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22  juin     14h23
Zelenskyy showed consequences of enemy’s KAB hitting residential building in Kharkiv: death toll has risen to 3, 19 people are wounded. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian terrorists have struck Kharkiv again with guided aerial bombs. Unfortunately, a residential building was hit.
Enemy suspended near Borova village in Kharkiv region - OSGT Khortytsia
Censor.NET    In the Kharkiv region, defence forces stopped the enemy near Borova. The Russians are suffering significant losses in personnel and equipment in this area.
Air defense was working in Volyn: liquidation of consequences of falling debris continues. PHOTO
Censor.NET    During a large scale air raid on the night of June, air defence was deployed in Volyn region.
At night, Russian army struck energy infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia and Lviv regions, two energy workers were injured
Censor.NET    On the night of June, the Russian army launched its eighth massive combined attack on energy infrastructure facilities.
Air defense forces shot down 12 missiles and all Shaheds at night - Air Force. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    On the night of June , the Russian occupiers launched a missile and air strike against critical infrastructure in various regions of Ukraine, using air, sea and ground based missiles, as well as Shahed type strike UAVs.
Enemy launched missile attack on critical energy infrastructure facility in Lviv region
Censor.NET    Russian invaders attacked a critical energy infrastructure facility in the Lviv region at night.
21  juin     22h44
In Odesa, 47 men at once tried to illegally leave for Moldova - journalist Hlahola. PHOTO
Censor.NET    In Odesa region, men were detained who were trying to illegally leave Ukraine for Moldova.
Ukraine’s national team defeats Slovakia in second match at Euro 2024
Censor.NET    The Ukrainian national team defeated Slovakia in the nd round of Euro .
Russian breakthrough on Toretsk. No defense structures again - servant of people Bezuhla
Censor.NET    People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People party Mariana Bezuhla wrote about this on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.
Fico’s government wants to launch investigation against predecessors who transferred MiG-29 to Ukraine - Reuters
Censor.NET    Slovak authorities ask the police to investigate the former government and Defence Minister Jaroslav Nagy over the transfer of MiG fighter jets and the Kub air defence system to Ukraine.
EU Council approves launch of accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova on 25 June
Censor.NET    EU ambassadors have confirmed their readiness to start membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova. The talks are due to start on Tuesday, June.
Since beginning of day, there have been 47 combat clashes at front. Battles continue in 8 directions - General Staff
Censor.NET    Since the beginning of the day, combat engagements have already taken place. Fighting continues in the Kupiansk, Lyman, Siversk, Toretsk, Pokrovsk, Kurakhove, and Orikhiv sectors. The enemy also became more active in the Novopavlivka sector.
Pentagon confirms permission to use US weapons against Russian troops anywhere across border with Russia, not just near Kharkiv region
Censor.NET    Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could use the weapons provided by the US to strike Russian forces anywhere across the border with Russia, not just those located near Kharkiv region.
Police accompany TCR employees when serving summonses. In this case, law enforcement officer acts as arbitrator - Klymenko
Censor.NET    The Ministry of Internal Affairs has allocated patrols across Ukraine to accompany representatives of the TCR and SSs and to ensure the mobilisation process.
On night of 21 June, UAVs attacked 4 oil refineries in Russia, striking radar and electronic intelligence centres in Bryansk region and temporarily occupied Crimea - General Staff
Censor.NET    On the night of June, unmanned aerial vehicles attacked the Afip, Ilya, Krasnodar and Astrakhan oil refineries. In addition, radar stations and electronic intelligence centres of the Russian invaders in the Bryansk region and the temporarily occupied Crimea were attacked.
Occupiers hit Selydove with aerial bomb, 2 people were killed. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the morning of June, at . am, the Russian invaders shelled Selydove with an UMPB D SN bomb.
US Congress called to recognize Russian Federation as state sponsor of terrorism
Censor.NET    Following the signing of a partnership between Russia and North Korea and the deepening of military cooperation between them, senators from both leading parties in the US Congress presented a bill to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.
US allowed Ukraine to strike any targets of Russian Federation on border - Politico
Censor.NET    The US has allowed Ukraine to use US weapons to defeat any Russian forces attacking from across the border, not just those in the Kharkiv region.
24th Separate Mechanised Brigade was redeployed to strengthen defence of Chasiv Yar
Censor.NET    The th Separate Mechanised Brigade named after King Danylo is redeployed to strengthen the defence of Chasiv Yar.
Air defence forces shot down 4 guided missiles overnight - Air Force
Censor.NET    On the night of June , the occupiers struck from tactical aircraft with X X guided missiles.
Drones attacked Yeysk in Krasnodar Krai. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On the night of June, residents of the Krasnodar Krai reported a massive drone attack. A massive fire broke out near the military airfield in Yeysk.
20  juin     19h42
Unidentified men in uniform attacked Kraken volunteer Pavlov in Dnipro. Social media reports that it could have been security of People’s Deputy Tyshchenko. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On June , in Dnipro, Dmytro Son Pavlov, a volunteer and fighter with the Kraken special unit, was attacked by unidentified men in military uniform.
Russia won’t withdraw troops from Ukraine for negotiations - Putin
Censor.NET    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said that he would not withdraw his troops from the occupied parts of Ukraine to start negotiations.
