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The Gamer : Atari
27  septembre     12h28
The Atari 2600 Will Be Here On November 17 And Is Available For Pre-Order Now
Josh Coulson    The Atari is a modern recreation of the original console with the same name launching on November and available to pre order now.
18  décembre     18h00
The Best Game Collections of 2022
Mike Drucker    Forget game of the year, what are the best GAMES of the year
03  décembre     15h30
The Best Games In Atari 50
Rebecca Timberlake    Atari celebrates years of the console’s games, taking many back to childhood nostalgia. Here are the best games included.
17  novembre     22h38
Atari 50 Should Be The New Standard For Retro Compilations
Andy Kelly    History lesson.
12  novembre     16h57
All Hail Digital Eclipse
Mike Drucker    The company deserves more credit than anyone is giving it.
15  août     17h00
Alone In The Dark Can’t Be Worse Than The Awful 2008 Reboot
Jade King    A rather unpleasant blast from the past.
01  août     20h45
The Best Gaming T-shirts To Buy This Summer
Gabrielle Huston    Show your friends how much you love gaming with one of these excellent shirts.
Lego Atari 2600 Releases, Complete With Classic Cartridges
Lu-Hai Liang    Just don’t mention E.T.
08  mai     23h45
The Best Game Consoles Of The 90s
Logan Sawyer    The video game consoles of the s featured some of the greatest gaming releases of all time, and here’s a retro ranking of those systems.
23  avril     18h29
Lego Might Be Working On An Atari 2600 Set
Joshua Henry    Atari may be celebrating its th anniversary with a new Lego set.