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04  juin     12h12
The Only Solution
   In order to establish a lasting peace there is only one solution the end of the Russian empire Otherwise a cessation of fighting will only allow the deeper problem to fester
EXPLAINED: A Weekend of Explosions in Russia and Russian-Occupied Ukraine
   The ongoing situation in Belgorod explosions in Russian occupied Zaporizhzhia and more drones downed in Crimea have made it a tricky few days for the Kremlin
12 Telegram Accounts to Follow for the Latest Ukrainian Counteroffensive News
   Here in Ukraine when it comes to breaking news Telegram reigns supreme Kyiv Post has compiled this handy guide for those not familiar with the platform
Vera Gedroits
   A fearless surgeon from Kyiv
Journalists Are Like Archaeologists - Dig Up Something Interesting, Unique’ - World’s Youngest Journalist’
   year old Kyrylo Peredriy takes us backstage and reveals how he interviews political leaders with probing questions and how he hopes Ukraine s education will be reformed
War in Ukraine Stretching Some Nations’ Neutrality to the Limit
   The continued savagery of Russian forces carrying out the Kremlin s illegal invasion is forcing many countries to reconsider their traditional neutral stance towards war
Kyiv Culture War Leaves Famous Russian Writer Bulgakov Red-Faced
   De colonization process in Ukraine targeting anti Ukrainian Russian literary classics promoted by Moscow
John Sweeney on His ’Tense’ New Documentary ’Eastern Front’
   The world premiere of Eastern Front will be held in Kyiv Cinema House on the th of June at p m It will be followed by premieres in London and Los Angeles on the th of June
Ukrainian Airfield Hit in Overnight Russian Missile Attack
   The facility near the city of Kropyvnytskyi was struck by two missiles during an overnight attack in which several Ukrainian cities were targeted
How Putin is Using Chaos in the Balkans to Distract the West
   Russia sees the region as Europe s soft underbelly and Moscow has used information operations to inflame ethnic tensions encourage protests and make arms deals
Ukraine’s Svitolina Hails ’Brave’ Russian Opponent at French Open
   Ukraine s patriotic tennis star Svitolina gives credit to anti war Russian opponent
Scholz Goes Harsh on Pro-Russian Protesters Booing Him at Event
   German chancellor rebuts pro Russian screamers condemns Putin and says Ukraine has to be supported
The Historic Rise of Polissya Zhytomyr
   A little known backwater football club has benefitted from wise management to achieve a promotion from second division status to the Ukrainian Premier League
Saudi-Russian discord clouds OPEC talks
   Russia desperate for oil revenues opposing cuts in oil production at OPEC meeting
Two-Year-Old Girl Killed, 22 Injured in Russian Missile Strike in Dnipro
   Elsewhere Kyiv was once again targeted by missiles and drones but all were intercepted before reaching the capital according to authorities
British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 4 June 2023
   Latest from the British Defence Intelligence
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 3, 2023
   Latest from the Institute for the Study of War
03  juin     12h11
Abduction, Deportation, Russification: Fate of Ukrainian Children
   International pressure must be brought to bear on Russia to return hundreds of thousands of abducted children to Ukraine Russia must be thoroughly punished for these crimes against humanity
Zelensky Responds to Donald Trump’s Plan to Stop War in 24 Hours’
   Speaking of next year s US presidential elections and a possible Trump victory the Ukrainian president said In a situation like this you are afraid of changes
Indonesia Proposes Russia-Ukraine Peace Plan, Draws Immediate Criticism
   EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell described the plan as a peace of surrender adding it had to be achieved on just terms
What Uber Thinks about Ukraine - Exclusive Interview
   While Uber has now left the Russian market a company executive says there are plans for further investment in Ukraine both during and after the war
Russians Knew What They Were Doing
   The small town of Trostyanets was one of the first to experience Russian Peace and its war crimes before becoming one of those communities that protected the capital from the invasion
Zelensky Says Ukraine is Ready’ for Counteroffensive But Currently Faces a Difficult Choice
   In an interview with The Wall Street Journal the Ukrainian President was confident but added We would like to have certain things but we can t wait for months
Wagner Chief Accuses Kremlin of Trying to Blow up His Men in Public Flogging’
   In yet another angry social media post Yevgeny Prigozhin said there had been no provocations from Ukrainian forces but surprises awaited us on the other side
Blinken to Visit Key US Ally Saudi Arabia
   Ties are complex and have frayed over many things including unhappiness that the Saudis raised oil prices in collusion with Russia to profit from the Ukraine war
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 2, 2023
   Latest from the Institute for the Study of War
