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07  décembre     14h06
Almost 90% of Ukrainians consider corruption to be one of main problems of country - poll. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    According to Ukrainians, corruption and war remain the country’s main problems. Moreover, corruption is even more of a concern than the resumption of hostilities in the future reconstruction.
Soldiers of 47th Separate Mechanised Brigade Magura destroyed occupier’s assault group with drones on outskirts of Stepove near Avdiivka. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers used kamikaze drones to eliminate an assault group of occupiers on the outskirts of Stepove village near Avdiivka.
Political disputes arise in Ukraine, which is looking for additional support from West, - NYT
Censor.NET    At the time when Ukraine turned to Washington for emergency additional military support, tensions arose between Ukrainian politicians and leaders.
Partner aid to Ukraine has fallen to its lowest level since January 2022, - Ukraine Support Tracker. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    The dynamics of support for Ukraine from Western partners slowed down, with partner assistance falling to its lowest level since January .
At night, air defense forces destroyed 15 out of 18 UAVs, - Air Force. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    On the night of December , the occupiers attacked Ukraine with Shahed drones from Cape Chauda.
US Senate blocked draft law for vote concerning aid for Ukraine
Censor.NET    The U.S. Senate blocked a draft law containing additional funding for military aid to Ukraine.
US State Department will send adviser to Ukraine to fight corruption and attract investments
Censor.NET    The US State Department, together with Congress, plans to send an adviser to Ukraine’s Ministry of Strategic Industries.
Russian army advanced in industrial zone near Avdiivka, - ISW
Censor.NET    On December, the Russian occupation forces conducted offensive operations near Avdiivka and achieved a small success in the city’s industrial area.
Ukraine has asked US for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters, F-18 fighter jets, Globemaster planes, as well as sophisticated THAAD air defense systems, - Reuters
Censor.NET    Officials from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine presented a list of weapons to meet the needs of Ukraine’s defense forces during a closed door meeting in Washington, DC, attended by US government officials and defence industry executives.
06  décembre     20h04
Law Enforcement Committee of Verkhovna Rada voted to pseudo-cancel of Lozovyi’s amendments - Shabunin
Censor.NET    The Law Enforcement Committee of the Verkhovna Rada voted to pseudo cancel the Lozovyi amendments. The deputies canceled part of the amendments, but deliberately left key holes that will allow top corrupt officials to continue to avoid punishment.
Biden: If Putin captures Ukraine, he will not stop at that
Censor.NET    US President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve a package of additional aid to Ukraine.
United States announced new 175 million aid package for Ukraine
Censor.NET    The United States on Wednesday announced another million military aid package for Ukraine. It will include, in particular, additional ammunition for HIMARS systems, artillery ammunition and high speed anti radar missiles.
Body of traitor Kyva was found in Moscow region - Russian media
Censor.NET    The body of former traitor MP Ilya Kiva was found in the Moscow region.
National guardsmen in the Kherson region with two FPV drones destroyed latest Russian Vityaz air defense system. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian National Guard soldiers destroyed an enemy Vityaz air defense system in the Kherson sector.
US has about UAH 5.9bn left to help Ukraine - Pentagon
Censor.NET    The United States has about . billion left for military aid to Ukraine.
Ambassador Markarova explained why Zelenskyy cancelled speech before US Senate: internal issues were discussing
Censor.NET    Ambassador in the United States Oksana Markarova explained why President Volodymyr Zelenskyy cancelled a speech before the US Senate.
US State Department about support for Ukraine: We have almost exhausted our resources, Congress must act as soon as possible
Censor.NET    The State Department emphasises that the United States has almost exhausted its resources to assist Ukraine, and additional funding is critically needed. Congress should act as soon as possible and make a decision on aid by the end of this year.
Withdrawing support for Ukraine is just madness, Biden says
Censor.NET    The prospect of refusing to help Ukraine, which is fighting Russian aggression, is absolutely wrong.