US will give Ukraine priority over other countries in supplying missiles for Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems - White House
Censor.NET    The United States will give Ukraine priority in the supply of Patriot and NASAMS missiles, postponing the supply of orders to other countries.
Romania to hand over Patriot to Ukraine
Censor.NET    Romania will provide Ukraine with the Patriot air defense system.
NABU detectives did not search Chernyshov’s house at request of Bureau director Kryvonos - media
Censor.NET    Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov and NABU Director Semen Kryvonos met secretly at the Bureau. Chernyshov’s house was not searched at the request of Kryvonos.
Military police, in particular, will monitor TCR employees - servant of people Nekliudov. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Military police officers will, in particular, monitor the work of TCR and SS employees.
Zelenskyy was disappointed by Blinken’s focus on corruption in Ukraine during meeting in May - WP
Censor.NET    Washington and its allies have repeatedly said that Kyiv is not doing enough to fight corruption. According to experts, Ukraine may be doing too much to please its partners and obscure accountability. And the last meeting between Anthony Blinken and Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the capital was tense...
Rada adopted draft law on reform of BES
Censor.NET    The Verkhovna Rada adopted a draft law on restarting the Bureau of Economic Security.
EU ambassadors adopted 14th package of sanctions against Russia
Censor.NET    On Thursday, June , EU ambassadors agreed on the th package of sanctions in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine.
Ministry of Defence explains what to do if you are found to be wanted when updating your data
Censor.NET    The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has explained what to do when the wanted status is detected during the data update.
Night attack by Shaheds : massive blow to power facilities - Ukrenergo
Censor.NET    On the night of June, the Shaheds launched another massive attack on civilian energy infrastructure.
Ukraine can hit Russian Federation with American weapons in both Kharkiv and Sumy directions - White House
Censor.NET    The White House has officially confirmed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces may use American weapons on Russian territory near both the Kharkiv and Sumy regions of Ukraine.
Russians report drone attacks on oil refinery in Krasnodar Krai and oil depot in Adygea. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian drones attack Afip oil refinery km southwest of Krasnodar.
Night attack by Shaheds : critical infrastructure facility was hit in Vinnytsia region
Censor.NET    In Vinnytsia region, a critical infrastructure facility was hit by a Shahed attack.
Enemy attacked Kyiv once again: air defence destroyed all shaheds
Censor.NET    On the night of June, Russian attack drones attacked Kyiv.
Air defence forces shot down 5 missiles and all attack UAVs at night. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    On the night of June, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with air and ground launched missiles and Shahed type attack UAVs.
19  juin     19h38
Ministry of Defense explained how to register for draft abroad
Censor.NET    Ukrainians who were removed from the draft register because they travelled abroad must re register. To do this, they should contact the diplomatic missions of Ukraine.
Tatarov and Co. to try to imprison me - Shabunin
Censor.NET    Vitalii Shabunin, head of the Anti Corruption Action Centre and a soldier, commented on media reports that he was being served with a notice of suspicion for failing to report for military service and using a volunteer car.
French arms company Thales will open joint venture in Ukraine, which, in particular, will be involved in production of electronic warfare equipment
Censor.NET    At Eurosatory, the French arms company Thales signed three agreements with the Ukrainian defence industry to strengthen support for the frontline and defence capabilities.
SBI Deputy Head lives in 900k apartment, though declares other housing - media
Censor.NET    SBI Deputy Director Oleksandr Udovychenko lives in an apartment in the elite Regent Hill residential complex worth about , .
Ruscists hit Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv with three GABs: Children’s camp and residential building are hit (updated)
Censor.NET    Russian occupation forces struck at Kharkiv, an explosion was heard in the city.
National Guard captures three occupiers near Lyptsi, Kharkiv region. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    In the area of Lyptsi, Kharkiv region, soldiers of the rd Battalion of the Spartan Brigade captured three Russian occupiers.
4 Ukrainian prisoners of war were shot near Robotyne: DIU identifies Russian occupiers. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian military personnel who shot Ukrainian prisoners of war near Robotyne in May have been identified.
Political pressure on journalists in Ukraine is growing - New York Times
Censor.NET    The New York Times published an article about the deteriorating situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine.
Hungary did not prioritise support for Ukraine during its EU Council presidency - media
Censor.NET    Hungary, which takes over the EU Council presidency on July, has not included assistance to Ukraine in its priorities. In terms of EU enlargement, it also prefers the Western Balkans.
At night, ruscists set fire to residential neighbourhoods in Kherson, injuring woman and starting fires (updated)
Censor.NET    On the night of June , the Russian army attacked Kherson several times from the temporarily occupied left bank.
OSGT Khortytsia unit about threat of enemy attack on Borova: Appropriate measures are being taken (updated)
Censor.NET    The leadership of the Defence Forces is aware of the situation in the area of Borova village in Kharkiv region. They are currently taking the necessary measures.
Ukrainian Air Force destroys 19 out of 21 Shaheds
Censor.NET    On the night of June , the Russian occupiers attacked with Shahed strike UAVs from the directions of Primorsko Akhtarsk Russia and Cape Chauda Crimea.
Enemy attacked Ukraine with Shaheds , there are wounded in Melekhiv, Lviv region, multi-storey building and private houses were damaged. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the night of Wednesday, June, Russian troops massively attacked Ukraine with Shaheds , threatening many regions, including the western ones.