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Bing News : Ukraine
07  décembre     11h40
Biden open to policy changes on the border as his push for Ukraine funding stalls
   President Joe Biden is sending a clear message to Democratic negotiators on Capitol Hill that he is open to striking a compromise with Republicans on border security in order to get talks on funding ...
Ukraine to make shells with US firms as it seeks to develop defence sector
   Kyiv has agreed with two American firms to jointly manufacture vital mm artillery shells in Ukraine, a Ukrainian minister said on Thursday, although production will not start for at least two years ...
Is Biden’s Ukraine aid package in jeopardy? GOP senators vote to block it
   The Senate voted to block a bill Wednesday that would have provided aid to Ukraine as Republicans have clamored for stricter border security measures.
White House says it doesn’t regret including Ukraine aid in package with border funding
   National security spokesman John Kirby on Thursday said that the White House doesn’t regret including Ukraine aid in the package with funding for border security, a day after Senate Republicans ...
Cameo celebs appear to have been punked by Russian propaganda trolls
   Oh no, Cameo. Elijah Wood, Kate Flannery of The Office, and Dean Norris of Breaking Bad apparently made videos for Vladimir yes, that one.
Ukraine prepared to begin transporting trucks stuck at Polish border by train
   As soon as this test train passes and everything is fine, we will launch it en masse, said Valerii Tkachov, deputy director of commercial work for Ukraine’s state owned railway, Ukrzaliznytsia.
Antimicrobial-resistant bacterial infections spreading in Ukraine amid war with Russia, CDC says
   A new report from the CDC published Thursday found antimicrobial resistant bacterial infections are spreading in Ukraine amid its war with Russia.
The U.S. May Not Be Coming To Save Us.’ Why, And How, Europe Might Have To Battle Russia By Itself.
   Will there be time to put our defenses in order ... or will the awful words too late’ be recorded Winston Churchill asked in . The question applies today.
Ukraine, the world’s breadbasket, will become its minefield without help
   Across Ukraine, about a tenth of the soil an area the size of West Virginia is packed with hundreds of thousands of these buried explosives.
Ukraine recap: western divisions an ominous sign for Kyiv as the aid funding tap begins to dry up
   Since the war began, Unesco has verified damage to sites, while museum collections have been stolen and shipped back to Russia. This, Matravers points out, amounts to a war crime under the Hague ...
Putin Pledges Closer Russia-Iran Ties After Rare Visit to Gulf
   President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi vowed to deepen ties on Thursday, a day after the Russian leader made a rare visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Allies of Russian opposition leader Navalny post billboards asking citizens to vote against Putin
   Opposition activists in Russia came up with a way to get around Kremlin censorship while urging citizens to vote against President Vladimir Putin in an election next year: billboards disguised as a Ne ...