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Army recognition : Ukraine - Russia Invasion
06  décembre     07h39
Russia captures first US-supplied Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA IFV in Ukraine
   As reported on Russian social media as of November, , the Russian Armed Forces have captured their first Bradley M A ODS SA Infantry Fighting Vehicle IFV near the villages of Avdiivka and Stepove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. The captured Bradley, which was supplied by the United States to...
05  décembre     08h38
Ukrainian Marines receive MEDEVAC HMMWV made by volunteers
   The Ukrainian army received a medical evacuation vehicle developed by volunteer engineers from the Iron Nuts team based on the AM General HMMWV as part of their Kabul project, Militarnyi reports.
04  décembre     22h32
British Intelligence Estimates Over 320,000 Russian Combatant Casualties in Ukraine Conflict
   The British Ministry of Defense’s intelligence services disclosed on December, , that the Russian military and Wagner Group have likely sustained significant casualties in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to their report, Russian Ministry of Defense forces have potentially suffered...
British Intelligence: Russian SA-15 Tor M1 Emerges as Key Player in Ukraine Air Defense Warfare
   The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought to the forefront the crucial role of air defense systems in modern warfare. On the Russian side, the SA Tor M short range surface to air defense missile system SAM has emerged as a key player.
Ukrainian soldiers bring 1950s GAZ-69A 4x4 vehicle back to service
   As reported by OSINTtechnical on December, , Ukrainian soldiers from the Khorne drone group demonstrated resourcefulness in Donetsk Oblast. They successfully located, repaired, and put into service a s era Soviet GAZ A off road vehicle, which is the predecessor of the UAZ x ...
Ukrainian Special Forces operate Sivalka multiple rocket launcher
   According to a tweet from Ukrainian Front dated December, , the Omega special forces have been spotted using the Sivalka multiple rocket launcher system. This system, an innovation in the Ukrainian arsenal, utilizes unguided S missiles, originally designed to be launched from aircraft.
Poland strengthens Ukraine with 18 Krab self-propelled howitzers
   According to a tweet by the Defense of Ukraine dated December, , Poland has delivered AHS Krab self propelled howitzers to Ukraine, thereby enhancing the Ukrainian artillery arsenal amid the ongoing conflict. This transfer comes from Poland’s military stockpiles, a detail confirmed by the...
01  décembre     14h31
Russian T-90M Tanks in Ukraine Receive ERA Advanced Armor to Counter Drone Threats
   Several Russian T M Main Battle Tanks MBTs deployed in Ukraine are now equipped with an advanced anti drone armor package including Block ERA Explosive Reactive Armor . This upgrade comes in response to the rising threat posed by loitering munitions, commonly known as suicide drones. These...
30  novembre     11h12
Upgraded BMP-1 IFV spotted for First Time on Ukrainian Battlefront
   On November , , recent images of a BMP TS from the Ukrainian armed forces, equipped with the Spear combat module, were leaked online, marking a significant advancement in Ukraine’s military capabilities modernization. The upgraded BMP TS, an enhanced version of the Soviet era infantry...
Ukrainian UAV strikes Russian Pole-21 Electronic countermeasures Warfare System
   On November, , Pavlo Petrychenko, the drone commander of Ukraine’s th Motorized Brigade, released a drone video on social media showing a precise strike that demolished three antennas atop a building. This daring operation, captured and broadly disseminated through the video, is reported to...
First Deployment of Russia’s Elite 104th Guards Airborne Division in Ukraine’s Kherson Region
   On November , , the British Army Intelligence Services revealed that the Russian military had deployed its newly formed th Guards Airborne Division GAD for the first time in Ukraine. Intelligence reports suggest that this division is currently assembling in the Kherson Oblast region.
29  novembre     10h50
Ukrainian Unmanned Ground Vehicles Equipped with Explosive Charges Target Russian Soldiers’ Trenches
   On November , , Russian social media unveiled a significant development on the Ukrainian front: photographs of an unmanned ground vehicle UGV being used in the trenches. According to testimonies from Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in addition to utilizing kamikaze aerial...
Russia Deploys New Advanced Scalpel Loitering Munition on Ukrainian Battlefield
   A video released on the Russian social media platform Telegram on November , , reveals the deployment of the new Scalpel loitering munition by Russian forces in Ukraine. This development signifies a notable transformation in contemporary warfare strategies and technologies, particularly...