British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 3 June 2023
   Latest from the British Defence Intelligence
John Bolton on Ukraine Winning
   Now a harsh critic of Trump Bolton lays out how the US got Russia wrong what is needed to stop a nuclear Iran and how to help Ukraine win
02  juin     13h42
5 Key Takeaways from Antony Blinken’s Barnstorming Finland Speech
   The US Secretary of State described Russia s war as a case study in failure mocked the Kremlin s army and said Putin had sent troops to die in a meat grinder of his own making
A Guide to Mykola Hryshko National Botanical Garden
   A paradise of nature in the centre of Kyiv
Yet Another Cross-Border Raid Into Russia as Anti-Putin Partisans’ Increase Attacks
   The Kremlin on Thursday said it had utterly wiped out a cross border raid into Russia s Belgorod Oblast On Friday partisans hit the same place for the second day in a row
Zelensky Keeps Ukraine Top of the Agenda During EPC Moldova Summit
   While attending the European Political Community EPC summit Zelensky continued to press demands for long range weapons EU and NATO membership in face to face meetings with European leaders
Zelensky Pledges Accountability for Closed Kyiv Bomb Shelter Deaths, Takes Aim at Mayor Klitschko
   There may be a knockout Zelensky responded to a question about who to blame for closed shelters possibly hinting at the personal responsibility of former boxer Klitschko now mayor of Kyiv
Trump’s Plan to Stop Russia’s War on Ukraine in 24 Hours’ is as Terrible as You’d Expect
   The former president launched into a largely nonsensical tirade on Thursday evening even claiming Kyiv is covering up the true numbers of people killed by Russian missile strikes
Summit in Moldova: What Could the EPC Achieve? - Eurotopics, June 1, 2023
   A selection from what European papers are saying
NATO Spy Plane Makes First-Time Flight Over Moldova
   A high profile summit took place in the skies above Moldova with a beehive of NATO aircraft peering deep behind Russian lines in occupied portions of Ukraine
Ukraine Can Defend Itself Today and in the Future’- Biden Lauds F-16 Training for Ukrainian Pilots
   Praising the Ukrainian people s iron resolve to live in freedom the president reaffirmed that the US and its partners will work together to begin training Ukrainian pilots on F fighters
Putin has Opened a Jar With Scorpions
   Serhiy Kolyada on Putin seeking to keep his deadly scorpions in check
Clear as Mud: Ukraine’s NATO and Security Future
   At their meeting this week in Moldova NATO members and European leaders failed to make clear or agree on what they will do if Ukraine is again attacked
Kyiv Post Morning Memo - Everything You Need to Know on Friday, June 2
   Your daily news brief direct from Ukraine s capital
Focus on Odesa: How Ukrainian-Russian Mafia Bond has Been Disrupted by War
   Europol has pointed to the very high likelihood that gangsters from the two nations are continuing to work together despite Russia s full scale invasion of Ukraine
EXPLAINED: Putin’s Curious Response to the Latest Partisan’ Raid into Belgorod
   The Russian president is being heavily criticized for handing out medals instead of properly addressing the situation in his country s border regions
Kyiv Repels More Than 30 Missiles and Drones in Latest Overnight Attack
   It s the sixth attack against the capital in six days Authorities hailed the successful work of air defenses although two people were injured by falling debris
Swiss MPs Reject Allowing Arms Transfers to Ukraine
   Swiss parliament blocks transfer of arms to Ukraine as country s president assures Zelensky of Berne s commitment to Kyiv
Macron Confesses: France Should Have Paid More Attention to Russian Belligerence Before Invasion of Ukraine
   The French President called on the West in general and Europe in particular to offer tangible security guarantees to Ukraine during a speech at the Globsec forum Slovakia
Zakarpattia Bans Russian-Backed Orthodox Church
   The western Ukrainian region has decided to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate which it deems to be a fifth column for Russia
01  juin     14h18
Closed’ Bomb Shelter Tragedy Puts Kyiv Authorities Under Pressure, Blame Game Ensues
   The deaths of three people including a nine year old girl have shone a spotlight on an apparently widespread problem that many of Ukraine s bomb shelters were closed during nighttime air raids
Maciek Hamela: ’In the Rearview’
   A powerful documentary that takes you on a ride with families fleeing the war and entering the unknown Polish director Maciek Hamela takes us on a journey in his account of the war in Ukraine
We Hate Them Even More’ - Rage and Defiance in Kyiv as Russia’s Attacks Increase
   Night after night the people of Kyiv have faced wave after wave of Moscow s missiles and drones but say the Kremlin s attempts to demoralize them are actually having the opposite effect
Ukraine Reconstruction - Some Concerns
   The author shares his thoughts and concerns aloud concerning planning coordination financing and leadership or lack thereof for post war reconstruction in Ukraine