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12  février     16h38
   Anyone interested in a traineeship at the OSPO https: EC DIGIT
31  janvier     07h22
   See you at Fosdem https: s FOSDEM
10  janvier     07h28
   Awesome news:NGI Commons Fund will award . million euro in grants for the development of open digital technologieshttps: press NGI CommonsFund unveiled.html
02  janvier     13h48
   Happy everyone https: bluehatsprize
21  décembre     13h37
   Oow This was yesterdayhttps: nieuws kick off community open source program office ospo
20  décembre     08h35
   Establishment of a system of European annual awards that acts as a spotlight stirring up contributions to Open Source Software and Hardware projectshttps: info funding tenders opportunities portal screen opportunities topic details horizon cl digital emerging
19  décembre     15h30
   And, in France it ;s out of in the public sector:https: news open source monitor france
   of surveyed public services in Germany leverage free open source, of the respondents has a strategy for open source. Awesome news from BITKOM https: opensourcemonitor
   Hermine is an open source software aimed at assisting in the formulation of Free and Open Source Software FOSS policieshttps: collection open source observatory osor news licence compliance open source users
06  décembre     18h42
   o hey look at this It ;s almost half a year ago . . but still Open by default als Gesetz https: www.ti de blog open source gesetz schweiz
04  décembre     09h21
   Our colleagues over at JRC are sharing this nice paper on the Big Data Analytics Platform. big open sourcehttps: records
23  novembre     14h19
   Re our peer at Zendis in Germanyhttps: a hand in hand in richtung digitale souveraenitaet,
21  novembre     10h00
   We need a bigger room it ;s PACKED. So awesome.
   Stephanie Schaer of France ;s Dinum encouraging Matrix Element osorturns
   One of the champions helping open source happen in Bulgaria and setting the example elsewhere osorturns Bozhidar Bozhanov
   If you wish to follow the conference online:https: osorturns .eu livestreaming
   and we are off to the races osorturns
   Good morning We are at the OSOR turns conference in Brussels hope to see you here, today osorturns
18  novembre     11h28
   This is from November:https: commission presscorner detail en ip quot;The winners are expected to release the developed models under an open source license for non commercial use. quot;
14  novembre     11h28
   To be clear, all of you are welcome :