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NPR : State of Ukraine
06  décembre     21h18
Ukraine prepares for winter attacks on infrastructure
   Russia has made it a practice of attacking electrical infrastructure in Ukraine over the winter with missiles and drones. We hear about Ukraine’s preparations for these attack and how they’ll be put to the test.Sign up for State of the World to listen sponsor free and support the work of NPR...
05  décembre     21h34
The oil-rich country hosting this year’s international climate summit
   Once again at COP, the annual global climate summit, experts are warning of the dire consequences of the world ignoring a warming planet. But this year that message is being delivered in the United Arab Emirates, a country that is dependent on oil and gas. Our correspondent based in Dubai is at...
04  décembre     20h43
Will Venezuela invade Guyana? And counselling Ukrainian children traumatized by war
   Venezuela held a vote on whether to annex some of neighboring Guyana. But the turnout may point to problems for the autocratic ruler of Venezuela.And, a rehabilitation camp in Ukraine for children, who have witnessed death, survived bombings and lost family.
01  décembre     22h26
The Israel-Hamas cease-fire ends and fighting resumes
   After a week long pause, Hamas again fired rockets into Israel and Israel resumed airstrikes in Gaza. A report on why the fighting resumed. And were Gaza’s hospitals able to resupply and catch up on treating patients during the cease fire For more coverage of all sides of this conflict, go to npr...
30  novembre     22h05
War fatigue in Russia
   Our reporter in Moscow tells us of a manifesto, claiming to be from families of Russian troops, calling for demobilization and other signs of faltering support for Russia’s war in Ukraine.And amid an improving economy, Venezuela is trying to ramp up oil production. But with neglected oil...
29  novembre     22h22
What it’s like on the ground in Gaza from an Israeli and a Palestinian
   We hear about two experiences of life in Gaza. One from a year old Israeli reserve soldier sent into the Gaza Strip with his unit. And a mother of two who lives in Gaza trying to shield her children from the horrors of war and stay alive.
28  novembre     21h50
Danger for Gazans who followed Israel’s evacuation order; family of released hostage
   We hear from the family of four year old Abigail Edan, who was held hostage by Hamas and is the first American freed. And even though Israel urged civilians in northern Gaza to evacuate to the south of the territory for safety, Israeli bombardment in the south continued.Mark Giving Tuesday by...
27  novembre     22h02
The Hamas leader behind the October 7 attack and the hostage release
   The secretive leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahiya Sinwar, is thought to be the mastermind of the October attack on Israel and he has led the Hamas negotiations on hostages. Our Jerusalem correspondent has met the Hamas leader at press conferences over the years and has this look at who he is and what...
24  novembre     08h00
The economic boom and environmental bust of illegal gold
   Illegal gold mining is profitable in Brazil, bringing in more than billion a year. And the government has made it easier to get away with. But the practice damages the rainforest and poisons indigenous communities. We go to a town at the center of the illegal mine business.You can support NPR’s...
22  novembre     21h45
A possible deal to release Israeli hostages; Russian news media in exile
   Hamas and Israel have reached a deal to release some Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners and a pause in fighting. We get the details from our reporter in Tel Aviv.And in Russia, a crack down on journalists following the invasion of Ukraine has caused some to continue their work...
21  novembre     20h42
What it’s like to be a Palestinian living in Israel right now
   One fifth of Israeli citizens also identify as Palestinian or Arab. Israel’s war with Gaza has meant a tension between the actions of their country and their identity. At the same time, many are facing increased discrimination.And we meet a mother whose premature babies were finally evacuated...
20  novembre     22h52
We rewind to a time when Israel and Gaza were close to peace
   We hear about a time when an airport opened in Gaza, a U.S. president visited and it seemed like Palestinian statehood was close to being a reality.And, a multi ethnic, multi religious band in Israel is working to bridge some of the divides in the country.Sign up for State of the World to listen...
17  novembre     22h05
An aid lifeline to Gaza: we go to the only crossing point in or out of the territory
   There’s only one place goods or people are allowed to enter or leave Gaza. Our reporter is in Rafah, Egypt and sees the trickle of aid going into Gaza.Also, in an interview with NPR, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vague on who will govern Gaza when the fighting stops.And comedians...
16  novembre     22h01
President Biden’s breakthrough agreements with the leader of China
   Biden met with President Xi Jinping of China for the first time in a year. And though expectations were low, our China correspondent tells us some important agreements emerged from the meeting.
15  novembre     21h43
Israel’s military enters Gaza hospital; Guatemala’s president-elect on coup attempt
   The Israeli military says Hamas militants operate in the hospital. International rights groups say hospitals are protected under international law.And the president elect of Guatemala, who won on an anti corruption platform, believes the country’s ruling elite are trying to prevent him from taking...
