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02  juin     13h41
Russian aerial attack kills toddler in Kyiv on Children’s Day in Ukraine
Mark Raczkiewycz    Multiple drones target Moscow one of Putin s official residences KYIV Ukraine s capital came under relentless attacks this week as Russia launched uncrewed cross border aerial vehicles and multiple projectiles at Kyiv causing damage to civilian infrastructure and killing civilians Meanwhile
U.S. announces more military aid for Ukraine amid uptick in attacks inside Russia
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    The United States on May announced an aid package for Ukraine that includes Patriot air defense batteries ammunition and other defense equipment as Ukrainian authorities said attacks by Russian troops killed one person in Ukraine s Donetsk region and one person in the Kherson region The
Zelenskyy reiterates Ukraine ready to join NATO as Russian strike kills child, two others in Kyiv
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO for a clear decision on Ukraine s future with the Western military alliance as another wave of air strikes on Kyiv killed at least three people including one child who were shut out of an air raid shelter
Russia launches new deadly air strikes on Kyiv, as drones hit buildings in Moscow
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    Russia launched a fresh wave of drone strikes on Kyiv on May the fourth attack in three days killing at least one person and wounding several others but Ukrainian authorities said most of the drones were shot down by the capital s air defenses while Moscow was subjected to a rare drone
Three Russian discourses and significant silence on the war in Ukraine
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    The noise of jingoist propaganda and anti Western hysteria emanating from Moscow is not as monotonous as it often seems and the variations expose significant differences between and within Russian elite groups Recent military setbacks such as the destruction of a mixed air group over the Bryansk
Anti-Kremlin Russian volunteers launch border incursion into Russia’s Belgorod region
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    On May two anti Kremlin militias the Freedom of Russia Legion RDK and Russian Volunteer Corps RVC crossed over the Russian border from Ukraine into the Belgorod region overrunning the village of Kozinka and sending units into the town of Grayvoron While fighting Russian border guards
I’m tired of waiting’: Relatives fight for hundreds of civilians held for years in occupied areas
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    In the Russia backed forces controlling part of Ukraine s Donetsk region sentenced Valeriy Matyushenko to years in prison for espionage after holding him in detention for months and conducting what they called a trial In the years before Russia s full scale invasion of Ukraine Mr
Director of Ukrainian film As It Was’ discusses premier at 76th Festival de Cannes
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    CANNES France The film As It Was directed by Ukrainian Anastasia Solone vych and Damian Kocur of Poland premiered at the th Festival de Cannes Short Film Competition on May It was selected from among films entered into the short film category As It Was tells the story of a
NGO ENGin powers improvements in English-language fluency in Ukraine
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    WASHINGTON One of Ukraine s assets in responding to Russia s full scale invasion has been its ability to present its perspectives directly to the Western world through a seemingly large number of English speaking officials experts and ordinary citizens who have been featured in international
The trouble with NATO
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    Speaking at a summit in Moldova of the European Political Community EPC a body established in response to Russia s full scale war on Ukraine that began in February Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged European leaders to make a clear decision on Kyiv s bid to join the North
Interview with Nadia Parfan, film producer, director and founder of streaming service Takflix [ podcast ]
Support    Nadia Parfan is a Ukrainian anthropologist programmer documentary film director and producer She is also the founder of the online streaming service Takflix Takflix is a unique video on demand streaming service to watch Ukrainian films which are hand picked by its curators It has about
War in Ukraine: Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman offers perspective on war in Ukraine [ podcast ]
Support    Alexander Vindman a Ukrainian American who was born in Kyiv is a retired U S Army lieutenant colonel and former director for European affairs with the U S National Security Council NSC As a foreign area officer specializing in Eurasia he served in the U S embassies in Kyiv and Moscow Mr
June 9, 2022
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    Last year on June Ukraine s forces were dug in for an artillery battle at Severodonetsk against the Russian invasion that began on February The town of Severodonetsk served as the capital of the non occupied territory of Luhansk Oblast and the region s governor Serhiy Hayday said
Archbishop Daniel celebrates consecration and ordination anniversaries
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    SOUTH BOUND BROOK N J Archbishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U S A celebrated his th anniversary of his episcopal consecration on May and his nd anniversary of his priestly ordination on May The occasion was marked with a Divine Liturgy that was celebrated on May
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    Principles to prevent nuclear catastrophe United Nations nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi has urged Ukraine and Russia to adhere to five principles to prevent nuclear catastrophe at Ukraine s Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant Mr Grossi director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency
Cooper Union hosts discussion on Ukrainian avant-garde art amid ongoing war
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    NEW YORK A groundbreaking exhibit and discussion titled War Art Balance Deimperializing the Soviet Avant Garde at the Time of Russia s War on Ukraine Its Culture and People was held at The Cooper Union s historic Great Hall on April The event was hosted in partnership with the
IOC claims G-7 fully aligned on Russia
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    The International Olympic Committee IOC concluded that the Group of Seven G leaders statement about the war in Ukraine is fully aligned with its position on athletes from Russia and Belarus being allowed to participate in international sporting competitions At the recent G summit in
26  mai     13h45
Zelenskyy blasts Russia’s terrorizing’ drone attack as allies set to discuss military aid
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    U S Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was set to hold a virtual meeting on May of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group UDCG which consists of dozens of countries that have supported Kyiv in its fight against Russia s illegal invasion amid calls by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for allies to speed
Military raid inside Russia causes panic, chaos,’ says Ukraine’s defense intelligence
Mark Raczkiewycz    Two anti Putin Russian paramilitary units wreak havoc in Belgorod region KYIV Russia s war on Ukraine which began in and is entering its th year pivoted this week as two anti Kremlin Russian paramilitary groups conducted a brazen military raid inside Russia s Belgorod region Their
Azovstal survivor in Mariupol harbors hope that husband is alive
Mark Raczkiewycz    KYIV There is a Ukrainian saying that hope dies last The fate of Kyrylo Zaitsev is still unknown He was last seen in a Russian operated prison in the Donetsk regional town of Olenivka in September The spouse of the Azov Regiment soldier who had defended Mariupol in Donetsk from a Russian
Zelenskyy urges expedited delivery of F-16s as Russia claims Ukraine attempted attack on Black Sea warship
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    British Defense Minister Ben Wallace met with his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov during a surprise visit to Kyiv on May Ukraine s Defense Ministry announced while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called in a video address for allies to speed up delivery of promised F
Summit in Hiroshima charts ending for war in Ukraine
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    From May to Japan hosted the most recent meeting of the seven heads of state Canada France Germany Italy Japan the United Kingdom and the United States as well as the European Union in the so called Group of Seven G format Overall the key point on the agenda was certainly
Ukrainian sabotage operations could lead to increased confrontation between Russian Special Services
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    In an attempt to resist increasingly significant Ukrainian sabotage operations the Russian special services may shift to a new and bloodier round of interagency competition Recent months have shown that Ukraine has had ever more success with sabotage and partisan operations in the enemy s rear
The war of clans for Putin’s throne has begun’
Ukrainian Weekly Editor    Roman Anin a Russian investigative journalist who worked for Novaya Gazeta was among the founders of the independent iStories outlet in He has taught journalism in Moscow and worked with international networks including the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ and