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Army recognition : Ukraine - Russia Invasion
03  juin     06h46
Analysis Ukraine: Orlan-30 UAVs boosting precision of Russian Msta-B Howitzer and Krasnopol Munition
   In the world of modern warfare drones have become an essential tool for artillery units to enhance the accuracy of their operations especially when working with towed howitzers Russian artillery units deployed in Ukraine use Orlan drones to increase the accuracy of mm howitzer A Msta
01  juin     13h26
Ukrainian Defense Minister announces receipt of 60 allied Leopard 2 tanks
   According to information released by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov on June Ukraine has already received about Leopard tanks from the allies So far we have received about two battalions of tanks each that is about units in total said the Ukrainian Defense
31  mai     06h10
Ukrainian soldiers use HIMARS MLRS to destroy Russian 55K6E S-400 Air Defense Command Post
   According to images posted on the Special Kherson Cat Twitter account on May Ukrainian soldiers using US supplied HIMARS MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems have for the first time destroyed a Russian K E command post of an S Triumph air defense missile system
30  mai     12h34
German Gepard Anti-Aircraft Gun System: Used as Killer of Russian drones by Ukrainian Air Defense
   The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has released a video showcasing the prowess of the Gepard anti aircraft armored vehicles a gift from the German Government In the video these vehicles effectively neutralize dozen of drones like the Shahed a model extensively used by Russian forces for
27  mai     08h43
Ukrainian troops destroy first modernized Russian T-62MV tank
   On May the Ukraine Weapons Tracker Twitter account published a video indicating that Ukrainian soldiers from the th Air Assault Brigade have destroyed the first Russian modernized T MV Main Battle Tank MBT near Marinka Donetsk Oblast
Ukrainian drone decimates Russia’s most modern T-90M tank
   In a striking development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine the country s forces have successfully utilized drone technology to destroy Russian most modern Russian T M main battle tank This pivotal event underscores the changing landscape of modern warfare marked by the strategic use of
26  mai     11h33
Ukrainian army to get more locally-made Bohun amphibious all-terrain vehicles
   As reported by Oleksandr Shumlin in Ukrainska Pravda on May Oleksii Reznikov Ukraine s Defence Minister has test driven a Ukrainian made Bohun all terrain vehicle and said several such vehicles were deployed at the front I have said before that it is always a pleasure to try out the
22  mai     07h24
Ukrainian Strela-10 air defense system takes down advanced Russian Orlan-30 artillery drone
   Released on Telegram on May a dramatic video captures the moment when a Ukrainian Strela air defense missile system of the rd Mechanized Brigade also known as the SA Gopher in NATO codification successfully intercepts and destroys a Russian Orlan drone The UAV representing
20  mai     11h23
Russia increases Wagner Group gears up with T-90M tanks for potential Ukrainian counteroffensive
   In an escalating development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine newly released images on Russian social networks indicate an intensification of Russia s support for the Wagner Group This private military contractor linked to the Russian government is reportedly preparing for a potential
17  mai     11h14
Ukrainian army showed wreckage of Russian Orion drone presumably with new KAB-20 bomb
   The Ukrainian military claims to have found in the Kherson region the wreckage of a Russian Orion drone allegedly shot down by the Ukrainian air defense topwar ru reports The UAV was carrying new KAB type guided bombs designed for this class of drones
16  mai     17h12
Ukrainian 406th Artillery Brigade annihilates Russian 2S4 Tyulpan world’s most powerful mortar system
   According to a video published on Telegram on May Ukrainian soldiers of the th separate artillery brigade destroyed one S Tyulpan one of the most powerful artillery systems of the Russian armed forces and the most efficient mortar system in the world
13  mai     11h32
Ukrainian Forces have already used UK-supplied Storm Shadow missiles to target Russian Army
   Social media posts from th and th May indicate that Ukrainian forces have initiated the use of the Storm Shadow cruise missile supplied by the United Kingdom to target Russian military positions in the city of Luhansk Pictures online display wreckages of the missile corroborating its
