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26  avril     12h30
Ukraines Spring Offensive Comes With Immense Stakes for Future of War
Censor.NET    Without a decisive victory Western support for Ukraine could weaken and Kyiv could come under increasing pressure to enter serious peace talks to end or freeze the conflict
24  avril     05h35
How do they care for war veterans in US? Retired US Navy Vice Admiral and Intelligence Officer Robert Murrett narrates
Є.sузьменко    Robert Murrett is an American academic intelligence officer and retired Vice Admiral in the US Navy who served as the fourth Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency from July to July In Murrett joined the Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law
01  avril     11h35
How a Business Conflict between ACP and GNT Group in Ukraine Turned into a Potential Top Corruption Case
Censor.NET    Russia s all out invasion of Ukraine gave rise to additional issues for Ukrainian businesses in the context of corporate conflicts
17  mars     06h25
Russian General Staff analysis: problems of offensive of Russian troops in January 2023
Censor.NET    By the end of December Russian occupiers had planned an offensive on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zaporizhzhia region Further January attacks by the occupiers yielded no significant results demonstrating the extremely low efficiency of the offensive actions of the
16  mars     13h05
One of best combatants of Ukraine Armed Forces removed from his post for interview with Washington Post
Ю.Бутусов    Commander of the th Airborne Battalion with the call sign Kupol has been fighting since and has brilliantly demonstrated himself after the Russian invasion Kupol became the only staff military in the battalion fully composed of reservists Of the fighters of the first composition
Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow
Censor.NET    The quality of the Ukrainian army which was once considered a decisive advantage over Russia has deteriorated over the year of losses that have taken many of the most experienced fighters off the battlefield forcing some Ukrainian officials to question Kiev s readiness for the long awaited
15  mars     18h10
Alina Da Vinci: Dmytro always left me notes with words Be strong. And I stay. And I will
Censor.NET    If what I write had any sense If I could only imagine in life what was happening to us I wouldn t be able to accept it actually just like now I just can t And I don t accept it
13  mars     11h14
Mark Ellis: We need tribunal to begin its work before war is over
Т.Бодня    Mark Ellis is one of those who knows from practice how international tribunals work and what needs to be done to hold the Russian Federation s political leadership accountable for the crime of aggression
06  mars     16h40
Battle for Bakhmut: Are conclusions drawn after Debaltseve?
Ю.Бутусов    I read that today the Supreme Commander s Council decided to continue the defense of Bakhmut Among the participants of the Council were generals who commanded the defense of Debaltseve that is as we are sure they drew conclusions from that experience and their decisions regarding the defense
05  mars     08h30
Aerial scout Hleb Zhavoronkov: We need to saturate front with large number of inexpensive copters
Є.sузьменко    If before the beginning of a full scale war someone could not know about the abbreviation UAV now the term drones is used by everyone from toddlers of kindergarten age to very elderly people We need more of these things my neighbor pensioner a regular spectator of the television marathon
03  mars     16h15
Ukraine uses guided missiles with longer range than HIMARS
Censor.NET    Despite being produced in small quantities Vilkha M can reach targets miles away with a much larger warhead than M s that are fired by HIMARS
01  mars     06h10
Hero of Ukraine, policeman Oleg Lakusta: It is necessary to train not only policemen, but everyone. Everyone should be ready to defend Ukraine
Т.Бодня    Colonel Oleg Lakusta was the first among the police officers who at the beginning of the full scale invasion of the Russian Federation defended our country and was awarded the highest state award the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star
24  fvrier     07h55
Kyiv in three days. Chronicle of lies of Russian propagandists 02 24 2022
Censor.NET    On February Ukrainians woke up to the sound of explosions The Russian Federation had launched a full scale invasion The plan of the occupiers to take Ukraine in days failed Russian propagandists were in a frenzy talking about a parade in Kiev a cut off exit to the sea and a
22  fvrier     14h20
How does Wagner attacks? Ammunition consumption rates of Russian troops during the storming of Bakhmut
Ю.Бутусов    Today the owner of the Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin presented a unique document an application for ammunition of all calibers required for the capture of the city of Bakhmut by the Russian grouping Handwritten figures of actual supplies are indicated there not only for Wagner but also for
Zelenskyi hid from Biden second most influential person in power - Tatarov
Ю.Бутусов    At the meeting with US President J Biden on February President Volodymyr Zelenskyi lined up the most influential leaders of his government whom he trusts the most Except one
21  fvrier     17h20
Analysis of Putins speech on Federal Assembly on anniversary of beginning of war
Ю.Бутусов    He stated that Russia continues to support the government of the Donetsk People s Republic and the Luhansk People s Republic On February the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly The head of the aggressor country spoke about the
20  fvrier     14h55
Money in army
Censor.NET    My battalion in basically took nothing from volunteering Strangely but there is something in it If you rely on volunteering then our army will never be heard from supply and logistics problems
17  fvrier     19h25
Conflict surrounding Ministry of Defense is multi-level
Ю.Бутусов    Yermak saved Reznikova in the minister s chair in the battle with Arachamie nobody is going to bear any responsibility for the unresolved problems of the Ministry of Defense
09  fvrier     11h50
Ethics Council member Robert Cordy: There were candidates who bought cars or apartments at an undervalued price. They couldnt answer how they managed to buy a car or an apartment at such a low price.
Т.Бодня    We recorded an interview with a member of the Ethics Council which checks for compliance with the criterion of professional ethics and integrity of candidates for membership of the Supreme Council of Justice Robert Cordy a retired judge of the Supreme Court of the State of Massachusetts just on
07  fvrier     08h30
What happened next blew my mind - we got nearly 130,000 AUD in like three or four months - how two Australians helped hundreds of Ukrainians amidst the violent war
Є.sузьменко    David Russell is modest about his role in how Davaj Ukraine became a successful nonprofit NGO running humanitarian missions in Ukraine But make no mistake it was his and partner s Roger Scott efforts that set the wheels in motion
03  fvrier     10h10
Eduard Tipiniuc, the founder of Pascal Group, has built a traffic sales business by selling analytics to his competitors
Censor.NET    His vision was key to success which compelled the Ukrainian entrepreneur to invest time and resources in creating analytical services and infrastructure that moved the entire market ridding Telegram of bots and allowing administrators and advertisers to spend money honestly
02  fvrier     07h19
GNT Groups Owners Talk about Their Dispute with Argentem Creek Partners: It Is an Ongoing Hostile Business Takeover Attempt Aimed at Its Non-transparent Resale
Censor.NET    GNT Group owners Volodymyr Naumenko and Sergiy Groza told about the dispute surrounding the Odesa grain terminal Olimpex Coupe International