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David Lebovitz
15  février     07h15
How to buy an ice cream maker
David    Everybody loves ice cream and now more than ever it s easier to make ice cream sorbet and frozen yogurt at home While people have been making ice cream before the advent of electricity so yes you can make ice cream without a machine there are several options in various price ranges that
04  février     10h05
Whole Lemon Bars
David    I ve been having my own little lemon festival ever since I got a Meyer lemon tree Meyer lemons aren t well known in France yet although I have a feeling once people get a taste of their sweet highly perfumed juice we may start seeing them more and more Continue Reading Whole Lemon Bars
18  janvier     01h34
Sweet Lemon (bergamot or Meyer lemon) Marmalade
David    Bergamots aren t something one runs across every day in the supermarket or even at greengrocers But mid winter depending on where you live you just might get lucky and happen across some as I recently did in Paris But no matter this recipe can be made with other kinds of lemon especially
15  janvier     05h41
Galette des rois
David    Starting in late December pastry shops in Paris start jumping the gun and windows and showcases begin filling up with Galettes des rois or King Cake in anticipation of the celebration of Epiphany on January th Because it s such a popular treat and lucrative for bakeries the period of
28  décembre     16h45
Panettone Bread Pudding
David    I m somewhat of a grump about bread pudding It s not that I don t like it but to me bread pudding is something you eat at home like fruit salad I don t need someone cutting up a bowl of fruit for me nor do I need someone tearing up leftover bread and serving it forth And handing me a bill
25  décembre     06h29
Panettone French Toast
David    I ve been pondering what if anything I should close out the year with In the past I ve written down my thoughts here which I spent the last couple of days pondering Reading and re reading what I wrote I realized that I couldn t quite figure out what I wanted to say And if I couldn t figure
04  décembre     08h23
Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch Toffee
David    While Paris is always beautiful when winter comes the city gets rather cold and gray called la grisaille In fact it s so cold that I refuse to go outside until spring Believe me all those romantic photos of Paris you see are taken during the spring and fall and are very deceptive And
27  novembre     09h00
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Granola
David    We all want granola to be healthy And some granolas are so sweet they could easily qualify as candy But since I tend to spend the better part of the day roaming around my apartment sticking my hand in various boxes and jars of stuff to eat I wanted to come up with a granola that was satisfying
18  novembre     15h11
Chocolate Pecan Slab Pie
David    Pecans are the great American nut and at no time of the year are they more in demand than around the holidays There are a lot of different nuts grown in the United States walnuts almonds pistachios and hazelnuts but a pie made with toasted pecans is a holiday tradition and every year I have
11  novembre     14h23
Lemon Verbena Ice Cream
David    Lest you think this is turning into a blog about obscure leafy ingredients you might be right But when I sniffed the very fragrant leaves of lemon verbena or verveine growing at a friend s house near Nice where we were staying a few years ago she told me to take as much as I wanted home