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06  février     09h25
   NGI collaboration with USA amp; Canada: follow NGI Sargasso project account ngisargasso with latest news including future open calls for collaboration.https: NGI
   Announcement for NGI funded parties: a full training programme on communication is available:https: the programme Have a look and register for free as needed; first training is tomorrow
31  janvier     13h03
   Announcement FOSDEM : For those interested there is a dedicated devroom on EU policies and open source incl. a slot on NGI: https: schedule track eu policy See also NGIzero page on the event: https: events index.html NGIZero NGI FOSDEM
24  janvier     16h37
   Announcement for NGI funded parties only: NGI Communication Training: nd Edition starts on Feb Join the NGI Outreach Office training and enhance your digital communication skills Master storytelling, SEO, analytics, and more. Register at: https: training...
23  janvier     08h58
   European Commission is hiring specialists engineers legal, policy, operation for supporting the Digital Service Act Policy:https: digital en news do you want help enforce digital services act apply now be part dsa enforcement team
15  janvier     09h54
   leaders share on Peertube their views on the European Commission ;s Next Generation Internet NGI initiative:https: w p fLUCKcJ L usL B Zotf NGI
10  janvier     14h03
   The NGI Commons fund is now up and running with . M available for open source projects:https: news CommonsFund starts.htmlFirst call will open st February. Stay tune.
20  décembre     09h53
   New NGI impact storyThe E Foundation and Murena have created e OS, a ;deGoogled ; Android and Murena Cloud, that prioritizes privacy and sustainability. Learn about this story :https: news ngi forum gael duval With direct link to Peertube interview:https: tube...
   New NGI event:NGI Panel on Communities, Digital Rights, and the Future of the Internet ï Date: January , s Time: : AM : PM CET This min online panel on Digital Rights within the NGI initiative will explore grassroots communities ; priorities in shaping the...
15  décembre     12h40
   New NGI Impact StoryMeet Open Food Facts, the world ;s largest open source food database. With . M products, . M monthly users, and K contributors, Open Food Facts shapes how we approach food:https: news ngi forum alex garel Direct Video link:https: tube...
14  décembre     09h53
   New NGI Impact Story PeerTube, born in , is more than an alternative; it ;s about freedom and user friendly options. Its impact spans institutions, educators, content creators, independent media, and citizens worldwide. With over, instances, hosting nearly million videos and ...
13  décembre     08h41
   Learn more about this Impact Story from the NGIForum and discover how different digital identity systems can work together, making the world more interconnected. https: news ngi forum markus sabadello Direct link to video:https: w...
08  décembre     17h03
   Interesting reflection on open source licensing from EUPL author: https: collection eupl discussion how could open licensing protect democracy pillars wisdom EUPL OpenSource
01  décembre     11h05
   New NGI Pilot: Starting st Dec the M Fediversity project will address the issue of scaling Fediverse with hosting capabilities allowing owners to deploy instances as easily as a web site. The project’s technical coordinator is OID NL koen with nordunet for addressing the nordics...
   New NGI pilot: Local LocalThe . M . M EU funding project will pilot NGI technologies to support the local economy, sustainable initiatives and strengthening local ties in local areas through local currencies, based on a decentralised infrastructure. Consortium is led by Centric NL with a...
30  novembre     16h42
   NGI Forum : replay.Thanks to peertube and EDPS instance the content of the NGI forum days is available on EUVideo Day : https: w aAuYdEP afzvXPzLhXohATDay : https: w ao SZJpG vhoQtjCKvEJj use ;show more ; tab for direct access...
   NEW NGI PILOT: TALER starting Dec with the objective to develop and deploy privacy respecting, easy to use and efficient digital payment solutions through digital wallets.Consortium is led by Eindhoven University and includes Bern University, Taler SA, petite singularité psas well as verticals...
28  novembre     09h57
   MOBIFREE waag murena Qwant for search services for cloud servicesMerlinux for deltachat microg for microg larma Conversations im The Foundation for Art and Technology for supporting fdroid NLnet for supporting third partiesUniversity of Amsterdam for Ethical amp; Legal...
   New NGI pilot awarded MOBIFREE is a new NGI project starting st December with the ambition to foster a fair mobile software ecosystem that prioritizes privacy and openness, applying open source principles and using open data and standards, contributing to EUdigitalsovereignty of citizens and...
24  novembre     08h43
   OPEN CALLS deadline approaching: please note the NGI calls ending next Friday st December noon CET: https: news call.html OpenSource NGIZero