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07  décembre     19h39
Zelenskyy: 500 million has been raised by state charity platform United24 since its launch. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the citizens of Ukraine at the end of the nd day of the war with Russia.
Headquarters actually divided army command between Zaluzhny and Syrsky - Butusov. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The position of the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is effectively divided between Chief of Staff Valeriy Zaluzhny and Commander of the Land Forces Oleksandr Syrsky.
Hearing in Chervinskyi’s case has been started in Kyiv Court of Appeal. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The Kyiv Court of Appeal is holding a hearing in the case of Colonel Roman Chervinskyi.
Biden addressed US Senate: I urge you to support Ukraine, it is very important. Whole world is watching what we will do
Censor.NET    US President Joe Biden calls on the Senate to support a bill to provide financial assistance to Ukraine.
Soldiers of 47th Separate Mechanised Brigade Magura destroyed occupier’s assault group with drones on outskirts of Stepove near Avdiivka. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers used kamikaze drones to eliminate an assault group of occupiers on the outskirts of Stepove village near Avdiivka.
Soldier of second army of world who was walking with two bags on field road and was killed by Ukrainian drone. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The aerial reconnaissance troops of the th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Kostiantyn Ostrozkyi eliminated the occupier by dropping a drone munition on him.
Four occupiers crawl out of dugout on all fours and surrender to three Ukrainian soldiers. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers captured four occupants in the east.
Fighter takes ammunition from newly eliminated occupier: Well,sh#t-ass, did you like Ukraine? . VIDEO 18
Censor.NET    A video has been posted online showing a Ukrainian soldier inspecting a newly eliminated occupier and taking his ammunition.
Every meter of progress is difficult, people risk their lives, and someone sits on sofa and thinks that everything will be fast, - businessman and founder of Khartia division Kozhemiako. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Vsevolod Kozhemiako is an agrarian who has earned millions of dollars. At the beginning of Russia’s full scale invasion, he returned to his native Kharkiv and created the Khartia unit, which took part in the fighting in the East and later became a National Guard brigade.
06  décembre     20h34
Zelenskyy: Ukraine will fight for its own interests and for fair interests of every free nation. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the citizens of Ukraine at the end of the st day of the war with Russia.
Ukrainian Armed Forces track down and attack Russian MT-LB. VIDEO
Censor.NET    In close cooperation with the attached gunners of the th Separate Artillery Brigade, artillerymen of the th Territorial Defense Brigade tracked down and destroyed the enemy MT LB.
First footage from elimination site of former traitor deputy Illia Kyva in Moscow region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian media published footage from the site of the elimination of former traitor People’s Deputy Illia Kyva in the Moscow region: law enforcement officers are currently working at the site.
Army’s problems: administration, counteroffensive, will Syrskyi replace Zaluzhnyi? Yurii Butusov LIVE. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Yurii Butusov, the Editor in Chief of Censor.NET, will analyze the main political, managerial, organizational, and administrative problems in the army in the second year of the war. We will also discuss the choice of a future strategy what could be an alternative to a counteroffensive and the...
HIMARS hits enemy Mi-8 helicopter in Donetsk region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A HIMARS mm GMLRS rocket hit an enemy Mi transport helicopter that had landed near the town of Lyman in Donetsk region.
UAV operator eliminates group of Russian infantrymen with accurate munitions drops. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Ukrainian drone operator used a thermal imager to detect Russian infantry and eliminated a group of occupiers in the Kreminna sector with accurate ammunition.
SSU Special Forces destroy nine tanks, 16 armoured personnel carriers, five self-propelled artillery systems of occupiers in month. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Over the past month, SBU special forces destroyed tanks, armoured personnel carriers, self propelled artillery systems and occupiers’ guns. In addition, the military destroyed air defence systems, military trucks, Murom P video surveillance system, fortifications and firing...
Former ’LPR’ deputy Popov was blown up from car in occupied Luhansk, Russian media report. VIDEO
Censor.NET    In the centre of occupied Luhansk, a car carrying a former so called ’deputy of the People’s Council of the LPR’, Oleg Popov, exploded.
Fuel and oil tanks are burning in occupied Donetsk: There is lots of smoke from Budenovka . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Fuel and oil tanks caught fire in occupied Donetsk.
National guardsmen in the Kherson region with two FPV drones destroyed latest Russian Vityaz air defense system. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian National Guard soldiers destroyed an enemy Vityaz air defense system in the Kherson sector.
Destruction of enemy infantry fighting vehicle with Stugna ATGM near Bakhmut. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The anti tank gunners of the First Separate Special Forces Brigade named after Ivan Bohun destroyed an enemy infantry fighting vehicle with a Stugna ATGM in the Bakhmut sector.
Pious occupier runs and makes sign of cross after surviving Ukrainian drone strike. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The Ukrainian drone operators eliminated the occupier in the second strike.
