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04  juin     15h00
Governor of Belgorod region Gladkov said that he is ready to meet with representatives of RVC if prisoners are alive. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The governor of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Gladkov says that he is ready to meet with the representatives of the RVC if the Russian prisoners are alive but added that they most likely killed them
Soldiers of 93rd SMB eliminated group of invaders along with Russian tank. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the rd separate mechanised brigade Kholodnyi Yar destroyed another Russian tank Only one of the crew survived the attack
Armed Forces showed fragment of destruction of Russian air defense system Buk in Eastern direction. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed an explosive video soldiers destroyed the enemy Buk air defense system in the Eastern direction
Fighters of 44th Brigade tracked down and destroyed invaders’ equipment. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The soldiers of the th separate artillery brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a successful hunt The soldiers destroyed several enemy tanks
Fighters of RVC and Legion Freedom of Russia appealed to Governor Gladkov: they offer to meet in temple and take away captured Russian soldiers. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Fighters of the RVC and the Legion of Freedom of Russia appealed to the governor of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Gladkov with a proposal to exchange captured Russian soldiers for the opportunity to talk to him personally
Russia uses the worst form of torture - sleep deprivation, - neuropsychologist. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russia mostly attacks Ukraine at night The neuropsychologist said that the enemy deliberately chooses the time for shelling so that people have a lower level of performance and a higher mortality rate
Polish Volunteer Corps together with RVC and Legion Freedom of Russia carried out raid on territory of Russia. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The long standing fantasies of Russian propaganda about Polish mercenaries have become a reality The Polish Volunteer Corps stated that together with the RVC and the Legion it had conducted a raid on Russian territory the Graivoron checkpoint on May
Fighters of the 26th AB destroyed Russian artillery system 2A65 Msta-B . VIDEO
Censor.NET    th Artillery Brigade named after Corporal Roman Dashkevych is working on the destruction of the Russian artillery system A Msta B
At least 500 Ukrainian children are on list of innocent victims of Russian aggression, - Zelensky. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russia has killed at least Ukrainian children
Two cruise missiles hit operational airfield near Kropyvnytsky, - Ihnat. VIDEO
Censor.NET    During a night attack on Ukraine enemy missiles and drones were spotted
03  juin     19h33
Our defense, our active actions and Ukraine’s independence are not something abstract. These are very specific people. I thank everyone who is fighting for Ukraine - Zelensky. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy traditionally addressed Ukrainians on the evening of June
Explosions rang out in occupied Berdiansk and Melitopol. VIDEO
Censor.NET    On the evening of June explosions rang out in the occupied Ukrainian cities of Berdiansk and Melitopol
In Kherson direction, fighters of Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroying enemy positions. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Our warriors showed a fragment of the destruction of enemy targets by the Ukrainian Armed Forces unmanned aerial vehicle in the Kherson region
Houses are burning in Novaya Tavolzhanka, Belgorod region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The Belgorod region is once again in turmoil Houses are burning in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Shebekinsky district This was reported by eyewitnesses
Russians are looting houses and shops of their compatriots in Shebekino. VIDEO
Censor.NET    While the Russians are fleeing Shebekino the locals seize the moment and loot from their own homes
SSU counterintelligence destroyed enemy air defense system and three TOR-2M . VIDEO
Censor.NET    SSU military counter intelligence destroyed a BUK M anti aircraft missile system and three TOR Ms In addition the unit s fighters cancelled out three Nona self propelled artillery systems infantry fighting vehicles tanks an electronic warfare station and enemy fortifications In
Soldiers of 28th brigade dealt powerful blow to occupiers. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Kurt s unit of the th separate brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign methodically destroys the enemy
RVC and Freedom of Russia offer residents of Belgorod region to evacuate to Ukraine: humanitarian corridor has been opened. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Russian volunteers operating in the Belgorod region suggest that civilians in the Belgorod region should evacuate to Ukraine to avoid becoming victims of shelling by Putin s army
Ukraine is ready for counteroffensive, - Zelensky
Censor.NET    Currently Ukraine is ready to launch a counteroffensive
02  juin     17h00
Maximum attention is given to situation on front line, in all those points where it is currently toughest - Zelensky. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky delivered his traditional video address to Ukrainians on the evening of June
Explosions were heard in occupied Berdiansk. Reports of arrival at port. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    On the afternoon of June explosions occurred in the temporarily occupied Berdiansk
01  juin     18h51
Ensuring availability and accessibility of shelters around the clock is responsibility of local authorities, - Zelenskyy. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy s address to the citizens of Ukraine at the end of the rd day of the war with Russia
Consequences of shelling in Desnyansky district of Kyiv. VIDEO&PHOTOS
Censor.NET    Rescuers are dealing with the aftermath of an air attack on the Desniansky district of Kyiv where people including a child were killed Investigative actions are underway
Russians covered Dnipro district of Kherson with fire, two wounded, - RMA. VIDEO
Censor.NET    This morning Russians shelled the Dnipro district of Kherson wounding two civilians
Resident of Kyiv spoke about death of his wife during missile attack by Russian Federation: People knocked, shelter was not opened. At that moment it flew. VIDEO
Censor.NET    During the air raid in Kyiv people came to the shelter but it was locked While they were looking for someone to open it debris fell and a woman was killed
Monaco-3 battalion : media found deputies, officials, and even former president Kuchma on French Riviera. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The first and second parts of the investigation into the Monaco Battalion clearly demonstrated that even during Russia s full scale invasion Ukrainian VIP refugees and holidaymakers were choosing the French Riviera in droves
Closed bomb shelter in Desniansky district is crime: Kyiv police have started criminal proceedings, - Klymenko. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Kyiv police opened a criminal investigation into the denial of access to a shelter during an air raid alert
Very soon outskirts of Shebekino will appear : Fighters of RVC and Legion Freedom of Russia claim that they are again breaking through to Belgorod region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    The RVC fighters claim to have re entered the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation
31  mai     20h06
Zelenskyy: Odesa region is one of main pillars of security of our entire south, and thus of our entire state. VIDEO
Censor.NET    President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered his traditional address to Ukrainians on evening of May
Ukrainian soldiers destroy an enemy drone with machine guns. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Footage of Ukrainian soldiers using automatic weapons to shoot down a Russian Lancet drone was posted online
Moscow region attacked by drones - locals spotted a drone in Balashikha. PHOTOS
Censor.NET    In Balashikha Moscow region locals noticed a column of smoke suspecting it was another drone attack
Artillerymen of 30th Brigade completely destroyed a Russian electronic warfare system that was hunting for Ukrainian drones. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Artillerymen of th separate mechanised brigade named after Prince Kostiantyn Ostrozky destroyed a Russian electronic warfare vehicle that was hunting for Ukrainian drones with accurate strikes
Why is Russia intensifying its attacks on Kyiv? What to expect from counter-offensive? Butusov LIVE. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Censor NET editor in chief Yurii Butusov will talk live about situation at frontline and answer questions from audience
Ukrainian troops destroy Russian tank with ATGM in Donetsk region. VIDEO
Censor.NET    Our soldiers destroyed an enemy tank using an anti tank gun near village of Klishchiyivka Donetsk region