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14  juillet     16h51
Ruscists attacked Myrnohrad and Lyman in Donetsk region. One person was killed and nine others were wounded. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On Sunday, July, Russian invaders shelled Myrnohrad and Lyman in the Donetsk region. As a result of the enemy attack, a person was killed and wounded, and people may be trapped under the rubble.
Authorities prevented Poroshenko and ES MPs from attending US Republican Party convention - ES statement
Censor.NET    The authorities disrupted the trip of the European Solidarity delegation led by Petro Poroshenko to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, USA.
Trump announces new speech at Republican convention after surviving assassination attempt
Censor.NET    Former US President Donald Trump has announced his speech at the Republican Party convention in Wisconsin after surviving an assassination attempt in Pennsylvania.
Enemy attacked Nikopol district with kamikaze drones and shelled 30 times with artillery: industrial enterprise damaged. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On July, the enemy targeted the Nikopol district with kamikaze drones and fired heavy artillery at the area.
Occupiers dropped explosives from drone on civilian car in Kherson. Driver was injured
Censor.NET    On Sunday, July, in Kherson, Russian invaders dropped an explosive device on a civilian car from a drone. The driver of the car was injured.
Almost 157 thousand hectares of agricultural land have been cleared of mines in Ukraine in six months, - Shmyhal
Censor.NET    Since the beginning of this year, sappers have cleared about , hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine and returned it to use.
AFU have already engaged in 66 combat engagements along entire frontline, more than third of them in Pokrovsk direction, enemy is actively storming Toretsk direction as well, - General Staff
Censor.NET    The situation remains the most tense in the Pokrovsk direction, where more than a third of all the fighting took place. Militants are also actively attacking in the Toretsk direction. The number of combat engagements along the entire frontline today has increased to .
Russians partially restore nuclear weapons storage facility in occupied Crimea - DIU
Censor.NET    In the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian military has partially restored the Soviet nuclear weapons depot Feodosia . However, Russia is currently using this facility as a storage facility for conventional ammunition.
Territorial defence destroyed enemy T-62 tank with double hit. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the SkyForce group of the th separate brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces destroyed an enemy T tank
US Secret Service director summoned to Congress for hearings over Trump assassination attempt
Censor.NET    In connection with the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has invited Director of the US Secret Service Kimberly Cheadle to testify.
Ukraine agrees with Sweden on transfer of Gripen fighter jets - Zhovkva
Censor.NET    Ukraine and Sweden are negotiating to provide Kyiv with Saab JAS Gripen fighter jets.
Russia accuses Biden administration of creating atmosphere for attacking Trump
Censor.NET    The Kremlin has said that it does not believe that the US administration is responsible for the attempted assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump, but it created an atmosphere that provoked the attack .
Ukrainian defenders destroy Russian self-propelled artillery system Acacia . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Our soldiers destroyed a Russian self propelled artillery system Acacia . In particular, the Russian self propelled artillery system was destroyed by the soldiers of the th Separate Mechanised Brigade, with their work being corrected by the th Territorial Defence Brigade.
Occupiers shell Konotop
Censor.NET    Russian troops are attacking Konotop in the Sumy region.
Man was injured in drone attack in Novovorontsovka, Kherson region
Censor.NET    The Russian military attacked a civilian with a drone in Novovorontsovka, Kherson region.
Missile was fired in direction of Kyiv - Air Force (updated)
Censor.NET    On the afternoon of July, air alerts were announced in Kyiv, Kyiv region and a number of regions.
Ukrainian combat system DELTA is highly appreciated by NATO
Censor.NET    Ukraine’s DELTA combat system has been praised by NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Philip Lavin and Deputy Chief of Staff for NATO Capability Development Vice Admiral Jeffrey W. Hughes.
There are no electricity exports and no plans to do so in near future, - Ministry of Energy
Censor.NET    Ukraine is currently not exporting electricity abroad at all and has no plans to resume exports in the near future.
Captured occupier called on Russians to take up arms and go to rallies against Kremlin authorities: I hate this FSB creature . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian citizen Oleksii Bilousov, originally from Primorsky Krai, went to war against Ukraine and was later captured in the Pokrovsk direction.
Woman wounded in Kupiansk region as result of hostile strikes, warehouses set on fire
Censor.NET    Today, July, Russian troops shelled the villages of Kruhliakivka and Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region.
Russian troops fired artillery at Nikopol: two people were injured. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the afternoon of July , Russian troops shelled Nikopol, Dnipro region, with artillery.
Ukrainian scouts destroyed communication and surveillance complexes of Russians. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Operators of FPV drones of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Firebird special unit burned down Russian communications and surveillance complexes. Special Forces personnel struck at the Russian invaders’ base.
Since beginning of week, Russian Federation has used more than 700 KABs, 170 UAVs, and almost 80 missiles against Ukraine - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Since the beginning of this week alone, Russia has used more than guided aerial bombs, more than attack drones of various types, and nearly missiles against Ukraine.
In Kharkiv direction, intensity of fighting is increasing, enemy began to use aviation more often - Defense Forces
Censor.NET    Currently, there is an intensification of hostilities in the Kharkiv direction. The occupiers began to use aviation more often.
