #1
   In our new series Around Ukraine we analyze the international context of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine to understand how it can influence Ukraine s resistance and resilience In this episode we talk about the decision by Ukraine s allies to supply the country with modern tanks and
30  janvier     23h24
What can Ukraine tell other postcolonial nations? - With Anna Pidgorna Ep. 181
   What lessons does Ukraine have for the world today How does its history resemble the histories and cultures of other post colonial nations Can Ukraine develop a new st century ecoculture based on its folkloric traditions This is a new episode of the Explaining Ukraine podcast from UkraineWorld
The deep roots of Russia’s genocidal war Ep. 180
   Can we call the current conflict a genocidal war Why is Russia willing to eliminate Ukraine and Ukrainian identity Why does it consider Ukraine an artificial nation What are the deeper roots of Russia s genocidal intentions This is a new episode of the Explaining Ukraine podcast from