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07  décembre     10h41
32 Fun French Tongue Twisters to Improve Your Accent and Warm Up Your Lips (with Audio)
Emily Monaco    Tongue twisters, or virelangues in French, can also be a great way to learn a language. They force you to Source
06  décembre     11h59
35 Best French TV Shows to Watch on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube in 2024
Francisco J. Vare    What if I told you watching French TV shows is actually a very effective learning strategy It really is Source
Shadowing French: The Step-by-step Guide (With the 8 Most Useful Resources)
Michelle Baumgartner    Native sounding French doesn’t just magically happen. It takes lots of practice to listen to and imitate real French speech. With Source
05  décembre     16h22
6 Fantastic French Memory Games That Will Make You Actually Want to Study Vocab
Camille Turner    Let’s face it some of us can’t even remember what we ate for breakfast this morning. But we can use simple Source
04  décembre     16h25
7 French Vocabulary Builders to Improve Comprehension and Speaking Skills
Hannah Lamarque    If you don’t learn enough French words, nothing else matters. Building your vocabulary can actually mark the difference between Source
13 Fun Ways to Learn French That Actually Work
Emily Monaco    It’s no secret: learning French takes a lot of work and commitment. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, Source
03  décembre     05h43
Kitchen French: 7 French Food Phrases and Idioms
Emily Monaco    As you’re learning French, you might hear phrases popping up here and there referencing food items. Often, these expressions Source
01  décembre     20h38
The 14 Best French Movies with Subtitles to Improve Your Language Skills
Laura G. Tarpley    You may already know that there are tons of movies and TV shows online with English audio and les sous titres Source
20 Common French Noises to Help You Sound Like a Native Speaker
Mose Hayward    I’ve got a secret that’ll make you sound French as ever. But you don’t need to keep it hush hush. Source
28  novembre     04h50
How to Learn French Grammar (the Sane Way): 10 Tips I Wish I’d Known Earlier
Alan    Not sure how to learn French grammar without going crazy Or just looking for tips to accelerate your French grammar Source
26  novembre     17h16
Stem-changing Verbs in French: The 6 Verb Types You Need to Know
Chloe Faux    Conjugation is a fact of French language life. There isn’t any way around it, and it’s easy to get burned in Source
20  novembre     06h58
The 8 Best French Cult Films That Put the Cult in French Culture
Catie Robbins    Cult films take you to the heart of a culture. And French cult films show you the weirdest, strangest Source
Qui vs Que: How to Never Mix These Two up Ever Again
Rachel Larsen    and are French relative pronouns that are often confused for each other. Qui is often translated as who and que Source
17  novembre     18h57
French Refresher Course: 9 Simple Ways to Revive Your French
Patrick Berryer    Took French classes several years ago If you want to remember your hard earned knowledge of French grammar and hilarious colloquialisms, Source
15 French Christmas Movies You Don’t Want to Miss This Festive Season
Elisabeth Cook    Whether you’re already in the process of picking up the language, contemplating re starting after a prolonged break or just an Source
10 Most Popular French Card Games to Play with Friends
Camille Turner    Did you know people have been playing card games in France since the s This old fashioned form of Source
16  novembre     05h19
21 French Suffixes to -Fix Your French From Novice to Fluent
Chloe Faux    Just like home renovations, suffixes can transform your French vocabulary from bland and shaky to strong and colorful. Specifically, they Source
15  novembre     16h53
How to Write a Poem in French: 4 Types of Poems for All Levels
Emily Monaco    Whether you have a poet’s soul or you haven’t written a poem since grade school, exploring the world of French Source
6 Best French Phrasebooks to Make Traveling Easy and Fun
Hannah Lamarque    After you’ve folded and stacked your clothes, grabbed your toothbrush and scrambled around for your passport and travel documents, there’s Source
The 15 Most Common French Phrasal Verbs Every Learner Must Know
Michael Cristiano    Have you come across something untranslatable between French and English yet I bet you have Well, I’m about to add Source