Occupier is killed by Ukrainian shell while recording survival guide, saying words To survive in war... . VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Ukrainian shell hit the Russian occupier when he was recording a video with instructions on how to survive in the war.
Zelensky commemorates fallen soldiers on Armed Forces Day. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky honored the memory of Ukrainian defenders who laid down their lives for their country.
Assault group of occupiers was burned alive in MTLB due to door for landing being blocked by another armoured vehicle. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian drone operators destroyed two enemy armoured vehicles with assault groups that were trying to attack the positions of Ukrainian soldiers.
Armies of World admire you, enemy is afraid of you, Ukraine does not give up thanks to you - Zaluzhnyi congratulated soldiers on Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi congratulated Ukrainian soldiers on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
05  décembre     20h50
Ukrainian T-64 tank stops occupants’ T-72B3 near Avdiivka. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Ukrainian T tank stopped a T B of the occupiers, which was breaking through near the village of Stepove in the Avdiivka direction of the Donetsk region.
In near future, state will provide apartments for all Heroes of Ukraine since 2014, - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the citizens of Ukraine at the end of the th day of the war with Russia.
Ukrainian Armed Forces published heart-pounding video shot by volunteers on occasion of St. Nicholas Day and Armed Forces. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The Armed Forces of Ukraine published a heart pounding video on their Facebook page congratulations on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and St. Nicholas, which have been celebrated together since this year.
Army of drones destroyed Eye of Mordor in Zaporizhzhia sector of front. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A strike company of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is part of the Army of Drones, demilitarized Murom P in the Zaporizhzhia direction. The th Separate Brigade of the Terrorist Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was responsible for the successful operation.
Employees of Military Recruitment Centre visited gym in Uzhhorod. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The Military Recruitment Centre raided gyms in Uzhhorod. Men and coaches who came to the training were issued draft notices.
Occupier wanted to shoot down drone with machine gun and died. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A kamikaze drone operator from the Shadow unit eliminated a Russian invader. Before his death, the latter tried to shoot down the drone by firing a rifle.
Soldiers of AHILLES Brigade of attack drones destroyed enemy T-72B3 tank worth 3.5 million. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the nd Airborne Brigade’s HILLS attack aircraft company, together with the th Airborne Brigade’s aerial reconnaissance, destroyed a Russian T B tank with a Wild Hornets FPV drone in the Bakhmut area.
Kamikaze drone caught occupier smoking cannabis in trench. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Ukrainian kamikaze drone attacked two Russian invaders, one of whom was using drugs in a trench at the time.
As conscientious objector, he received Order for Courage. ’Vodolaz’, 58th separate motorised infantry brigade. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Ukrainian soldier, an infantryman, became a conscientious objector because he refused to perform a combat mission. So he was transferred to another brigade, where he immediately became an assault rifleman. The next day he took up his position, and the day after that he performed a feat for which...
SOF destroyed ammunition depot and Grad rocket launcher in Donetsk. VIDEO
Censor.NET    During reconnaissance operations in the Donetsk sector, operators of the rd Maritime Centre of the Special Forces discovered an enemy ammunition depot and located a BM Grad. The Special Forces crew used an attack UAV to strike the targets. As a result of the strike, the BC and Grad depot was...
Soldiers hit enemy T-72B3 tank with Wild Hornets FPV drone. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the nd Brigade’s HILLS attack drone company destroyed a T B tank hidden by the occupiers with a Wild Hornets FPV drone.
Airborne reconnaissance men of SOF corrected strike of HIMARS MLRS against enemy R-934B Sinitsa electronic warfare system. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian troops destroyed an enemy R B Sinitsa electronic warfare system in the Kupiansk direction.
Pile of bodies of occupiers eliminated during attack by Ukrainian soldiers on convoy of enemy vehicles in village of Hladkivka, Kherson region, on 10 November 2023. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A video has been published online in which the occupiers filmed the result of an attack by Ukrainian soldiers on a Russian army convoy in the village of Hladkivka in the temporarily occupied Kherson region.
Ukrainian soldiers trophy exotic prisoner: I’m from Nepal - Take him, f#ck. That’s it. Go . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers captured the occupier, who came from distant Nepal.
Occupier tries to assess severity of his wound in butt after strike from Ukrainian drone. VIDEO 18
Censor.NET    In Klishchiivka of the Donetsk region, a Ukrainian drone operator dropped a munition on the occupier and hit him in the butt.
Moment of explosion in temporarily occupied Dzhankoi: F#ck Now wave will reach us - windows will be f king blown out . VIDEO
Censor.NET    A video showing an explosion in the temporarily occupied Dzhankoi was posted online.
Ukrainian soldiers took aim at enemy military truck in Kursk region of Russian Federation. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers destroyed an enemy truck in the village of Titov, Kursk region, Russia.