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07  décembre     16h03
Ukraine ’Can Lose’ if US Does Not Approve Aid: Will It Come?
   As Congress approaches its last week before beginning Christmas recess, there are concerns that Ukraine may end up with insufficient weaponry going into the new year.
What The Washington Post Missed About Ukraine’s Counteroffensive
   The Washington Post just published an analysis of what went wrong with Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Though largely concurring, our take is that it was all about the training and still is.
Russia Says Arrests Belarusian for Siberia Railway Sabotage
   Moscow said the man’s curator was a Lithuania based Belarusian who it said worked for Ukrainian secret services.
Eurotopics: Does Ukraine Need More Help?
   The US Congress has refused to authorise further financial aid and Hungary doesn’t want to discuss further EU assistance for Ukraine at the summit in December, as planned.
Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov Unveils Ambitious Digitalization Agenda
   The set of new initiatives includes the introduction of an electronic excise tax and a service for the customs clearance of cars through the Diia app.
New Aid Pledges to Ukraine at Lowest Level Since War Began: Study
   Of donor countries tracked by the study, only had committed new aid packages to Ukraine in the last three months, the smallest share since the start of the war.
Schoolgirl Opens Fire in RussianHigh School, Leaving One Dead, Five Wounded, Before Taking Own Life
   Russian State Duma Deputy reveals that the weapon used by the girl in the school shooting was registered to her father, a Bekas shotgun concealed in a tube.
Russia’s Aviation Crisis Continues: Cargo Plane Catches Fire Upon Takeoff
   Evidence suggests that an acute shortage of spare parts following Western sanctions could be leading to Russian planes taking off with unsafe components.
Washington Insider: It’s Looking Grim For Ukraine Aid
   Having rejected Biden’s plan to send billion of aid to Ukraine, there are increasingly ominous signs rising out of Washington.
Washington Insider: Trump Wins Fourth Republican Debate
   Republican candidates for the party’s presidential nomination remain split on Ukraine, but that hardly matters in the grand scheme, with Trump on track for a primary landslide.
Zelensky’s Representative in Parliament Dismissed Following Comments on Conscription via Email’
   Venislavsky said that the rationale behind his removal from the position of the presidential representative was his involvement in multiple military projects.
Bloomberg: Russian Monthly Oil Income Surpassed Pre-War Levels
   Bloomberg’s report is another indicator that Western sanctions on Russian oil exports have not have worked as intended as revenues surpassed pre war levels despite the G price cap.
Kremlin Says It Hopes US Congress Will Block Future Ukraine Aid
   Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused the White House of trying to scorch the money of American citizens in the furnace of the Ukrainian war.
Kyiv to Produce Weapons with US, Historic’ Meeting in Washington
   Top level meetings between Ukrainian and US government officials are happening in Washington, which will help foster cooperation between the two nations’ defense industries.
Number of Deserting Russian Troops Surges
   With no end to the war or likelihood of release from service in sight, the number of Russian soldiers seeking a way out has increased sharply over the last few months.
Russian Drone Barrage Targets Odesa Region Port, One Killed
   The head of the Black Sea region of Odesa also said for several hours drones attacked the Izmail port district, which has been key to exporting Ukrainian grain in recent months.
Weapons of Victory’ Ukraine MoD Advent Calendar - Update Dec. 6
   Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense reveals another pre holiday surprise for the forces of its enemies on day of its Advent calendar in the run up to Christmas.
Ukrainian Believers Wrest Famed Pochaiv Monastery from Moscow’s Control
   A service in Ukrainian by the independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine has finally been held there after almost two centuries of Russian domination.
Russia Sees Shrunken, Neutral Ukraine as Basis for Peace
   Maria Zakharova dismissed the peace formula proposed by Zelensky, saying it has nothing to do with peace and is an array of ultimatums for Russia to justify continued military action .
Disinformation Campaign in Foreign Media Against Ukraine’s Leaders Being Prepared, Kyiv Says
   The Center for Countering Disinformation warns that a series of dubious articles planted in the foreign media and aimed at undermining the leadership of Ukraine is in the works.
ANALYSIS: Cracks in Western Support Pose New Challenge for Ukraine
   Hopes for Ukraine to reclaim its south and east from Putin’s forces faded in summer. Kyiv now confronts diplomatic challenges as support from key allies in the US and EU is questioned.
Zelensky Warns G7 Against ’Collapse’ of Western Unity
   The virtual G meeting, attended by Kyiv’s key allies, comes amid fears Western support for Ukraine could wane as it makes limited progress on the battlefield.
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 6, 2023
   Latest from the Institute for the Study of War.
The Battle for Motivation’ - Ukraine Counteroffensive Update for Dec 7 (Europe Edition)
   Zelensky appeals to G for unity; US charges four Russians with war crimes; AFU knocks down a chopper; New Russian AI aided drone unveiled; Forces trading places around Avdiivka
06  décembre     23h32
US Senate Republicans Vote Down 60 Billion Ukraine Aid Proposal
   State Department releases million in pre approved HIMARS and other munitions; About billion remains for Kyiv, Pentagon says; GOP holds out for immigration policy overhaul
In Luhansk, Ukrainian Agents Eliminated Popov, an Occupation Authority Leader
   In Ukraine, Oleg Popov is called a legitimate target because he actively helped the Russians in the war.
