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18  mai     22h00
Ukraine Breaking News Today Live on 05-19-2024
Kyiv Post    Stay on top of Russia Ukraine war developments on the ground with KyivPost fact based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated war maps.
Slow and Steady: How Ukraine’s Sophisticated Flying Bricks’ Pound Russia’s Drone Factory
Leo Chiu    Experts have jokingly called the A a flying brick, but it has successfully delivered payloads deep inside Russia while retrofitted with advanced technology inside an unassuming aircraft.
The Biden Administration’s Chicken Kiev Complex
Stash Luczkiw    The Cold War instilled in many American politicians a craven stance toward Moscow’s belligerence. Experience shows that fear couched by pragmatism is a losing approach.
Ukraine to Restrict Industrial Energy Usage Saturday Evening Following Overnight Strikes
Kyiv Post    Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy said Russia’s overnight drone strike damaged energy facilities in Poltava and Kharkiv regions, and restrictions on industrial consumers are to be expected on Saturday.
British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 18 May 2024
Kyiv Post    Latest from the British Defence Intelligence.
Slovak PM Shooting Suspect Arrives in Court
AFP    The suspect has been identified as year old poet Juraj Cintula, who fired five shots at the Slovak prime minister and hit him four times on Wednesday.
Russia Shells Village in Luhansk Region During Humanitarian Aid Distribution, Says Local Official
Kyiv Post    A local official said Friday’s incident was the second time in a row that Russia shelled the village during aid distribution, though no casualties were reported this time.
Nearly 10,000 Evacuated in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region: Governor
AFP    Kharkiv Region Governor Oleg Synegubov added that Ukraine’s armed forces had repelled two attempts to break through defenses overnight.
5G in Ukraine Only Possible After War Officials Say
Leo Chiu    Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation also does not rule out using Chinese vendors when the country can establish G connections after the war.
The Cultural Front’ - Exaggeration, or Actual Force?
Igor Golubchik    What’s happening in North America Many performers and cultural figures are traveling across the ocean to help raise money and awareness for Ukraine’s fight.
Ukraine Nationalizes 2 Russian Planes Owned by Moscow’s Military-Industrial Complex
Kyiv Post    The Security Service of Ukraine SBU said the two planes, leased to Ukraine for charter flights prior to the invasion through offshore companies, are worth million in total.
Zelensky Expects Russian Offensive in Northeast Ukraine to Intensify
AFP    The Ukrainian President said the situation in the Kharkiv region has been controlled but not stabilized and called for more aid to combat Russia’s air superiority.
Ukraine’s New Mobilization Law Comes Into Force
Kyiv Post    The new law, which was adopted by the parliament in April, comes with a new set of restrictions and requirements for Ukrainian military age males both domestically and abroad.
Slovakia Reels from PM’s Shooting as Suspect Goes to Court
AFP    Despite Fico’s pro Russian stance, his ally slammed opposition politicians and selected media on Friday for labeling Fico as a criminal, dictator or Putin’s servant before the attack.
Ukraine Destroys 13 Shahed Drones Overnight
Kyiv Post    A report said Russia launched Shahed kamikaze drones across multiple regions in Ukraine from Primorsko Akhtarsk and Kursk, where all of them were destroyed by Ukrainian forces.
Mobilization Exemption Canceled for Glovo, Favbet Employees
Olena Hrazhdan    The Minister of Economy hinted at a mistake by the Ministry of Digital Transformation after an MP disclosed six companies whose employees could be legally exempted from mobilization.
Ukraine Battles to Hold Back Russia Advance
AFP    Moscow seized square kilometers square miles of Ukrainian territory between May and , according to AFP calculations based on data from the Institute for the Study of War ISW .
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 17, 2024
ISW    Latest from the Institute for the Study of War.
17  mai     22h00
Ukraine Breaking News Today Live on 05-18-2024
Kyiv Post    Stay on top of Russia Ukraine war developments on the ground with KyivPost fact based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated war maps.
EU Backs Sanctions on Russian Propaganda Outlets As Part of Next Sanctions Package
Euractiv    While EU envoys did not yet specify the measures that will apply to the outlets, Russian media sanctioned over propaganda, such as Sputnik and RT, in previous rounds lost broadcasting rights.
Latest Russian POW Interviews Paint Picture of Brutal Discipline
Stefan Korshak    Ukraine’s recent counterattacks have netted prisoners, none of whom have much good to say about Russian army service as they are given no choice but to fight.
Russia Launches New Kharkiv Offensive to Establish Security Zone,’ Says Putin
Kyiv Post    Russian leader Vladimir Putin said Ukraine is to blame for the renewed Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region since Moscow’s goal was to stop cross border shelling.
G7 to Back EU Line on Frozen Russian Assets, Italy Says
Euractiv    A plan to use windfall revenue earned from Russia’s frozen assets in Europe, about billion, to help Ukraine’s war effort will be backed by the G .
N. Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles After Denying Russia Arms Transfers
AFP    Seoul and Washington have accused North Korea of sending arms to Russia. Experts suggest that the recent spate of testing may involve weapons intended for deployment on battlefields in Ukraine.
Freed Russian Sex Offenders Abuse Children on Return From War
Kyiv Post    A Russian investigative news site says there has been an epidemic of sexual abuse on children in Russia committed by what it ironically terms returning heroes of the Northern Military District.
