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05  novembre     14h16
6 French Love Poems Sure to Pull at Your Heartstrings
hannahlamarque    What s even more romantic than a love poem That s right a French love poem French is known as the language Source
18  octobre     17h33
When and How to Use the 15 French Possessive Adjectives (Plus Practice Tips)
Michael Cristiano    Hey is this your coffee Really Because I don t hear you saying it s yours If French possessive adjectives are giving Source
09  septembre     13h55
The Complete Guide to Core French Grammar Topics
Michael Cristiano    Without grammar the building blocks of the French language would lack order finesse and their well loved prestige And although language Source
20  août     03h37
The Definitive Guide to French Agreement: Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives and More
sylvianenuccio    One of the trickiest aspects of French grammar for language learners are the agreements or les accords But don t Source
The French Language: The Ultimate Guide to What It Is and How to Learn It
Michael Cristiano    French is often called la belle langue the beautiful language So what makes French so belle beautiful Is it its Source
24  juin     03h51
Oh là là 25 French Exclamations to Add Flair to Your Conversations
Michael Cristiano    Oh là là This well known phrase is an example of a French exclamation a word sound or noise Source
15  avril     17h58
The 4 Aspects of French: The Complete Lesson
Michael Cristiano    The aspects of French are surprisingly intuitive Actually if you know even a little French you ve already used aspect Read Source
09  mars     02h20
21 French Consonants: Clearing Up Confusion, From B to Z
Michelle Baumgartner    French consonants are like chameleons Sometimes they re silent Other times they speak up In some cases they re pronounced soft in Source
20  octobre     02h06
French Demonstrative Pronouns: A Sweet Shortcut to Simpler French
amygardner    Demonstrative pronouns are used to make sentences less repetitive by allowing us to replace nouns with shorter words This helpful Source
06  octobre     00h43
Save the Date 10 Holidays in French for Celebrating Like a Local
amygardner    Imagine waking up one morning in the mood to do some window shopping You roll out of bed get ready Source
30  septembre     13h30
Qu’est-ce que c’est: A Versatile Expression for Any Context
Michelle Baumgartner    What lies beyond the veil of mystery What secrets What unknowns Qu est ce que c est What is it Ah the Source
24  septembre     00h52
6 Stellar French Vocabulary Quizzes to Have You Speaking Like a Parisian
Kevin Z    There s no such thing as knowing too many French words And if you don t want to forget any of them Source
22  septembre     01h38
Stay Starstruck: Talk About Astronomy in French with Essential Vocab and Resources
Michelle Baumgartner    When you first started studying French you might have been starstruck Quelle belle langue What a beautiful language Source
02  septembre     20h36
Fingers Crossed: How to Say Good Luck in French
amygardner    Break a leg You ll do great Best wishes I ll keep my fingers crossed What do these phrases all have in Source
01  juillet     19h13
The Many Meanings of C’est Bon: The French Phrase That’s Better Than Good
amygardner    Sometimes things that seem bland and mundane at first glance are actually fun interesting and exciting You just have to Source
24  juin     23h00
Oh Là Là : How to Use This Quintessential Phrase Like the French
Michelle Baumgartner    Are you looking to add a little more glamor to your French conversations Want to express yourself in three emotion packed Source
16  juin     00h45
Talking About Age in French: Basic Rules to Master a Tricky Topic
amygardner    I have a good friend who has been years old for a number of years now It seems astonishing Source
10  juin     16h43
Water in French: 70 Related Words and Expressions, Plus Practice Resources
Michelle Baumgartner    France is famous for its water Évian Perrier Volvic Trendy and bubbly the stuff of life But there s more to Source
01  juin     21h53
150 French House Vocabulary Words Because There’s No Place Like Home
Michelle Baumgartner    I m inviting you to a French house party It s going to be a blast We ll munch on some snacks Source
25  mai     14h56
Get the Ball Rrrrolling: How to Pronounce R in French
Michael Cristiano    French is notorious for having some difficult to pronounce sounds But the French R sound in particular is a tough one to Source