Trump’s Giuliani Knowingly Worked With Russian Agents’
   Why Trump loves Putin but hates Ukraine, and what shocking new information about Trump’s dealings in Ukraine have yet to be revealed.
SBU Liquidates Well-Known Pro-Russian Politician From Ukraine Illia Kyva
   On the same day that Illia Kyva was killed in Moscow with small arms, Oleg Popov, a Russian backed politician in the occupied Luhansk People’s Republic was killed in a car bombing.
Nepal Takes Action Against Illegal Gurkha Recruiters
   Nepal has a long standing tradition of supplying Gurkha fighters to foreign services, from British and Indian armies to UN Peacekeepers. Now Kathmandu says they’re in Ukraine fighting on both sides.
Ukrainians Train to Combat Russian Saboteurs
   Though they receive less media coverage, the Chernihiv region north of Kyiv and the Sumy region in Ukraine’s northeast are the frequent targets of Russian saboteur attacks.
Arms Dealing Gang Detained in Dnipro - Nearly 6 Million Seized
   A two day operation was carried out by law enforcement officers who executed searches in which weapons, ammunition, and explosives were seized.
What Is Orban’s Problem With Ukraine?
   Orban seems set on dealing Ukraine a double whammy: he has warned that he will veto plans for the EU to give Kyiv a green light on EU accession, along with EUR bn in funding for .
Putin Arrives in UAE, Sky Lit-Up in Colors of Russian Flag
   President Putin touched down in Abu Dhabi to hold talks with President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who referred to Russia’s leader as his dear friend.
Possible Patriot Intercept of Supersonic Russian Su-24 Bomber, Aircrew Did Not Survive
   Ukraine doesn’t have that many weapons that can score this kind of kill, and there are signs Kyiv plopped a modern anti aircraft missile battery somewhere the Russian air force wasn’t expecting.
Of Rats and Men
   Serhiy Kolyada on Armed Forces of Ukraine Day
Relatives of Mobilized Russians Call on Putin Not to Throw Soldiers Into Meat Assaults’
   Fears are growing that President Putin’s demand that the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka be taken before his end of year press conference will result in horrific casualty rates among mobilized troops.
ICU Weekly Insight, 5 Dec. 2023 - NBU Eases FX Restrictions
   NBU eases FX restrictions.
New Source of Critical Artillery Ammo for Ukraine Spotted: Turkey or Azerbaijan?
   A Turkish owned arms manufacturer seems to be running a production line manufacturing badly needed mm shells for Kyiv is running according to a source.
UK Announces New Sanctions Targeting Putin’s War Machine’ in Ukraine
   Among those included are three actors supporting the Wagner Group network and four operators of the so called shadow fleet’ vessels used by Russia.
Seasonal Reflections: In Ukraine, Father Christmas Arrives Earlier This Year
   In Ukraine, because of the official switch this year from Old to New Calendar, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on Dec. instead of Dec. . And Christmas will fall on Dec. rather than Jan. .
Cyprus Calls in FBI to Investigate Russian Sanction Busters
   US deploys team of experts to aid Cypriot investigations into accusations that its financial systems are helping the Russian elite to circumvent international sanctions.
Kyiv Post Salutes Armed Forces of Ukraine
   We bow our heads in remembrance of all the many heroes of the AFU who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of a free Ukraine and democratic world and our thoughts go out to their families.
Russia Attacked Ukraine with 48 Drones Overnight: Kyiv
   Kyiv has bolstered its air defence systems since with Western arms, but conceded that it needs more weapons to protect vulnerable regions.
Weapons of Victory’: MoD of Ukraine’s Advent Calendar - Update Dec. 5
   The Ministry of Defense publishes day five of its novel Advent countdown to Dec. , which was adopted by most Ukrainian churches as the official Christmas holiday.
US Senators Square off at Ukraine Briefing After Zelensky Pulls Out
   US Senate in disarray on Ukraine support and videolink with Zelensky cancelled.
ANALYSIS: Putin Senses Reviving Fortunes as Front Holds, West Frays
   Experts warn that just as Putin’s fortunes have recovered in recent months, they could turn downward again especially on the battlefield.
Ukraine Says No Misuse’ of Western Aid and Weaponry
   While corruption remains a significant issue within the country, recent scandals within the defense ministry did not implicate the military or financial aid received from Western nations.
Ukraine Hits Strategic Russian Oil Depot in Crimea
   Kyiv Post sources claim that the attack had serious consequences, while Russia has downplayed the incident.
US Sanctions Belarus Red Cross Chief Over Ukraine Child Deportations
   Dzmitry Shautsou had been sanctioned for assisting the Russian president’s Children’s Rights Commissioner, Maria Lvova Belova, accused of enacting the deportations.
Ukraine’s Zelensky to Join G7 Leaders Video Summit Wednesday
   Zelensky unexpectedly cancelled a planned videolink appearance with US senators on Tuesday in which he was to have appealed for continued funding.