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07  décembre     18h55
Defending Ukraine, employee of head office of Customs Service Stanislav Meshko died in Donetsk region. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Stanislav Meshko, an employee of the head office of the Customs Service, was killed in Donetsk region while performing a combat mission. He was posthumously awarded the Order For Courage , III class by the Decree of the President of Ukraine for personal courage in defending the country.
Do not touch Sharii - that’s for New Year. PHOTO jokes about elimination of Kyva. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    A selection of photo jokes from Censor.NET
Zelensky congratulated Jewish community on Hanukkah. PHOTO
Censor.NET    On the occasion of the start of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, President Volodymyr Zelensky and representatives of the Jewish clergy of Ukraine took part in the Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony.
Hearing in Chervinskyi’s case has been started in Kyiv Court of Appeal. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The Kyiv Court of Appeal is holding a hearing in the case of Colonel Roman Chervinskyi.
Ruscist who kidnapped and held minor child hostage during occupation of Chernihiv region is sentenced to 12 years in prison. PHOTO
Censor.NET    A Russian soldier abducted a year old child during the occupation of part of Chernihiv region. He was sentenced by the Chernihiv District Court to years in prison.
Dubinskyi stated in court that he had two fractured ribs. PHOTO
Censor.NET    On Thursday, December, People’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinskyi, previously detained by the SSU on suspicion of high treason, said at a court hearing that he had two fractured ribs.
Commander of operators of sea drones with call sign Thirteenth: We can eliminate entire Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation and are working on it. PHOTOS INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    A representative of MDI of the Ministry of Defence told journalists about the work of naval drones and the danger they pose to the occupiers’ fleet.
Consequences of Russian strikes on Donetsk region: 4 people were injured. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Four people were wounded as a result of Russian shelling in the Donetsk region.
As result of shelling of Sumy region, two people were injured. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Over the past day, the Russian military conducted attacks on the territory of the Sumy region. During the night, the occupiers twice
Russian henchman who helped Russians escape from counteroffensive of Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson was detained - SSU. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The SSU exposed a Russian accomplice who collaborated with racists during the occupation of the right bank part of Kherson. On the eve of the city’s de occupation, the offender helped the invaders escape from the Ukrainian counter offensive.
As result of car accident in Kharkiv region, 6 people died, another 5 were injured, - SES. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Three cars collided in Izium district of Kharkiv region, killing people and injuring others.
Occupiers shelled 22 settlements of Zaporizhzhia region, without casualties. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Over the day, the Russians conducted attacks on the settlements of the Zaporizhzhia region.
06  décembre     19h45
On AFU day, Klytschko awarded Kyiv Territorial Defence fighters with medals Honor. Glory. State medals. PHOTO
Censor.NET    On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klytschko presented awards to the military personnel of the Kyiv brigades.
New defense structures are being built on border with Belarus. PHOTO
Censor.NET    The construction of engineering barriers on the border with Belarus continues.
Enemy shelled Seredyna-Buda in Sumy region, two people were wounded, buildings, educational institution and medical facility were damaged. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Today, on December, , around ., the occupiers, using methods of warfare prohibited by international law, fired from the territory of the Russian Federation on the town of Seredyna Buda in the Shostka district.
Explosions were heard in occupied Mariupol. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Explosions are reported in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. A column of smoke rose over the city.
Russians attacked car of head of border community in Chernihiv region with drone. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Russian invaders attacked the car of the head of the border community in Chernihiv region. No one was injured.
Monument to Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Matsiievskyi, who was shot by occupiers for saying Glory to Ukraine, unveiled in Kyiv. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Today, on December, the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a monument to Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Matsiievskyi was unveiled in Kyiv.
Ruscist from Buryatia is served notice of suspicion of killing civilian during occupation of Kyiv region. PHOTO
Censor.NET    A year old Russian occupier who killed a civilian during the occupation of Kyiv region was served a notice of suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war.
Three collaborators, who worked for Russia during occupation of Kharkiv and Luhansk regions, sentenced to 5 and 11 years in prison - SSU. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Thanks to the SBU evidence base, three more collaborators who cooperated with the aggressor in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region and during the seizure of part of Kharkiv region received real prison terms.
