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23  février     10h42
   Talks Developments in AI and the future of democracy work hand in glove. What is the role of politics and public institutions Our talk with Nata a Pirc Musar, PhD, President of the Republic of Slovenia, explores the privacy implications of AI and its impact on democracy, and the global...
14  février     10h59
   ï Valentine ;s Day is a time for love, romance... and scams ’ . EDPS launches its st Talks with Ayleen Charlotte, leading voice of the Netflix show TheTinderSwindler. Watch the interview to hear her perspective on navigating privacy and online frauds when looking for a love story...
12  février     13h31
   Episode of the Newsletter Digest ï is out now This podcast is a great way to catch up on some of the EDPS’ news and activities whilst on the go In this edition: how can the confidentiality of communications be protected; the privacy impact of combatting migrant smuggling; what are...
09  février     13h00
   EDPS announces big projects for and provides updates on its regular supervisory activities in its newsletter out now https: fm d K. Want to receive it straight into your inbox Subscribe here https: xx Cg .
02  février     09h29
   Initiatives ;Raising awareness on personal data breaches ;. Since , we have received and assessed personal data breaches. To mark our th Anniversary, we launch a campaign to raise EUIs awareness on how to improve and handle these cases. More info https: TNjQJY EDPSXX
01  février     09h05
   Initiatives ;Guidance for co legislators on key elements of legislative proposals ;.We are preparing guidelines to help EU co legislators on privacy and dataprotection aspects when developing legislative proposals. Have your say in our public consultation https: qqDBMG...
31  janvier     08h41
   Initiatives ;Call for applications: research project that strengthen rights to privacy and personal data ;. To celebrate the EDPS’ th Anniversary, we want to support researchers by providing expertise to help concretise your project Apply now https: nTRBpj EDPSXX
30  janvier     09h24
   Initiative ;Increasing transparency: sharing the outcome of complaints received ; Transparency is key to build trust in data protection. To mark the EDPS’ Anniversary, we are reforming the way we share information on how we handle and resolve complaints. Our aim To demystify the...
29  janvier     12h26
   Confidentiality of communications essential to fundamental rights writes EDPS supervisor in Opinion on Regulation to extend temporary derogation from certain provisions of ePrivacy directive to fight child sexual abuse online. Press Release https: Rr qFf Opinion https: ...
   Initiatives ;Public Access to Data Protection Audit and Inspection Reports ;Want to know how we carry out audits amp; inspections To mark our th Anniversary, learn about how we plan to share more information on these two supervisory activities https: DXwXh EDPSXX
28  janvier     09h00
   Today we celebrate DataProtectionDay January commemorates the anniversary of the Council of Europe’s ground breaking Convention , the first binding international law securing individuals ; rights to protection of their PersonalData. Happy DataProtection Day to all
26  janvier     09h58
   EDPS supervisor assesses privacy impact of regulation to combat the smuggling of migrants, human trafficking amp; role of Europol and Frontex in this area. Read his ï key recommendations in Press Release: https: pTvBXn and Opinion: https: cK MXx
   EDPS supervisor participated to the DataProtectionDay celebration at the Polish Permanent Representation to the EU on the panel What is the future of e communication What to achieve, what to avoid with Karolina Mojzesowicz, Hielke Hijmans and Maria Owczarek.
25  janvier     13h08
   ;International Regulation of AI: Bridging the Gap between Binding Rules and Self regulation ; EDPS secretary general modearating CPDP panel w Cecilia Bonefeld Dahl, Tudorache Ioan Dragos, Marc Rotenberg, Lee Tiedrich on international approaches and standards to regulate AI. A...
   CPDP has always been the place to anticipate prominent dataprotection issues that have concretised in the near future. EDPS supervisor pays tribute to Caspar Bowden for his forward looking perspective on information privacy rights DataProtectionDay DPD
   CPDP Conference DataProtectionDay edition kicks off The event co organised by EDPS, Council of Europe and CPDP Conferences will explore the latest in privacy and dataprotection fostering insightful discussions with experts from around the world
24  janvier     13h14
   Bark and bite: effective enforcement of privacy amp; dataprotection in times of turmoil’ EDPS Civil Society Summit on enforcement actions to protect human rights amp; democracy in a year of crucial elections W Wiewiorowski TZerdick PrivacyCamp ï http:
   Discover our first initiatives for our th anniversary. These are commitments and actions illustrating our continuous aspiration to lead as a modern DPA and to bolster individuals ; rights to privacy amp; dataprotection. Initiatives EDPSXXhttps: en...
18  janvier     09h08
   Just published: Survey results on the role and tasks of DPOs in EUIs show high level of compliance with data protection law amp; some improvements to make. EDPS supervisor will continue long standing commitment to foster data protection culture in EUIs. Report https: YMn vB...
17  janvier     09h06
   Our pillars: â A Book amp; Timeline to analyse key dataprotection milestones â Talks with leading voices from around the world â Initiatives to innovate a modern DPA â European Data Protection SummitRead blogpost by EDPS supervisor https: press publications press...