United States will be responsible for defeat of Ukraine if Congress does not adopt new aid, - US Treasury Secretary Yellen
Censor.NET    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, during her visit to Mexico City, emphasised that funding to support Ukraine is extremely important
Air defense forces at night destroyed 41 of 48 shaheds - Air Forces
Censor.NET    On the night of December , the occupiers attacked Ukraine with Shahed drones from two directions Cape Chauda Crimea and Kursk region Russia . The occupiers launched Shahed strike UAVs.
Democrats in U.S. Senate introduced new draft law that includes aid to Ukraine and Israel
Censor.NET    Democratic senators presented a defence package worth about billion, which includes assistance to Ukraine and Israel, as well as funding for measures aimed at protecting the US southern border
AFU counterattacked Russians near Avdiivka Coke Plant and forced to retreat from two advanced positions - ISW
Censor.NET    Ukrainian forces counterattacked near Avdiivka on December and recently made a confirmed advance.
05  décembre     20h45
Zelenskyy canceled online briefing for US senators at last minute because ’something happened at last minute’ - Senator Schumer
Censor.NET    The leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, says that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy canceled an online briefing for US senators, during which he was supposed to talk about the situation at the front and Kyiv’s need for weapons.
Rada proposes to serve draft notice by e-mail and by registered mail - Venislavskyi
Censor.NET    A draft law is being prepared in Ukraine to allow for the delivery of draft notices by e mail and registered mail.
Committee of Ionushas’s ’servant’ plans to deceive international community by cancelling Lozovy’s ’amendments’ only partially - Shabunin
Censor.NET    The Rada’s Committee on Law Enforcement is planning to cancel Lozovy’s amendments, leaving key loopholes that will allow corrupt officials to avoid punishment.
At day of prosecutor’s office: Journalists showed how prosecutors in Kyiv celebrated their professional holiday. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The journalists showed how prosecutors in the capital celebrated their professional holiday.
Russian strike on Kherson: two civilians were killed, one person was injured. VIDEO&PHOTOS 18 (updated)
Censor.NET    As a result of the shelling of Kherson by Russian invaders, two people were killed. One more was wounded.
New advisers of PO are connected with number of large tenders for reconstruction of housing destroyed by Russians, - mass media. VIDEO
Censor.NET    In addition to the public advisers to the Presidential Office, about other people hold this position. Journalists found out more about who these people are and what issues they are responsible for.
State Department calls on US Congress to adopt allocation of assistance to Ukraine as soon as possible
Censor.NET    The State Department of US and its head, Anthony Blinken, call on the US Congress to pass a new aid package for Ukraine as soon as possible.
There were destroyed 10 of 17 enemy Shaheds - Air Force
Censor.NET    On the night of December, , the enemy attacked with strike UAVs’ Shahed from two directions the Kursk region and Primorsko Akhtarsk of the Russian Federation, as well as anti aircraft guided missiles S , which he directed at civilian objects of the Donetsk and Kherson region
Defense forces repelled enemy attacks in 6 directions, during day - 73 combat clashes, - General Staff
Censor.NET    Over the past day, combat engagements took place. In total, the enemy launched missiles and air strikes and fired times from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of our troops and populated areas.
04  décembre     22h04
Situation at front is difficult, but AFU are making progress, - State Department
Censor.NET    Despite the fact that Russian troops are firmly entrenched in their positions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are making progress.
Klychko supported Zaluzhnyi: Zelenskyy will not be able to lie forever
Censor.NET    Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klytschko believes that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, was fair in his frank analysis of the situation at the front, so the criticism against him is unwarranted.
On fourth day of summer counteroffensive, Zaluzhnyi had to completely abandon previous plan, - WP
Censor.NET    The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expected to reach the Sea of Azov within two to three months from the start of the counteroffensive in June , but the scale of mining and the density of artillery fire was such that Commander in Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi had to completely abandon the...
Partners have provided Ukraine with scarce air defence missiles and modern anti-aircraft systems. Defence industry reaches six Bohdana units per month, - Zelensky
Censor.NET    Today, December, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a daily conference call to discuss the implementation of defence agreements with partners and Ukraine’s increase in domestic arms production.