Occupier who shot at car with civilians in Kharkiv region sentenced to 15 years in prison - Prosecutor General’s Office. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The court sentenced the Russian occupier who, in June , shot a car with a civilian near the village of Velyka Komyshuvakha, Izium district, Kharkiv region.
Arms dealers detained in Dnipro and over 5.5m seized from them. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    In Dnipro, three men were detained for selling firearms, ammunition and explosives.
SSU serves notice of suspicion to traitor who took active part in occupation of Donetsk region settlements. PHOTO
Censor.NET    The SSU in Chernivtsi region collected evidence against a militant fighting against Ukraine on the side of the aggressor state. The traitor took an active part in the occupation of settlements in the Donetsk region.
05  décembre     18h40
Junior sergeant Mykola Mialkovskyi was killed while defending Ukraine. PHOTO
Censor.NET    A year old junior sergeant Mykola Mialkovskyi was killed while performing a combat mission.
Avdiivka direction, where heavy fighting continues, is in need of radios, batteries, charging stations and drones: Volunteer Yusupova asks for donations to help defenders. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Ukrainian defenders in the Avdiivka direction, where very heavy fighting is taking place, need radios, batteries, charging stations and drones.
Soldiers of 52nd SRB rescue man who had been trapped under rubble of house near Avdiivka for six days. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the nd Separate Rifle Battalion saved the life of a year old man who was pulled out of the rubble of a house near Avdiivka. The man had been under the rubble for days.
Three new schemes for evaders were eliminated: among detainees - head of district military registration and enlistment office, - SSU. PHOTO report
Censor.NET    The Security Service blocked three more channels of illegal travel abroad for the men of military age.
Consequences of massive rocket attack on Selydove: educational institution, 2 enterprises and high-rise building were destroyed. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Rescuers eliminated the consequences of a massive hostile shelling of Selydove in the Donetsk region.
Russian strike on Kherson: two civilians were killed, one person was injured. VIDEO&PHOTOS 18 (updated)
Censor.NET    As a result of the shelling of Kherson by Russian invaders, two people were killed. One more was wounded.
Ruscists hit Selydove in Donetsk region with rockets, high-rise buildings and administrative buildings were damaged. PHOTO
Censor.NET    Russian troops continue to strike at the territory of the Donetsk region.
Total combat losses of Russian Federation since beginning of war - about 333,840 people ( 1,030 per day), 5,587 tanks, 7,987 artillery systems, 10,416 armored vehicles. INFOGRAPHICS
Censor.NET    Since the beginning of the full scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian defenders liquidated about , Russian invaders.
04  décembre     16h53
Occupiers attacked Nikopol district with heavy artillery and kamikaze drones during day: gymnasium, houses and power lines were damaged. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On December, the occupiers continued to attack the Nikopol district of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Nikopol, Marhanets, and the Chervonohryhoriv community came under fire.
Strategic Communications Directorate of Armed Forces of Ukraine confirms strike on oil and lubricant depots in Luhansk. MAP
Censor.NET    Yesterday, December, the Ukrainian Defence Forces struck at occupied Luhansk. Russian oil and lubrication depots were hit.
National Police exposes members of criminal organisation, who seized 16 apartments from Kyiv residents. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Employees of the Strategic Investigations Department and the Main Investigation Department of the National Police exposed a real estate deal in which participants illegally re registered apartments in Kyiv in their relatives’ names. The suspects include lawyers, notaries, a state registrar and...
SSU: dealers from Dnipro wanted to sell spare parts for combat aircraft to occupiers. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    A scheme to sell to Russia a batch of aircraft components stolen from a Ukrainian enterprise was exposed and stopped.
Defending Ukraine, gunner of airmobile squad of airmobile battalion, soldier - Andriy Makotra died in area of Maryinka. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A soldier, Andriy Makotra, a gunner of an airmobile unit of an airmobile battalion, was killed in the area of Maryinka while defending Ukraine.