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BBC : Ukraine War
07  décembre     07h50
Senate Republicans block Ukraine aid bill
   Security aid is in jeopardy as US Republicans insist on new US Mexico border security measures.
06  décembre     18h36
Ukraine war: Zelensky speaks out as US stand-off imperils war effort
   As a US aid package becomes embroiled in domestic squabbles, Ukrainians fear financial help may dry up.
07  décembre     00h49
Putin makes rare foreign trip to Gulf states
   Russia’s leader visits the UAE and Saudi Arabia for talks expected to include the Gaza and Ukraine wars.
06  décembre     17h29
Ukraine claims killing of ’traitor’ ex-MP Illya Kyva in Russia
   Illya Kyva was shot dead in a special operation by Ukraine’s SBU security service, sources tell the BBC.
Four Russian soldiers charged with war crimes for torturing US citizen in Ukraine
   The soldiers are accused of torturing a US citizen in Ukraine shortly after Russia’s invasion.
04  décembre     05h45
Ukraine war: Soldier tells BBC of front-line ’hell’
   A Ukrainian soldier on the east side of the Dnipro river tells the BBC about life on the front line.
03  décembre     16h03
Ukraine war: Russia accused of killing unarmed Ukrainian prisoners of war
   Kyiv investigates a video said to show two surrendering Ukrainian soldiers being shot by Russians.
01  décembre     10h14
Ukraine war: Zelensky says fortifying front lines must be accelerated
   Ukraine’s president meets frontline commanders and says winter is a new phase of the war with Russia.
04  décembre     13h11
Ukraine: Russian official confirms general’s death in action
   A regional governor confirms the death in action of Maj Gen Vladimir Zavadsky, reported last week.
28  novembre     15h50
Ukraine spy chief’s wife poisoned, says Kyiv
   Heavy metals were used to poison Kyrylo Budanov’s wife, Marianna, an intelligence official tells the BBC.
27  novembre     18h41
Ancient Ukraine treasures returned after court battle
   Golden helmets and precious gems are sent to Kyiv after a year row with Russia over their ownership.
26  novembre     00h21
Ukraine war: Fierce row erupts over 2024 election
   Some right wing US politicians want Ukraine to vote as scheduled next year. Ukrainians don’t.
25  novembre     10h10
Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by biggest drone attack since war began
   Thousands of homes are without power after Russia bombarded the capital over six hours.
23  novembre     14h12
Missing Ukrainian child traced to Putin ally
   A two year old taken from a children’s home has been adopted by politician Sergei Mironov, BBC discovers.
Russian actress killed in Ukrainian strike on event for troops
   About Russian soldiers were killed in the attack in the occupied Donetsk region, Ukraine says.
20  novembre     17h53
Jamala: Ukrainian Eurovision winner added to Russia’s wanted list
   Jamala, the song competition’s winner, is critical of the Kremlin and its invasion of Ukraine.
Ukraine war: The Russians fighting for a Ukrainian passport
   Russians in Ukraine say they can’t work, use services or get bank accounts due to their nationality.
16  novembre     17h50
Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia
   Ukraine’s counter offensive may have achieved a breakthrough ahead of the expected harsh winter months.
08  novembre     11h24
G7 Summit: Bloc insists support for Ukraine ’will never waver’
   G bloc insists that the Israel Gaza war will not weaken its resolve to back Kyiv.
26  octobre     10h38
Ukraine war: Russians likely targeted Khmelnytsky nuclear plant - Zelensky
   The International Atomic Energy Agency said the plant’s operations were unaffected.
Ukraine war: Russia goes back to prisons to feed its war machine
   Russia’s defence ministry has taken over from Wagner in recruiting inmates to fight in Ukraine.
21  octobre     13h30
Ukraine war: Why Kyiv’s Dnipro east bank gain could be significant
   Ukrainian troops believe their advance across the Dnipro River could help them launch a larger offensive.
17  octobre     17h33
Ukraine uses US-supplied ATACMS for the first time, says Zelensky
   The ATACMS weapons were reportedly used in air strikes that destroyed Russian helicopters.
06  octobre     11h49
Ukraine cyber-conflict: Hacking gangs vow to de-escalate
   Ukrainian and Russian hacktivists tell the BBC they will comply with newly created cyber war rules.
02  octobre     12h32
Electoral politics begin to bite into Ukraine support
   On both sides of the Atlantic, cracks are beginning to form in Western nations’ support for Ukraine.
Ukraine war: First underground school to be built in Kharkiv
   The new school will allow pupils to study safely in Kharkiv during Russian attacks, the city mayor says.
01  octobre     16h47
Biden vows to stand by Ukraine, despite budget fiasco
   US support cannot be interrupted after military aid was excluded from a budget deal.
16  novembre     05h09
Ukraine war: Locals forced to take Russian passports, report says
   Ukrainians in occupied territories are being forced to take Russian citizenship, a report finds.
01  novembre     06h03
Ukraine war: Russian attacks force evacuations of children
   Mandatory evacuations from the frontlines are swelling the ranks of Ukraine’s displaced millions.
24  octobre     06h05
Ukraine war: Avdiivka civilians cling on amid Russian assault
   Just over, civilians remain in Avdiivka, focus of a bloody Russian assault in eastern Ukraine.
19  octobre     15h12
Ukraine war: Kyiv troop build-up reported across Dnipro river
   Ukraine appears to be expanding its forces on the Russian occupied left or eastern bank of the river.
07  octobre     01h08
Ukraine dam: Rebuilding shattered lives after Ukraine’s dam collapse
   Despite water shortages, losing loved ones, homes and crops, people affected by the collapse of Ukraine’s Kakhovka dam are determined to rebuild.
24  septembre     23h59
Ukraine war: Training to clear the world’s most heavily mined country
   How British military bomb disposal teams are helping Ukrainian engineers clear Russian minefields.
17  septembre     23h02
War in Ukraine: Is the counter-offensive making progress?
   Ukraine’s generals say they have broken through Russia’s first line of defence in the south.
05  septembre     23h51
Ukraine war: Cyber-teams fight a high-tech war on front lines
   In months of war, Ukraine has learnt new ways to integrate technology into the modern battlefield.