25  novembre     10h27
Russia Deploys in Ukraine New Lancet Drone Able to Counter Drone Nets and Countermeasures
   In a significant development in military technology, the Russian armed forces have recently deployed in Ukraine an upgraded version of the Lancet loitering munition, also known as a kamikaze drone able to counter drone nets and countermeasures. This new model exhibits remarkable improvements in...
24  novembre     11h36
First loss of Russian Plastun-SN light armored vehicle in Ukraine
   The conflict in Ukraine has witnessed its first visually confirmed loss of a Russian Plastun SN light armored vehicle. This event was reported by the Twitter account of Status on November , .
23  novembre     10h06
Ukraine counters Russian assaults with Leopard 2A6 tank and Bradley M2A2 IFV
   According to Militarnyi on November , , the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed at least one Bradley M A Infantry Fighting Vehicle IFV and one Leopard A Main Battle Tank MBT in response to Russian attacks in the Avdiivka direction. The Bradley was engaged near the Avdiivka coke chemical...
Breaking News: Russian Forces Employ New Tactics in Ukraine with Iskander-M Missiles
   In a significant escalation of new tactics in Ukraine, the Russian military has reportedly started using dual Iskander M missile strikes to intensify the destruction against Ukrainian military targets. This development, as reported by Russian news outlet OSN on November , , marks a strategic...
22  novembre     16h27
Russian Forces Use 50 Destructive Weapons TOS-1A TOS-2 Heavy Flamethrower Systems in Ukraine
   Citing information published by the Russian defense website Top War , the Russian armed forces in Ukraine have deployed about TOS A and TOS which are considered as one the most destructive weapon systems in the world. In fact, booth artillery systems fire thermobaric rockets producing a high...
Russian soldiers revive outdated Cold War-era Giraffe vehicle in Ukraine
   As reported by Andrei bt on November , , Russian soldiers adopted an unconventional strategy known as the ’Giraffe’ concept to provide anti tank guided missile ATGM operators with an elevated vantage point. The shared video depicted an ATGM system, likely a Kornet system, mounted on the...
21  novembre     09h25
Ukrainian sniper breaks world record with 3.8 km shot using Horizon’s Lord sniper rifle
   As reported by Albina Fella on November , , a Ukrainian sniper associated with the Security Service of Ukraine SBU recently achieved a new record for a successful sniper shot. Using the Ukrainian Horizon’s Lord sniper rifle chambered in . à mm HL, the sniper hit a Russian soldier with...
20  novembre     15h00
Ukrainian Army Now Equipped with Danish Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tanks
   On November , , through a video released on Telegram, the Ukrainian armed forces officially began using the first batch of Danish Leopard A Main Battle Tanks MBTs . This move marks a crucial phase in the ongoing military support provided to Ukraine by European nations.
Russian forces deploy kamikaze MT-LB APC against Ukrainian forces
   According to the Ukrainian rd Mechanized Brigade on November , , Russian forces attempted to breach a Ukrainian stronghold near the village of Vodyane, west of the Avdiivka front in Ukraine, using a kamikaze vehicle. The selected vehicle, identified as an MT LB armored personnel carrier,...
17  novembre     15h34
BREAKING NEWS: Russia Uses A-50 AEW&C Aircraft for Enhanced S-400 SA-21 Missile Guidance in Ukraine
   In a significant development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the British Army Intelligence Services revealed on November , , that Russia has likely begun employing its A MAINSTAY D aircraft in a new operational capacity over Ukraine. This advanced Airborne Early Warning and Control ...
Ukroboronprom to monthly deliver several hundred UAVs to Ukrainian army
   Ukrainian Minister for Strategic Industries, Alexander Kamyshin, said that Ukraine’s industrial sector is currently producing dozens of kamikaze drones each month, which are equivalent to the Russian Geran or Iranian Shahed UAVs.
15  novembre     14h08
Ukraine deploys new Falcons Eter compact electronic warfare system
   On November , , the Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced the development of a compact radio electronic intelligence system named Eter , an electronic warfare EW system created within the framework of the Brave defense technology development project. It...