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23  juin     07h58
Russian soldier was left without both legs after dropping ammunition in Donetsk region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Russian soldier lost both his legs after a precision drop from a VOG drone in Donetsk Oblast. The occupier was eliminated by the UAV strike company pilots of the th separate hunting brigade named after Oleksa Dovbush.
Destruction of Shahed warehouse on night of June 21 in Krasnodar region has been confirmed. Instructors and cadets were liquidated - Navy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    It was confirmed that the Ukrainian Navy, in cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine, destroyed the Shahed’s warehouse and related infrastructure.
22  juin     15h32
Russian strike on Kharkiv: Number of wounded increased to 37, including two children, four people in serious condition. VIDEO PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The Russian attack on Kharkiv on June left three people dead and wounded.
Occupier prays to Ukrainian drone before dying. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The pilots of the Strike Drones Company of the th separate mechanised brigade eliminated the occupier.
Explosions have been heard near Belgorod. Media reports about damage to Pantsir-S system. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A missile hit a Pantsir S launcher near the village of Dubovoye in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.
Zelenskyy showed consequences of enemy’s GAB hitting residential building in Kharkiv: death toll has risen to 3, 19 people are wounded. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian terrorists have struck Kharkiv again with guided aerial bombs. Unfortunately, a residential building was hit.
Nighttime rocket attack: University of Oil and Gas damaged in Ivano-Frankivsk. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the night of June, Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the territory of the National Technical University of Oil and Gas in Ivano Frankivsk.
Ukrainian defenders stop enemy assault by destroying tank with enemy crew in Donetsk region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Russian tank moved to support an assault on Ukrainian positions but was stopped and burned by a kamikaze drone near Novomykhailivka, Donetsk region.
Russian soldier shoots himself in head with assault rifle near Vovchansk. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A Russian soldier shot himself in the head with an assault rifle near Vovchansk, Kharkiv region.
Border guards destroyed two enemy howitzers and EW station of occupiers. VIDEO
Censor.NET    In the Bakhmut sector, border guards and artillery destroyed a Russian electronic warfare station with shots from a mm American M howitzer. And the commandant’s Phoenix attack drones dismantled two enemy mm D howitzers for scrap.
21  juin     18h53
Destruction of two Russian invaders in Vovchansk by fighters of Rage brigade. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A sniper hit with an SPG anti personnel grenade on Russian soldiers who are changing their deployment in Vovchansk, Kharkiv region.
Soldiers of 42nd SMB destroy occupiers’ vehicles with drones on territory of Belgorod region of RF. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Pilots of the Perun unit of the nd Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy the occupiers’ vehicles near the village of Murom in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.
Questions and answers Yurii Butusov. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Censor.NET Editor in Chief Yurii Butusov is answering numerous questions that you ask in Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and the YouTube channel’s live chat.
Soldiers of 33rd SMB destroy enemy armoured vehicles with Wild Hornets drones. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers from the rd Airborne Brigade published footage of the combat use of Wild Hornets drones.
From taking oath to disposal near Kupyansk - 11 days: documents of occupiers destroyed in Kharkiv region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A short video for hundreds of thousands of Russian families who are searching for their relatives in Ukrainian forests, fields and plantations in vain. The footage shows military documents belonging to the occupiers, riddled with shrapnel.
SSU jointly with Armed Forces of Ukraine work on Shahed launching site and three oil refineries in Krasnodar Krai. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Last night, the SSU conducted two successful special operations that have the Russians whining on social media. First, as part of a joint operation with the missile forces and the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the cotton was taken to the training ground of the th training centre in the...
Occupier on motorcycle dissolves into air after hitting anti-tank mine. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A video of an occupier motorcyclist hitting an anti tank mine was posted online.
Kamikaze drone strike buried five occupiers alive in cellar. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A kamikaze drone operator from the th Magura Brigade hit the remains of a cellar in a private household and buried five occupiers who had taken refuge there.
Ex-SSU General Naumov was served with notice of suspicion of forgery - SBI. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The former head of the SSU Main Department of Internal Security, Andriy Naumov, was served a notice of suspicion of forging documents for a Serbian court.
Artillery shell hits dugout with Russian conscripts in Belgorod region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian conscripts serving near the border with Ukraine in the Belgorod region filmed the arrival of an artillery mine in their dugout.
Man was hacked to death with axe and left with inscription Thank you for SMO - Russian media. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    In St Petersburg, Russia, the body of an unidentified man with an axe in his back was found near garages. An inscription about Russia’s war against Ukraine was left near him Thank you for the SMO .
Beating of Kraken volunteer Dmytro Pavlov (Son) by bodyguards of People’s Deputy Tyshchenko in Dnipro: full version of conflict. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A video has been posted online showing the full version of the conflict between MP Mykola Tyshchenko and his security detail with a volunteer of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Kraken special unit, Dmytro Pavlov Son , in Dnipro.
Beating of Kraken volunteer in Dnipro: Tyshchenko claims Pavlov hit investigator during searches of fraudulent bot farms . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Servant of the People MP Mykola Tyshchenko said that volunteer and former Kraken special forces soldier Dmytro Son Pavlov is allegedly connected to a fraudulent bot farm in Dnipro. According to him, he tried to disrupt the investigation. This allegedly led to a clash.
Assault and clearing of enemy stronghold in Kharkiv region by fighters of 36th SNIB. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian attack aircraft, supported by drone operators from the air, eliminate the occupiers, clear the enemy, and regain control of our stronghold northwest of Vovchansk, Kharkiv sector.
Drones attacked Yeysk in Krasnodar Krai. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On the night of June, residents of the Krasnodar Krai reported a massive drone attack. A massive fire broke out near the military airfield in Yeysk.