12  mai     13h21
Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade destroys Russian Pantsir-S1 highly valued air defense system
   According to a video published on Facebook soldiers from the th Artillery Brigade of the Ukrainian Army have destroyed a highly regarded and advanced Russian armed forces air defense system the Pantsir S which was heading towards Bakhmut
11  mai     06h44
Ukrainian military begins deployment of local-made advanced Bastion-2 MLRS rocket launcher
   As per a video released on the social media platform Telegram it appears that the Ukrainian military has begun deploying the locally made Bastion MLRS Multiple Launcher Rocket System an advanced version of the Soviet built BM MLRS
06  mai     10h37
Ukraine’s 47th Brigade equipped with US Bradley M2A2 IFVs set for counteroffensive against Russia
   As seen in a video released on the Praise The Steph Twitter account on May the Ukrainian army s th Separate Mechanized Brigade has recently been outfitted with M A tracked armored medical evacuation vehicles and Bradley M A tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles IFVs donated
05  mai     11h05
Ukrainian PAC-3 Patriot missile downs Russian undetectable Kh-47 Kynzhal Hypersonic Missile
   According to information published by the Ukrainian defense website Defense Express on May the Ukrainian air defense has successfully intercepted a Russian undetectable Kh Kynzhal hypersonic missile using the American Patriot PAC air defense missile system The Kh is considered a
04  mai     16h51
Russia strikes Ukrainian main cities using Shahed-136 drones launched from ground stations
   A video was released on the Iran Defense Twitter account on May showing the use of Shahed loitering munitions by Russian forces in Ukraine launched from a ground based launcher station instead of truck based quintuple launchers And just like most Iranian kamikaze drones they use
Czech-made MR-2 Viktor anti-aircraft vehicles deployed to Ukraine combat zone
   According to a video published on the Clash Report Twitter account on May the MR Viktor mobile anti aircraft light vehicles manufactured by the Czech company Excalibur Army are on their way to Ukraine
Germany’s donated Leopard 2A6 tanks empower Ukraine’s 1st Tank Brigade against Russian Forces
   According to a video published on the MilitaryLand net Twitter account on May the Leopard A Main Battle Tanks MBTs donated by Germany to the Ukrainian armed forces are now fully operational and ready to fight Russian troops with the tank crew of the Ukrainian st Tank Brigade
03  mai     14h12
Russian Forces use Kh-101 and Kh-555 air-launched cruise missiles in strikes against Ukraine
   According to information published by the British Ministry of Defense on May between April and May Russian forces conducted several strikes against Ukraine using Kh and Kh ACLMs Air Launched Cruise Missiles
02  mai     07h35
PARS from Ukraine creating Trembita ground-launched cruise missile
   Ukrainian volunteers took up the development of the people s combat missile called Trembita mil in ua website reported on April The work is carried out by engineers from the volunteer design bureau PARS and with the participation of volunteers from the public organization Vidsich
29  avril     00h44
Russians destroy first German Gepard anti-aircraft gun system in Ukraine with Lancet drone
   According to a video released on the Russian Social Network VK on April using a Lancet loitering munition Russian soldiers have destroyed the first Gepard mm self propelled anti aircraft gun system donated by Germany to the Ukrainian army Today the use of Lancet loitering munition
28  avril     05h31
Ukraine launches Defense Tech cluster BRAVE1
   The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on April
27  avril     14h08
AS90 155mm howitzers donated by UK are now in Ukraine and ready to shell Russian troops
   According to a video published on the Special Kherson Cat Twitter account on April the AS mm tracked self propelled howitzers donated by the United Kingdom to the Ukrainian army is now ready to be operated in Ukraine and to shell Russian troops
Russia continues to deploy more T-90M tanks in Eastern Ukraine
   According to a video published by the Russian press agency TASS the Russian army moves more T M Main Battle Tanks in the Svatovsky direction in Luhansk Oblast of Eastern Ukraine Recently a video was published on Social Networks showing a T M Main Battle Tattle MBT in the city of Bakhmut