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23  février     09h42
   ECJHighlights âs ï J : Termination of a package travel contract Covid risk zone C , C âs ï J : Protection of health distance sale of medicines without prescription C âs ï J : Asylum application subsequent religious conversion C
22  février     09h27
   ECJ AG Priit Pikamäe: A database containing PersonalData may, under certain conditions, be sold in enforcement proceedings, even if the data subjects have not consented to the sale https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: The decision to register partially the European Citizens’ Initiative Cohesion policy for the equality of the regions and sustainability of the regional cultures’ is upheld following the dismissal of Romania’s appeal https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: The free movement of EUcitizens may have the effect that child raising periods completed in another Member State must be taken into account when calculating a pension for total incapacity for work https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: The refusal by a Member State to issue to one of its nationals, in addition to a passport, an identity card serving as a travel document, on the sole ground that they are domiciled in another Member State, is contrary to EUlaw EUcitizenship https: jcms jcms Jo
21  février     09h00
   EUGeneralCourt dismisses an action brought against registration of the name Halloumi as a protected designation of origin PDO https: jcms jcms Jo
   EUGeneralCourt: Plant protection products the identification of certain risks associated with the use of insecticides does not preclude the renewal of the approval of an active substance pesticides EuropePAN https: jcms jcms Jo
20  février     10h02
   Celebrating years of the Cassis de Dijon judgment Rewe, This landmark ruling laid down the principle of mutual recognition: any product legally manufactured and marketed in one Member State can in principle also be marketed in another Member State.âs ï It further held that Member...
   ECJ: A fixed term worker must be informed of the reasons for the termination of his or her EmploymentContract with a notice period where the provision of such information is required for a permanent worker https: jcms jcms Jo
16  février     08h42
   ECJHighlights âs ï J : Termination of fixed term EmploymentContract absence of grounds C âs ï J : Refusal to issue identity card EUcitizen resident in another Member State C âs ï J : Calculation of invalidity benefits C
09  février     15h38
   Order of the President of the EUGeneralCourt: ByteDance ;s TikTok us application to suspend the EU Commission ;s decision appointing it as gatekeeper is rejected https: jcms jcms Jo
08  février     09h09
   ECJ AG Szpunar: a manifest breach of FreedomOfExpression may constitute a ground for refusal to enforce a judgment lemondefr realmadrid PressFreedom https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: A judgment of the Court of Justice can constitute a new element justifying a fresh examination of the substance of an asylum application https: jcms jcms Jo
07  février     08h59
   EUGeneralCourt annuls the approval of the Netherlands’ StateAid of . billion in favour of KLM COVID https: jcms jcms Jo
02  février     10h54
   ECJHighlights âs ï J : Covid StateAid Netherlands KLM Ryanair T âs ï J : Asylum admissibility of a subsequent application C âs ï O : PressFreedom lemondefr realmadrid C
01  février     08h44
   ECJ: Cartel on the truck market The Court upholds the . million fine imposed by the EU Commission on ScaniaGroup https: jcms jcms Jo
31  janvier     08h47
   EUGeneralCourt validates the ban on placing oxo degradable plastic products on the market environment https: jcms jcms Jo
30  janvier     09h16
   ECJ: Employee using her employer’s details to issue fake invoices is liable for the amount of the taxes entered on them VAT fraud https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: Promotional announcements for radio programmes broadcast on television channels belonging to the same corporate group are not, in principle, announcements about those television channels’ own programmes TelevisionAdvertising https: jcms jcms Jo
   ECJ: The general and indiscriminate storage of biometric and genetic data of persons convicted of criminal offences, until their death, is contrary to EUlaw RightToErasure https: jcms jcms Jo