14  novembre     20h23
Renewed fighting on the border between Israel and Lebanon
   We go to southern Lebanon to hear from people who have endured decades of conflict and face new fighting as the war between Israel and Hamas increase regional tensions.
13  novembre     21h00
A Ukrainian city one year after liberation from Russia
   The southern city of Kherson has been free from Russian occupation for a year. But while its liberation energized Ukrainian forces, Russian troops remain just a mile away.
10  novembre     17h59
Can Berlin’s legendary nightclubs survive?
   Berlin’s iconic nightclubs are a cultural institution. But they face dwindling revenue due to decreased tourism and strained relationships with their gentrifying neighborhoods.
09  novembre     21h54
A massive civilian displacement caused by war but not the war you’re thinking of
   The war in Sudan has been going on for over six months. Thousands have died and more than six million have been displaced. He hear about conditions inside Sudan from the voices of those living through the violence.
08  novembre     21h24
In the face of an escalating war, optimism for peace
   We hear from two people who negotiated previous peace proposals between Israelis and Palestinians. They believe there is a peaceful solution to the current conflict.
07  novembre     22h15
Will the Israel-Hamas conflict spill over into a wider Middle East war?
   We hear about whether other groups, or countries, in the Middle East could expand the conflict beyond Israel and Gaza. And an account from a surgeon caring for patients in Gaza, under bombardment.
06  novembre     22h23
The war in Ukraine and a high level disagreement over messaging
   Ukraine’s president and top military commander disagree over the message to send about the lack of progress in the effort to retake territory from Russia. And the effort to recreate the original acoustics of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as it is being rebuilt. Sign up for State of the World to...
03  novembre     21h46
What we know about Israel’s ground war in Gaza
   The Israeli military isn’t saying much about it’s ground offensive in Gaza but satellite images and social media offer some clues about its strategy. And the dramatic scene at the border between Gaza and Egypt where only a small number of people are being allowed to escape the war.
02  novembre     20h44
An international summit on the dangers of A.I.
   Tech CEOs and politicians from around the world gathered to discuss the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence and how to work together to prevent some of the worst outcomes from happening.
01  novembre     20h36
The tunnels of Gaza will present a formidable challenge for the Israeli military
   As Israel undergoes a ground assault of Gaza, Hamas will be able waiting to attack from a network of tunnels. We hear about the challenges that will present.
31  octobre     21h04
How do European countries view the war between Israel and Hamas?
   Reactions to the Israel Hamas war vary across Europe, determined by each country’s unique history and perspectives. We hear from NPR correspondents from three European capitals.
30  octobre     21h11
Life in Gaza under intense shelling and a communications blackout
   Israel has expanded its war with Hamas, stepping up attacks from the air and sending troops into Gaza. For hours communication was cut off in Gaza, we hear our producer in there describe what the scene was like. And a group of workers from Gaza who were trapped in Israel when the fighting...
27  octobre     19h59
Devastation in Acapulco; Iran’s role in the Mideast conflict
   We hear from our reporter on the ground in Acapulco, Mexico, where a devastating hurricane grew in intensity so rapidly residents were unable to prepare. And an interview with the foreign minister of Iran about his country’s support for Hamas and their involvement in the group’s conflict with...
26  octobre     22h06
China subtly increases pressure on Taiwan
   China is increasing military pressure on Taiwan without declaring an outright invasion. We hear about what the pressure looks like and what China’s goals are from our correspondent based in Taiwan.
25  octobre     21h42
Israel vowed to invade Gaza. Why hasn’t it happened yet?
   It has been weeks since Israel said it would invade Gaza to eradicate Hamas, following the attacks on Israel launched by that group October th. The U.S. may be among those trying to delay the invasion. We hear from NPR reporters about what the concerns could be. And a conversation with someone...
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24  octobre     20h49
Soldiers who invaded Gaza before, weigh the dangers of a new invasion.
   We hear from Israeli veterans of the last Gaza invasion nine years ago, about their reflections from that conflict and their fears for this new one.
23  octobre     20h45
How do Palestinians feel about the war and Hamas now?
   Though Gaza has been the focus of Israel’s response to attacks by militants, the West Bank is also seeing an increase in violence. Residents there react to recent events. We also hear from members of a community that was hit hard by the Hamas attacks. They’ve been relocated to a hotel and are...
20  octobre     21h53
What role will Egypt play in the Mideast crisis?
