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02  octobre     21h47
Police arrest doctor behind 300 illegal organ transplants’ in Pakistan
Anthony France    Police have arrested eight members of an organ trafficking ring in northeastern Pakistan.
More than 100 Amazon dolphins found dead as water hits record 39C
Anthony France    More than dolphins and thousands of fish have been found dead in the Amazon as record breaking temperatures soared to C.
Paris bedbug crisis: What are bedbugs and how can you get rid of them?
Sian Hewitt    The French capital is having serious problems with the critter, but what can you do if you get them in your home
Grizzly bear kills couple and their dog in Canadian national park
Ayan Omar    The couple were hiking when they encountered the grizzly
James Webb Space Telescope explained: How Nasa pictured galaxies from the past, as new JuMBOS detected
Seren Morris and Sian Hewitt    Giant planets’ roaming in pairs discovered in Orion Nebula
Donald Trump in court for opening of New York fraud trial
Sami Quadri    Donald Trump appeared in court in person on Monday for the opening of a civil trial in New York in which he is accused of widespread business fraud.
Allies plan for 2 more years of war’ in Ukraine
Robert Fox    Britain and senior European allies are preparing a strategy for the Ukraine war lasting at least another two years and factoring in a diminished role by the United States if Donald Trump returns to the White House, senior defence sources have revealed.
Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia finally close to completion as scaffolding set to be removed
Lola Christina Alao    The famous building was designed and spearheaded by famous architect Antoni Gaudi
At least 38 injured in police headquarters fire in Egypt
Ayan Omar    The fire ripped through the police facility in the Suez Canal province of Ismailia
Scientists behind mRNA Covid-19 vaccine win Nobel Prize
Daniel Keane    Dr Katalin Kariko and Dr Drew Weissman awarded prize for role in helping to end pandemic
What is the Appalachian Trail? Google Doodle celebrates mountain range
Lola Christina Alao    The trail spans across the Eastern United States
Europe’s on fire Ryder Cup golf heroes party until early hours
Matt Watts    Europe’s Ryder Cup golf heroes partied into the night as they celebrated their victory against the USA in Italy.
Charlotte Sena: Police search for missing girl, 9, believed abducted from New York campsite
Lydia Chantler-Hicks    She was last seen cycling through a secluded country park where she was camping with her family
Snap Evening Standard: Best Pictures of the Day from around the world
Elliot Wagland and Debasish Sarmah    See the best images of the day from around the world.
At least nine dead and 50 injured as church roof collapses in Mexico
Matt Watts    Children reported as among those killed after structural failure’ during Sunday mass and baptisms