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05  décembre     23h42
Major S.T. NICOLAS reporting for duty Last year our community pooled together over 3000 wrapped 50 personalised gifts for children, who lost one of their parents to the fight with the Russian invasion. This year, let’s double this. PayPal: jesterboyd
   Major S.T. NICOLAS serves in the Resistance Forces of Ukraine in accordance with the staffing schedule and the requirements of the Charter and other governing documents. Major S.T. NICOLAS has a Combat Order for every December, and his task is to deliver gifts to the children of the dead. Major S.T...
07  décembre     03h49
7:44 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 652nd Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Restoration: Chernihiv. How determined people are reconstructing. (English subtitles) Charities
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Ukrainian creative problem solving has no limits as our Ukrainian railways is transporting the trucks that have been stuck at the Poland border via a trailer train
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NSFW video shows the depravity of the russian forces as they desecrate dead Ukrainian soldiers
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Prime Minister: Romania stands by Ukraine until it defeats Russia
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We have to say goodbye to another volunteer. Andrew Ranish Hewage or Dentist was killed trying to evacuate his wounded comrades. The team at Protect a Volunteer regularly worked with him to get soldiers under his command what they need. Dentist, you will be missed and we were proud to know you.
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Ukraine drone commander: My dream is to wipe out Russia’s entire fleet’ Man known as callsign 13 says he will not rest until the Black Sea is free again
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The basement of a local school in Yahidne, Chernihiv Oblast which the Russians held captive more than 300 villagers. Some were killed by Russians, others died of lack of oxygen. This is what the russian War Crimes look like
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How Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for hollow security guarantees
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In December, the United States will transfer all ordered Vampire counter-drone systems to Ukraine
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Govverment support to Ukraine by country, acording to latest update from Kiel Ukraine Support Tracker
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I am so happy, GOAT Zelensky will be in Argentina next weekend.
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UA Advent Calendar: Day 6. Today, we would like to say Vielen Dank to our German friends for their unwavering support in our fight for freedom. Marder is one of the best IFVs in service with our defense forces that saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and forces enemies from their positions.
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Russia’s mercenary recruiters detained in Nepal
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US Naval Base Norfolk received oil products with direct delivery from Russia
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Ukraine Aid Operations - Another MASSIVE delivery for the 33rd Battalion The unit received: Tablets Encrypted Radios Thermal Underwear Tactical Gloves Active Ear Protection Warm Socks After receival, the boys sent this nice message
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Ukraine’s latest weapons request includes THAAD air defenses and F-18s
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On this day in 1900, the renowned Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur was born, celebrated for her stunning floral paintings
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The United States and Ukraine sign a statement of intent to jointly produce weapons
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Losses of the Russian military to 7.12.2023
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We are c making photo reports on the receipt of thermal imagers and generators and other stuff by the soldiers. People are grateful, but very tired. Just receiving home-cooked food and cookies makes them incredibly happy:) I’m not even going to translate, because the tone of their voice is clear:)
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Almost 850 Hospitals Damaged by Russia are Now Restored in Ukraine
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The UK plans to increase aid to Ukraine in 2024
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Ukrainian photographers secured the first and 19th positions in the Wiki Loves Earth photo contest
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06  décembre     21h39
The ex prime minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, arriving to the presidential independence day reception in the colors of Ukraine (source: Iltasanomat, link in comments)
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07  décembre     13h49
On St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine, Azov visited children in the Donetsk region
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Japan will provide 4.5 billion worth of aid for Ukraine, both directly and through the World Bank
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