Not all citizens who have updated their credentials will be mobilized - Ministry of Defense
Censor.NET    After updating credentials, not all citizens will be called up for military service.
During week, 8,100 occupiers were eliminated and 1,355 units of Russian weapons and military equipment were destroyed. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    During the week from July to , , the losses of the Russian army amounted to about, personnel.
Defense forces destroy group of enemy infantry hiding in abandoned building in Vovchansk. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the Griffin UAV unit of the st Separate Marine Battalion of the AFU eliminated a group of enemy infantry in Vovchansk.
Special forces of DIU blew up enemy warehouse of BK and launch point of Russian drones. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The operators of the Defence Intelligence blew up the enemy’s betting shop and drone launch point.
Defense Forces of South destroyed 117 invaders and 68 units of weapons and military equipment of Russians in day
Censor.NET    The defense forces of the south will continue to inflict fire damage on enemy locations, firing positions, and rears. During the day, occupiers were destroyed.
Ukraine is preparing security agreements with Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Ireland - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced, among other things, new security agreements with the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Ireland.
In Donetsk region, 4 districts are under enemy fire: there are victims and wounded. PHOTO
Censor.NET    On July, Russian troops continued to shell the territory of the Donetsk region.
Soldiers of 47th SMB eliminated occupier with well-aimed kamikaze drone attack. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Pilots of the FPV drones of the Strike Drones Company battalion of the th separate mechanized brigade eliminated the occupier.
Trump spoke about his condition after assassination attempt: I immediately felt bullet tearing skin. Heavy bleeding occurred
Censor.NET    Former US President Donald Trump commented on the attempted assassination attempt and described his current condition.
Most of enemy attacks took place near Novooleksandrivka - General Staff
Censor.NET    During the past day, July , combat clashes were recorded at the front.
Russian troops occupied Urozhayne - DeepState. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Russian troops occupy the village of Urozhayne in the Donetsk region Vremivka direction .
Trump was assassinated during his rally in Pennsylvania
Censor.NET    Former US President Donald Trump was assassinated during a rally in Pennsylvania.
Total combat losses of Russian Federation since beginning of war - about 559,090 people ( 1,320 per day), 8,206 tanks, 15,262 artillery systems, 15,811 armored combat vehicles. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    Since the beginning of the full scale invasion, the Ukrainian defense forces have eliminated , Russian invaders.
13  juillet     16h57
Russia’s double strike on Budy in Kharkiv region hits railway: five railway workers wounded
Censor.NET    On the afternoon of July, the Russian Federation attacked Budy in the Kharkiv region. The occupiers attacked railway facilities and rolling stock. At least five railway workers were injured.
Ukraine may be invited to join NATO at any time - Stefanishyna
Censor.NET    Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna said that an invitation to NATO for Ukraine remains on the Alliance’s agenda and can be issued at any time.
Russians shelled Tokarivka in Kherson region. Man was killed
Censor.NET    On the afternoon of July, Russian invaders fired on Tokarivka village of the Dariivka community in the Kherson region. A man died as a result of the enemy shelling.
In Nikopol district, occupiers attacked rescuers extinguishing fire with drones. There is victim. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    In the village of Kapulivka, Nikopol district, Dnipropetrovsk region, the occupiers attacked rescue vehicles that were extinguishing a dry grass fire with drones. One of the rescuers was injured.
General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine: Since beginning of day, 109 combat engagements took place, fighting continues in nine directions
Censor.NET    The defence forces continue to actively counter the Russian aggressor, causing significant losses in manpower and equipment.
Most units of Armed Forces of Ukraine lack ordinary infantrymen - Khortytsia OSGT
Censor.NET    The Armed Forces of Ukraine currently lack infantrymen the most.
Three children taken out of Vovchansk, hid from evacuation by parents. PHOTO
Censor.NET    On July, police officers and soldiers found and took out of Vovchansk, Kharkiv region, three children who had been hiding from evacuation by their parents.
Russians attacked Budy in Kharkiv region twice. Two people were killed, more than 20 wounded, including child (updated)
Censor.NET    Today, on July, the Russian military shelled the village of Budy in the Kharkiv region twice.
Zelenskyy comments on Biden’s ’President Putin’ remark: We can forget some mistakes
Censor.NET    During his visit to Ireland, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to a slip of the tongue by US leader Joe Biden, who mistakenly called Zelenskyy President Putin .
Russian Shaheds fly into Belarus for second time in two days. Country raised its aviation - Belaruski Hayun
Censor.NET    During the attack by Russian troops on Ukraine on the night of July, one of the Russian Shahed drones entered the territory of Belarus and flew over kilometres. Belarus sent a helicopter and a fighter jet to intercept the drone.
Ukrainian Armed Forces have every chance to push Russians back from Chasiv Yar - Khortytsia OSGT
Censor.NET    The Armed Forces of Ukraine have every chance to push the Russian occupiers away from Chasiv Yar.
Zelenskyy arrives in Ireland and meets with Prime Minister Harris
Censor.NET    On Saturday, July, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy stopped in Ireland on his way back from the NATO summit in Washington. There he met with Prime Minister Simon Harris.
Artillery fire covers location of Russian invaders. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Artillerymen of the th separate mechanised brigade shelled the location of the Russian occupiers with precision fire.