20  juin     19h42
Unidentified men in uniform attacked Kraken volunteer Pavlov in Dnipro. Social media reports that it could have been security of People’s Deputy Tyshchenko. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On June , in Dnipro, Dmytro Son Pavlov, a volunteer and fighter with the Kraken special unit, was attacked by unidentified men in military uniform.
We are working with team to supply several more Patriots - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukraine is working to secure the supply of several more Patriot air defence systems.
Soldiers of 46th SAB destroy enemy armored vehicles with FPV drones. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Paratroopers of the th Separate Airmobile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed how they repelled attacks by Russian armoured vehicles using FPV drones.
Vovchansk in Kharkiv region was destroyed by Russian shelling. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A drone operator from the th SMIB filmed the destruction caused by the occupiers’ shelling of the city of Vovchansk in Kharkiv region.
Bus passengers blocked traffic on road in Lviv region as driver was taken to TCR: He had no military registration documents. VIDEO
Censor.NET    In the Lviv region, bus passengers blocked traffic on the road as the driver was taken to the TCR.
Soldiers of 3rd SAB demonstrated elimination of 250 Russian invaders in Kharkiv region. VIDEO (updated)
Censor.NET    The defenders of the rd Assault Brigade published a video confirming the destruction of occupiers in the Kharkiv region.
Ammunition truck exploded in centre of occupied Pervomaisk: Whole KaMAZ truck was f#cked up, and house is f#cked up . VIDEO
Censor.NET    A truck with ammunition exploded in the temporarily occupied Pervomaisk, Luhansk region.
Military police, in particular, will monitor TCR employees - servant of people Nekliudov. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Military police officers will, in particular, monitor the work of TCR and SS employees.
Explosions rang out in occupied Mariupol: air defense of ruscists is working. VIDEO PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Mariupol.
Soldiers of 63rd Brigade announce fundraising for electronic warfare equipment to combat enemy drones. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The air reconnaissance soldiers of the rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, who are holding the line in the Lyman sector, urgently need electronic warfare equipment. They have turned to our readers, who have repeatedly helped the brigade’s training camp.
Azovproduct oil depot in Krasnodar region of Russian Federation has been burning for third day. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The fire at the Russian Azovproduct oil depot in the city of Azov, Rostov region, which was attacked by drones on the night of June, has been burning for three days.
Russians will make Vovchansk grey zone in order to draw our forces away from other directions - soldiers of DIU unit of Khymera . VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Chimera unit are defending the village of Tykhe near Vovchansk and preventing Russians from advancing in this area.
Kamikaze drone destroys enemy reconnaissance UAV Zala in air. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The operator of a Ukrainian FPV drone shot down a Russian Zala reconnaissance UAV in the east.
At night, unknown persons defaced graves of Da Vinci, Juice, and Petrychenko. VIDEO
Censor.NET    At Askold’s Grave in Kyiv, unknown persons desecrated the graves of Dmytro Kotsiubailo Da Vinci , Andrii Pilshchykov Juice , and Pavlo Petrychenko.
Drones attacked Tambov region of Russian Federation: Platonovskaya oil depot is on fire. VIDEO
Censor.NET    A fire broke out at the Platonovskaya oil depot in the Tambov region of Russia after a drone attack on the night of June. A fuel tank caught fire.
Russians report drone attacks on oil refinery in Krasnodar Krai and oil depot in Adygea. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian drones attack Afip oil refinery km southwest of Krasnodar.
19  juin     20h00
Ukrainian defenders destroy T-64 tank and Msta-S SPG. VIDEO
Censor.NET    At night, Ukrainian defenders attacked enemy artillery and equipment at their firing positions. In particular, a T tank, Msta S SPG, Typhoon K MRAP, LAT and VAT of the occupiers were damaged.
Russian man is torn to pieces by shell hit. VIDEO 18
Censor.NET    Ukrainian soldiers patrolling the area from a UAV spotted the Russian invader. So, the fighters of the Alliance group of the aerial reconnaissance and strike UAV unit of the th Operational Brigade Team Kara Dag eliminated the occupier by an accurate drop of ammunition.
Part of Povitroflotskyi overpass bridge collapsed in Kyiv - KCSA. VIDEO PHOTOS
Censor.NET    The collapse of fragments of the pedestrian part of the Povitroflotskyi overpass bridge onto the tram line has blocked traffic.
Hot spots: Chasiv Yar, Toretsk, Kupiansk, Kharkiv, Kurakhove Yurii Butusov. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Yurii Butusov, Editor in Chief of Censor.NET, will analyze the situation at the frontline in the hottest spots: Chasiv Yar, Toretsk, Kupiansk, Kharkiv, Kurakhove.
Mopping up enemy observation post by soldiers of 3rd SAB in trenches in Kharkiv region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The soldiers of the rd Separate Assault Brigade filmed a battle in the trenches in Kharkiv region, where the Russians had set up a .observation post.
Occupiers shortened their lives: one blew himself up with grenade, other shot himself with machine gun. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian drones recorded how the occupier committed suicide by blowing himself up with a grenade. Another Russian invader shot himself with an assault rifle.
We are preparing solutions that will make heating season more reliable, - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting on the current energy situation and solutions that will allow for a more confident heating season.
G7 Summit and Peace Summit: KSF hosts special event with G7 ambassadors. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On June , the Kyiv Security Forum is to hold a special event dedicated to the Group of Seven and Peace Summits with the participation of ambassadors of the G member states in Ukraine.
Defense forces in Vovchansk direction struck destroyed building where occupiers were hiding. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Ukrainian border guards are destroying the occupiers in the Kharkiv region. Using a kamikaze drone in the Vovchansk direction, our fighters struck a destroyed building where the enemy was hiding. There were at least two invaders there.