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New York Post : Ukraine
07  décembre     03h31
Joe Biden offers bald-faced lies to all of America about his family affairs
Miranda Devine    President Biden was asked about his involvement in his family’s shady influence peddling schemes at a White House press conference.
06  décembre     21h28
US files first-ever war crime charges accusing Russian soldiers of torturing American in Ukraine
Snejana Farberov    The US citizen was held captive for days and subjected to a mock execution.
Senate blocks Ukraine aid after Biden says Republicans playing chicken’ with border demands
Josh Christenson, Caitlin Doornbos    Senate Republicans have been negotiating for weeks with Democrats over the provisions in Biden’s billion national security supplemental funding request.
Pro-Putin politician in occupied Luhansk killed in car bombing blamed on Ukraine security services
Snejana Farberov    Oleg Popov had survived an earlier assassination attempt in .
Biden used shadow email account to exchange hundreds of messages with Hunter’s business partner
Victor Nava    For nearly a decade, Joe Biden used multiple email aliases to send hundreds of messages to his son Hunter’s former business partner, a Republican led House committee leading the impeachment inquiry into the president revealed Tuesday.
05  décembre     17h38
Zelensky turning Ukraine into authoritarian state just like Russia, says Kyiv mayor in shocking interview
Snejana Farberov    At some point we will no longer be any different from Russia, where everything depends on the whim of one man, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschkosaid said in a new interview with the German news outlet Der Spiegel.
04  décembre     21h31
White House warns Ukraine funds up soon as new analysis finds 90% of billions spent stay in US
Josh Christenson, Caitlin Doornbos    Congress has hit an impasse amid negotiations to pass further US military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and to replenish domestic stockpiles, despite warnings from the White House that funds will run out by year’s end.
These NATO countries have just three years to prepare for a Russian attack, Poland warns
Ronny Reyes    Since Russia’s launched its full scale invasion of Ukraine last year, the Kremlin has repeatedly alluded to encroaching on three Baltic countries in NATO’s eastern block Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
NYC came thisclose to freezing, how Ukraine aid helps us and other commentary
Post Editorial Board    An alarming recent federal report warns that nearly half of Gotham almost lost heat for months last winter, flags The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.
02  décembre     19h07
Kremlin pays protesting wives of soldiers to keep quiet as Putin orders 170K more troops to fight in Ukraine
Isabel Vincent    Russian officials trying to pay off and discredit activist groups that are protesting against indefinite deployment of soldiers to the front
Travel chaos worldwide as heavy snow blankets European cities to Hawaiian peaks
Deirdre Bardolf    Travel was halted across Europe Saturday as heavy snow blanketed cities and freezing temperatures set in following a week of deadly early season storms.
Joe Biden wants to hoover in migrants even faster so he’s closing LEGAL crossings
Post Editorial Board    President Biden’s rush to hoover in migrants as fast as possible grows wackier by the day: His team is now actually closing legal border crossings to redirect agents to waving in illegal entrants.
01  décembre     22h10
Mouse-House woke crisis, Irish rush to crush speech and other commentary
Post Editorial Board    Walt Disney Co.’s stock value has fallen by nearly half since the beginning of due to its foray into political activism, editors at the Washington Times say.
28  novembre     23h45
Joe Biden must cut a deal with GOP and get vital aid to Ukraine NOW
Post Editorial Board    If President Joe Biden wants to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine and threatening broader aggressions, he needs to cut a deal with Republicans to get aid to Kyiv pronto.
Ukraine military spy chief’s wife poisoned with heavy metals: officials
Snejana Farberov    Marianna Budanova has reportedly suffered organ damage but survived.
Russian college students asked to donate vapes so parts can be used to make drones to attack Ukraine: report
Allie Griffin    Russian students are touting the slogan e cigarette drone attack on the enemy while collecting vapes to donate to the country’s military in its war against Ukraine.
27  novembre     03h45
Ukraine deserves major praise for maritime wins, beating back Russia along Black Sea
Jillian Kay Melchior    Ukraine’s counteroffensive has disappointed many in the West who were hoping for breakthroughs like last year’s liberation of Kharkiv and Kherson.
25  novembre     21h45
Ukrainian soldiers training in secret location in the north to take out Russian drones: report
Matthew Sedacca    In the last two months, Russia has launched over drones to bombard Ukraine, according to Ukrainian military intelligence.
Russia launches largest drone strike on Kyiv since start of war
Matthew Sedacca    Russia barraged Ukraine Saturday with its largest drone strike of its kind since the beginning of the war, with Kyiv enduring the bulk of the attack.
Russia launches largest drone attack on Ukraine since start of invasion: officials
Associated Press    In total, Russia launched around Iranian made Shahed drones against Ukraine, of which were destroyed by air defense, Ukraine’s armed forces said.