   Egypt finds itself in a tricky situation with the crisis in neighboring Gaza. They want to make sure aid gets into suffering residents of Gaza but they don’t want to accept refugees for fear of being drawn into the conflict. We hear analysis of how Egypt’s leadership is responding and the voices of...
19  octobre     21h01
Amidst reports of Israeli military supply shortages citizens try to fill the gap
   As the Israeli military gets ready for an invasion of Gaza, local media and some soldiers say they’re short on supplies. And grassroots organizations are taking it upon themselves to fill the gap.
18  octobre     20h35
President Biden travels to Israel and President Putin travels to China
   We hear analysis from two important presidential visits. President Biden offers condolences and support on a visit to Israel. And President Putin displayed Russia’s bonds with China in a meeting with the Chinese leader.
17  octobre     22h06
An explosion at a Gaza hospital. And making sense of life after the Hamas attack
   A blast at a crowded hospital in Gaza could become a turning point in the war. And people who lost their family and homes in Hamas’ attack on Israel try to reckon with the aftermath.
16  octobre     22h00
Will there be any relief for Gaza? And Poland voters reject ruling government
   The situation for civilians in Gaza continues the to deteriorate as food, medicine and water run short. Israel continues airstrikes and prepares for a ground assault. Hamas continues to fire rockets in Israel. And in Poland, a surprising election result with a record breaking turnout.
13  octobre     22h09
Israel orders a million people in Gaza to move and snapshots of life under siege
   Israel has ordered effectively half the population of Gaza to flee their homes ahead of an expected military assault. Many Israelis have decided to leave the country. And we hear from a hospital in Gaza.
12  octobre     20h51
U.S. diplomacy in Israel and an American family trapped in Gaza
   U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken travels to Israel to show U.S. support in the wake of deadly attacks by Hamas militants. We talk to our correspondent travelling with him. And we hear from an American who is among the millions trapped in Gaza amid the Israeli blockade and airstrikes.
11  octobre     21h33
Voices from both Gaza and Israel as the violence continues
   The power is out in Gaza, as Israel’s blockade prevents fuel, food, and water from entering. Civilians there fear nowhere is safe from Israeli airstrikes. And in Israel they are still reeling from Hamas’ brutal cross border attack and many are searching for missing loved ones who may have been...
10  octobre     20h26
Fighting corruption in Ukraine and a view on the war between Israel and Hamas
   Some in Congress point to Ukrainian corruption as a reason to cut off U.S. aid. But Ukrainians say that image of them is outdated and they’re working hard to fight corruption. And, because we know you value world news, we widen our focus to bring you an on the ground report from the war between...
06  octobre     20h00
The war in Ukraine has left a scar across valuable farmland visible from space
   Satellite imagery shows that millions of acres of productive farmland have gone unplanted. We hear what researchers have learned and what the effects may be.
05  octobre     21h22
The war in Ukraine causes a religious rift
   There are more than , Russian Orthodox parishes in Ukraine with ties to the church’s leader in Moscow. Many see them as disloyal now that Russia has invaded Ukraine.
04  octobre     21h33
The Pentagon warns U.S. lawmakers that military aid for Ukraine is running out
   With future U.S. aid to Ukraine in doubt, the Defense Department is warning members of Congress that current military funding for Ukraine is nearly exhausted. NPR’s Pentagon correspondent tells us what that could mean.
03  octobre     19h57
The Ukrainian government reacts to potential cuts in aid funding
   Future funding for Ukraine from allies, including from the United States, is being challenged. Our correspondent in Kyiv tells us how the Ukrainian government is reacting and gives us an update on where progress on the battlefield stands.
02  octobre     18h57
Is U.S. funding for Ukraine in doubt?
   Aid to Ukraine was stripped out of a bill to avert a government shutdown at the last minute. We hear from a U.S. senator about what message this might send to Ukraine and to Russia.
29  septembre     19h41
Will Ukraine lose an ally in a consequential election in Slovakia?
   Ukraine’s neighbor, Slovakia, has been supportive in the war against Russia. However the frontrunner in this weekend’s election sides with the Kremlin. We hear more from our correspondent in Bratislava.
27  septembre     21h00
The impact of cluster munitions on civilian deaths
   Cluster munitions are banned in more than countries, but they’re being used by Russia and Ukraine in their war. We hear about a report documenting the deaths and injuries caused by these weapons.
26  septembre     20h25
What are the impacts of Ukrainian attacks on the Russian Navy?
   Ukraine has been increasing attacks on the Russian Navy in occupied Crimea. Ukraine even claims to have killed the commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet though Russia is disputing that. We talk to a retired U.S. Navy admiral about what the attacks on the Russian Navy say about Ukraine’s strategy.