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07  décembre     14h46
Who will fill the expelled George Santos’s seat?
   Expect an intense fight for New York’s third congressional district
One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth
   Our new poll makes alarming reading
New Jersey introduced a smart voting reform then let it lapse
   The automatic right to vote from home helped make the state’s turnout the highest in America
American life-sciences firms are moving labs downtown
   They provide welcome demand even as offices shrink
06  décembre     20h38
Our tracker of voters’ intentions shows the contest behind Trump
   And what might happen if Trump dropped out
Republican primaries poll tracker: can anyone beat Donald Trump?
   See the latest odds and our guide to the contest
05  décembre     18h55
How the culture wars came for grizzly bears
   Fights over the Endangered Species Act test the frontiers between science and politics
The Supreme Court is torn over Purdue Pharma’s opioid settlement
   The bankruptcy case may turn on the justices’ sense of justice
02  décembre     18h32
Charlie Peters, the man who tried to save Washington
   He believed that ruthlessly idealistic journalism would renew faith in government
The fading legacy of Sandra Day O’Connor, a trailblazing justice
   America’s first female justice, who died on December st aged , once steered the Supreme Court but it has since changed course
30  novembre     15h24
A MAGA court in New Orleans is shaping the Supreme Court’s agenda
   The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals makes SCOTUS look moderate by comparison
A key part of Obamacare is in jeopardy
   A God fearing Texas tycoon is challenging it
Is it cheaper to rent or buy property?
   We crunch the house price data across every American county and make a surprising finding
What to do about an uptick in Americans unjustly held abroad
   Are carrots or sticks the right way to bring them home
A national milk-carton shortage sours America’s dairy industry
   Who’s to blame for an embarrassing packaging problem
The Supreme Court may toss out Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy settlement
   The deal is a case study in unsavoury trade offs
Henry Kissinger never quite belonged where he wanted to be
   The doyen of American statecraft died on November th, aged
26  novembre     12h56
DeSantis v Newsom: the presidential match-up that isn’t
   Is the governors’ debate a glimpse of an alternative reality, or of what’s to come
23  novembre     15h08
Univision, America’s Spanish news giant, reaches out to Donald Trump
   Under the network’s new owners, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
An accidental discovery in rural California raised biosecurity fears
   Now Congress is getting involved
How confusing fetal-personhood laws in America affect hospitals
   In Georgia, one big hospital has interpreted state law to mean periviable babies must be kept alive
What survey data reveal about antisemitism in America
   The views expressed by Elon Musk in a short message are more widespread than you think
The (sort of) isolationist case for backing Ukraine
   Or: What America can learn from Sparta
22  novembre     20h34
Spending on infrastructure has fallen in real terms in America
   That is despite a huge push by the Biden administration
21  novembre     21h16
Does a civil-war-era ban on insurrectionists apply to Donald Trump?
   So far, America’s judges have been reluctant to involve themselves in the election
16  novembre     14h48
Higher wages are spurring innovation in dinner
   Pop ups and supper clubs are booming in America
Some progressives are arguing for a religious right to abortion
   The Supreme Court’s deference to faith based objectors has buoyed their claims
An FBI investigation raises questions about Eric Adams
   New York City is left wondering about Hizzoner’s honour
Why America struggles to make friends abroad
   The newly elected president of Saffronia is granted an audience in the West Wing
Inside a month of America’s school shootings
   The hidden impacts of gun crime are devastating and poorly understood
15  novembre     22h31
America’s government isn’t shutting down just yet
   The new Republican speaker avoids an immediate shutdown without losing his job
The Supreme Court’s code of conduct is a good first step
   But the justices may find they need to go further
09  novembre     14h01
Democrats are giddy from this week’s electoral sweep
   But their wins say little about Joe Biden’s prospects
Why sexually transmitted infections are rising in America
   The decline of HIV may be partly to blame
The Supreme Court has found a gun-control measure it likes
   The conservative justices on America’s highest court balked at the prospect of arming domestic abusers
California is losing people, but this region wouldn’t know it
   Growth in inland areas comes with its own risks
Boston’s cradle of liberty was paid for with slavery profits
   But it still may not be right to rechristen a building named after a slave trader
Chicago’s progressive coalition is struggling with migration
   Should Democrats worry about black voters’ attitudes to newcomers
07  novembre     12h14
Donald Trump looks terrifyingly electable
   If America’s presidential election were held tomorrow, he would probably win
02  novembre     14h17
A tax-cutting wave is sweeping over America’s states
   Conservatives see a fiscal triumph, while critics warn of a looming disaster
Why Kentucky’s Democratic governor is heading for re-election
   Lessons for the party from a state Donald Trump won easily
Can a Presley win Mississippi?
   Elvis’s cousin, health and tax cuts are on the ballot in America’s poorest state
The Gaza war could help set speech free again
   Campus protesters for Palestine are lowering the bar for hate speech
01  novembre     20h14
When can American officials block citizens on social media?
   The Supreme Court is weighing the answer
31  octobre     19h20
Why doctors in America earn so much
   A mismanaged training system has artificially depressed the supply of medics
30  octobre     15h03
Why is America’s capital so violent?
   In most big cities violent crime is declining. In Washington the opposite is true
26  octobre     12h35
How to make NYC work better for its winged inhabitants
   Some small changes to building design can result in many fewer dead migrating birds
The economics of pumpkin patches
   They are pointless, lucrative and generally a force for good
Mitt Romney is the fixed point revealing the Republicans’ slide
   A new biography shows how far that slide has gone
The Republican Party no longer believes America is the essential nation
   How the GOP went from isolationism to internationalism and back again