Changes in European Security Architecture
Kyiv Post    Host Alina Hrytsenko interviews Michael Bociurkiw, on Europe’s political changes due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Macron’s sovereign Europe, and Germany’s Bundeswehr reforms
Changes and Adaptation Precipitated by War: Top Ukrainian Defense Official Talks to Kyiv Post-Part Two
Julia Struck    In an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister discusses plans for an integrated defense system model, collaborative projects with NATO, and ministry deregulation.
Russia Has Started to Destroy Vovchansk, Kharkiv Governor Warns
AFP    The governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleh Synehubov, said Russian forces were trying to surround the town, adding, It is not just dangerous to be there, but impossible.
Russia Extended Front Line by 70 Kilometers in Kharkiv Region, Syrsky Says
Kateryna Zakharchenko    The Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander in Chief said Moscow has extended the front of active combat operations by almost kilometers attempting to force Kyiv to use its reserves.
SBU and HUR Behind Overnight Drone Strikes on Russian Oil Depots and Port, Sources Say
Julia Struck    Sources within the Ukrainian special services told Kyiv Post that this special operation proved that the Russians were unable to defend their main naval bases in occupied Sevastopol and Novorossiysk.
Ukraine Spent Nearly 2.5 Billion for eRecovery’ Program, But It’s Not Yet Enough
Kateryna Zakharchenko    While the amount might seem colossal at first glance, it is far from enough compared to the billion needed to fully restore what’s been ravaged by Russia’s invasion.
Most Russians Support Ending War, But Only If Putin Keeps Occupied Territories
Petro Zhyzhyian    A poll conducted in April indicates more than percent of Russians support ending the war in a few days, but the figure drops to percent if the territories captured by Moscow are returned.
British Historian Offers Prize Money to Help Ukraine Fight
Leo Chiu    British historian Timothy Garton Ash used the prize money from his book to help provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with badly needed drones and night vision equipment.
Despite Western Pressure, China in No Hurry to Reduce Russia Support
Kyiv Post    On Thursday, Putin arrived in China on a two day visit as Moscow is seeking more support from President Xi Jinping for the war effort in Ukraine following multiple rounds of Western sanctions.
Oschadbank Reports Almost 500 Export Contracts Under New USAID Program
Kyiv Post    Ukraine’s SMEs see exporting as an alternative to a substantially reduced market inside the country.
Over 100 Drone Attacks Overnight Targeting Russia’s Krasnodar Oil Refinery and Port
AFP    Several locations in Russia as well as occupied Crimea were struck by Ukrainian drones in one of the most significant attacks on Russian petroleum producing facilities to date.
Ukraine: Russia Keeping ’Human Shields’ in Border Town
Olena Hrazhdan    The head of police investigations in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region reported that to people were being held captive and that Russia was interrogating them.
Russian Orthodox Church Offers Military Training for Kids
Julia Struck    Confession, communion and Kalashnikovs: it’s one stop shopping right on the church grounds for Russian children training to rid the world of those pesky NATO and gay infested Ukrainians.
Russia Lacks ’Numbers’ for Major Ukraine Breakthrough: NATO Commander
Kateryna Zakharchenko    The NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe told journalists that he had been in very close contact with his Ukrainian colleagues, expressing confidence that they will hold the line.
Hungarian Journalists Claim Authorities Lied About 2022 Russian Hack Report
AFP    Hungarian journalists, based on internal documents they have obtained, said the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade lied about a Russian hack report by denying the incidents.
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 16, 2024
Kyiv Post    Latest from the Institute for the Study of War.
It’s Going Quite Well,’ Putin Tells Xi - Ukraine at War Update for May 17
AFP    Putin thanks Chinese autocrat for help in Ukrainian crisis ; Moscow accuses Kyiv of civilian deaths in Donetsk and Belgorod; Zelensky says the country’s western gas infrastructure is now a target.
16  mai     22h00
Ukraine Breaking News Today Live on 05-17-2024
Kyiv Post    Stay on top of Russia Ukraine war developments on the ground with KyivPost fact based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated war maps.
Changes and Adaptation Precipitated by War: Top Ukrainian Defense Official Talks to Kyiv Post-Part One
ISW    In an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister discusses plans for an integrated defense system model, collaborative projects with NATO, and ministry de bureacratization.
Ukraine Accuses Russia of Civilian Abductions and Killings in Vovchansk Assault
John Moretti    Intelligence reports indicate that in their bid to establish control over the city, the Russian military prevented residents from evacuating, resorting to abduction and coercing them into basements.
Russia May Be Testing Potential Nuclear Capable Anti-Satellite Weapon
Kyiv Post    US officials say if Russia successfully develops the weapon, it could disable American satellites, including the Starlink satellite network, which is crucial for Ukraine’s warfighting ability.
We Need All Our Courage to Seek Understanding
Julia Struck    Speech by Ola Myrovych at the Opening Ceremony of the Lviv Media Forum.
Russia Once Again Falsely Accuses Ukraine of Building Dirty Bombs’
Kyiv Post    An exiled former Ukrainian politician has accused Kyiv’s special services, not for the first time, of preparing dirty bombs using material recovered from radioactive waste storage sites.
Ukraine’s Military Claims Crushing Russian Losses in New Kharkiv Offensive
Kyiv Post    Death tolls for Kremlin soldiers this week may have been the bloodiest since the start of the war. Russia’s Defense Minister said gaps in the ranks are manageable and no one needs to be drafted.
Ukraine Says Halted Russian ’Advance’ in Some Kharkiv Zones
Lviv Media Forum    President Zelensky on Thursday met military leaders in Kharkiv city, some kilometers miles from the Russian border to assess Ukraine’s defensive efforts.