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03  octobre     00h01
Simone Biles’ latest historic moment: The Biles II vault
   Simone Biles became the first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike vault internationally. The skill will now be renamed Biles II.
02  octobre     19h57
At least 10 killed as church roof collapses in Mexico, officials say
   Police said about people were inside the Santa Cruz church when the roof collapsed in the Mexican city of Ciudad Madero.
Former Abercrombie & Fitch CEO accused of exploiting men for sex
   A BBC investigation found Jeffries and his partner, Matthew Smith, were at the center of an organized operation running sex events, with a middleman recruiting young men.
Paris is crawling with bedbugs. They’re even riding the trains.
   Bedbugs are popping up in Paris hotels, homes, and even public transport, and with the Olympics just months away, that has city officials’ skin crawling.
Ukraine funding at risk after U.S. averts government shutdown
   The U.S. is by far the largest provider of military aid to Ukraine, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned that without American help, the country could be defeated by Russia. CBS News’ Ramy Inocencio reports that Ukraine’s foreign minister believes American support for Ukraine is...
A look back at the career of CBS News London video editor Mark Ludlow, who died Sunday
   CBS News senior foreign correspondent Mark Phillips looks back on the career of London video editor, Mark Ludlow, who died Sunday. Mark was an editor at CBS News for years and a veteran of international coverage.
Veteran CBS News editor Mark Ludlow, 63, dies after battle with cancer
   CBS News president Ingrid Ciprian Matthews said it would be impossible to measure editor Mark Ludlow’s contributions, but we know he has made CBS News better.
U.S. aid for Ukraine in limbo as Congress dodges government shutdown
   Ukraine has lauded U.S. support for its counteroffensive against Russia as bipartisan and says it’s actively working to ensure more help from Washington.
Gunbattle at Mexican hospital kills 4, including doctor: Collateral damage
   Gunmen tried to storm the hospital in the Sinaloa state capital of Culiacan to carry out a hit, police said.
2 scientists share Nobel for enabling COVID-19 vaccines
   American Drew Weissman, Hungarian Katalin Karik win Nobel Prize in medicine for mRNA research behind the unprecedented rate of COVID vaccine development.
Grizzly bear kills couple and their dog in Canada
   Officials did not identify the victims but a family member told CBC News the people who died were a couple who were experienced backcountry hikers.
Kurdish militants claim responsibility for bombing in Turkey
   Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for a bombing in Turkey on Sunday. Both attackers were killed one in the blast and the other by police.
01  octobre     23h37
Turkey strikes Kurdish militant targets in Iraq after Ankara bombing
   Turkey’s defense ministry says it carried out raids on Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq after a suicide attack on a government building in the Turkish capital.
Gymnastics Ireland apologizes after young Black gymnast passed over during medal ceremony
   A video of a young Black Irish girl being seemingly passed over during a medal ceremony went viral and drew worldwide condemnation, but it took about months before Gymnastics Ireland issued a public apology. Haley Ott has more.
Nightclub fire in Murcia, Spain, leaves at least 13 dead
   The fire started around a.m. in the popular Teatre nightclub and quickly tore through the venue, according to Spain’s state news agency EFE.
Nature: Dolphins off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula
   We leave you this Sunday Morning in the company of dolphins, just off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Videographer: Lee McEachern.
Dog caught in driver’s seat of moving car in speed camera photo in Slovakia
   According to police, the real driver of the car said the dog had unexpectedly jumped into his lap.
Slovakian driver fined after traffic camera shows dog behind wheel of car
   Authorities in Slovakia released a photo from a speed camera which appeared to show a dog behind the wheel of a car. The owner claimed the dog had jumped into his lap, and he received a fine.
30  septembre     23h14
Families take to the road for world schooling
   Known loosely as world schoolers, families are traveling for brief periods, while others open schools and remain on the road for months or years at a time to educate their children.
6 miners killed, 15 trapped after Zimbabwe gold mine collapses
   Rescue operations were underway on Saturday at Beyhose mine in the gold rich town of Chegutu, about miles west of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
Preaching a more tolerant church, Pope appoints 21 new cardinals
   The year old pope welcomed the new Princes of the Church one of whom could one day become the successor to the current pontiff.
29  septembre     15h50
Suicide bomber kills more than 50 people near mosque in Pakistan
   Pakistan’s Interior Minister condemned the heinous suicide bombing that killed dozens of people gathered at a mosque to mark the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.
Scientists say they’ve found Europe’s oldest prehistoric footwear
   Research say the oldest collection of footwear in Europe has been discovered in a cave in southern Spain, dating back more than, years.
Beloved tree from Robin Hood movie chopped down in act of vandalism
   The Sycamore Gap tree, a local landmark famed for sharing a scene with Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood, was cut down and a year old boy has been arrested.
Iran forces aimed laser at American military helicopter, U.S. says
   This unsafe, unprofessional, and irresponsible behavior by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy risks U.S. and partner nation lives, the U.S. Navy said.
China investing heavily in disinformation, surveillance, says new report
   China appears to have calculated that it can more aggressively pursue its interests via information manipulation, a new State Department report says.
28  septembre     23h39
Army soldier who entered North Korea back in U.S.
   Travis King, a U.S. Army private who crossed into North Korea this summer, is back in the U.S. after he was deported by North Korea Wednesday. King was flown to San Antonio, Texas, and will undergo medical screenings and evaluations.
Critical state : Swiss glaciers lose 10% of their volume in 2 years
   Switzerland’s alpine glaciers have lost as much ice in years as they did in the leading up to , a sign of the climate’s critical state, one scientist says.
Police raids across Germany as decades-old neo-Nazi group is banned
   Germany’s Interior Minister called Artgemeinschaft deeply racist and antisemitic and accused it of trying to raise new enemies of the constitution.
Family looking for lost earring instead finds Viking-era burial treasures
   The family was looking for a lost gold earring in their garden, but instead they found artifacts dating back more than, years, officials said.