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01  juin     14h42
A week in the Pays de la Loire with Gang of Mothers and her tribe
   Just an hour by TGV from Paris escape for a week to discover an unspoilt region full of treasures the Pays de la Loire
48 hours of troglodyte style around Saumur
   Underground castles mushroom beds zoos even hotel rooms The Loire Valley has the largest concentration of troglodyte caves in Europe Head to Saumur to discover these sites dug into the rock between the Loire and the vineyards
31  mai     14h38
What to do on the Atlantic coast?
   Sandy beaches seafood lakes cycling these are the must dos for your stay on the Atlantic coast
26  mai     13h59
The 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours: a century of innovation
   Carbon footprint hydrogen powered prototype zero waste soft mobility and responsible catering for its th anniversary the Le Mans Hours is betting on sustainable innovation
23  mai     15h27
When monuments reveal their mystery...
   Historical anecdotes museum storerooms castle nooks and crannies transport of collections discover the secrets of iconic sites of French heritage
16  mai     15h37
Flavours of the sea to enjoy on the French coast
   They are celebrated all year round from one shore to the other according to the fishing and harvesting seasons and the unique know how of passionate innovative fishermen salt marshes clam farmers and market gardeners who respect the ecosystem Scallops with their melting flesh in Normandy
15  mai     19h41
Magazine Explore France 2022 - Objets
11  mai     15h05
Guillaume’s Paris
   Guillaume Brahimi offers us his tips on Parisian gastronomy restaurants tasting and farms
10  mai     19h26
Ducasse, Sweet Temptations
   Share a coffee and delicious chocolates at Cafe Ducasse in Paris
Picoron, It’s a vine life
   Enjoy the wine and vineyard of Chateau Picoron and discover the Bordeaux region and its nature
06  mai     00h55
Celebrating A Legacy of Fashion For Men Since 1878 at Le Printemps
   The French have a long history of being trendsetters in the world of fashion As early as the th century they have been at the forefront of the fashion industry Le Printemps is no different Known for its elegance and high quality products the store launched the very first department
Le Printemps, An Experience in French Beauty, Wellness, Gastronomy and More
   Printemps Haussmann is an iconic department store in the heart of Paris famous for its many luxury brands like Moncler Chanel Louis Vuitton Givenchy and Balmain In addition to the great shopping Le Printemps offers a whole world where everything is possible From Beauty treatments to
Le Printemps: The Place Where Everything Started
   Le Printemps department store is synonymous with French luxury and opulence For over years it has paved the way for the fashion industry with its offerings of the finest fashion jewelry and luxury items Throughout its history the store has been instrumental in driving the evolution of
7th Heaven: Le Printemps’ Exclusive World of Luxury Vintage
   After remaining closed to the public for decades the architecturally stunning Binet Cupola and Pont D argent on the th Floor of Le Printemps Paris Haussmann department store unveils th Heaven the largest space dedicated to luxury vintage collections and sustainable fashion
09  décembre     00h32
The prettiest desserts of Paris
   In Paris the desserts taste as good as they look but some desserts look so exceptionally good that they re almost too pretty to eat These are some of the most gorgeous decadent creations you ll find in Paris
24  juillet     09h59
France’s 6 most awe-inspiring natural wonders
   From the Cliffs of Étretat to the snow cap summit of Mont Blanc there are many natural landscapes across France that await your discovery
21  juillet     12h52
Peace on a Paris rooftop
   Organisation Veni Verdi gives people the chance to potter in one of its rooftop vegetable gardens
20  juillet     12h39
Un jour’... in Occitane South of France, discovering its heart of heritage
   France s biggest region and an open air wonder the region captivates with the wild beauty of its open spaces amazing natural sites works of art and the charm of its traditional little villages It is an ode to a proud freedom inviting you to explore the poetry found within its borders
Un jour’... in the Hauts de France, discovering its heart of heritage
   A story unfolds along the path we walk trusting we will find only ourselves Pristine wild spaces sooty mountains a swimming pool that is also a museum a modern chateau ancestral crafts and a gallery of time Here in this traditional cradle of industry with its contrasting landscapes a
Un jour’... on the French Riviera, discovering its heart of heritage
   The French Riviera Mountains stand tall and proud fiercely protecting the fringe of the gleaming azure Mediterranean and providing refuge for the scattered villages perched high on their flanks home to authentic masterful artisans