Sanctions against Russia disrupt military contracts of Russian Defense Ministry for supply of Granat-4 UAV complex - InformNapalm
Censor.NET    European sanctions are disrupting the Russian Ministry of Defence’s state contract for the supply of the Granat UAV system, which was signed in June with NPO Izhevsk Unmanned Systems LLC. The contract expires on December , but it is already known that it will not be fulfilled due to...
White House urgently appealed to Congress for aid to Ukraine: We’re out of money - and almost out of time
Censor.NET    Shalanda Young, Director of the US Office of Management and Budget a division of the Executive Office of the President of the United States , sent an urgent letter to Congress to approve aid to Ukraine.
AFU received another 5,000 FPV drones from Operation Unity , - Fedorov. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Ukraine’s Armed Forces received, FPV drones thanks to Operation Unity , a joint fundraising effort by UNITED, Come Back Alive and monobank.
British intelligence: Russia lost about 320 thousand wounded and killed in Ukraine, but exact number is not known even in Moscow
Censor.NET    British intelligence estimates the losses of Russian forces at , wounded and killed. It is currently impossible to establish an exact figure and, most likely, due to lies in the reports, even Moscow does not have accurate data.
Group of Russian invaders who shot two unarmed Ukrainian soldiers near Avdiivka was liquidated - Defense Forces
Censor.NET    Ukraine’s Armed Forces confirm that a group of Russian soldiers who shot Ukrainian soldiers surrendering in the Avdiivka sector have been eliminated.
We have found common ground and compromises with Polish government on blocking the border, - Ambassador Zvarych
Censor.NET    Negotiations with the Polish government are ongoing, and certain points of contact and compromises have already been found, so there are enough proposals to make carriers stop blocking the border with Ukraine.
Information about beating of Dubinsky in pre-trial detention center was not confirmed. Pre-trial detention center is preparing an appeal regarding lawyers’ actions
Censor.NET    The administration of the Kyiv Pre Trial Detention Centre will appeal to the State Bureau of Investigation and the Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Bar regarding the actions of the lawyers of Oleksandr Dubinsky, a suspect in high treason.
Leonty Sandulyak, co-author of the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, died
Censor.NET    On December, the co author of the Act of Declaration of State Independence of Ukraine, Leonty Sandulyak, died.
Unknown people collect information from Ukrainian citizens using Umerov’s fake telegram channel, - Ministry of Defense
Censor.NET    The Ministry of Defence warns that fake telegram channels belonging to Defence Minister Rustem Umerov have appeared on Telegram and are being used to collect information from Ukrainians.
Russians are trying to find new ways to assault industrial zone of Avdiivka, they advanced in several places - ISW
Censor.NET    The occupants advanced west of the railway and north of Stepove. It is km northwest of Avdiivka.
At night, air defense destroyed a X-59 missile and 18 shaheds - Air Forces. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    On the night of December , the enemy attacked with Shahed strike UAVs from Cape Chauda in occupied Crimea and a guided missile from the airspace of the occupied Kherson region.
03  décembre     17h39
US Ambassador-at-Large Van Skaak: We have information about Belarus’ involvement in abduction of Ukrainian children
Censor.NET    Russia’s filtration programmes are a violation of the Geneva Conventions, and the mass deportation of Ukrainian children has become a horrific phenomenon. What is happening in Ukraine can be described as crimes against humanity.
Information about beating of People’s Deputy Dubinsky in pre-trial detention center has not been confirmed, - Kyiv police
Censor.NET    The Kyiv police received a report from a lawyer that for two days his client, a member of parliament previously detained by the SSU on suspicion of high treason, had been inflicted with bodily harm while in a pre trial detention centre.
Enemy tried to storm positions of AFU in 7 directions, Ukrainian defenders repelled more than 80 Russian attacks, - General Staff
Censor.NET    The Russian Federation continues to ignore the laws and customs of warfare, uses terror tactics, launches missile and air strikes, and fires multiple rocket launchers not only at the military, but also at numerous civilian objects of our state. During the past day, combat clashes took place.