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14  novembre     05h05
Best Books Exploring World War I in France and beyond - WWI essential reading
francewhereyouare    In honour of Remembrance Day I m hopping on to the blog today to recommend some of the best books exploring WWI in France through
21  août     01h45
Best Books for Moving to France - essential reading for dreaming and planning your move to France
francewhereyouare    Whether your dreaming of retiring to France starting a new life as a singleton couple or family France has enormous variety to tempt
16  juin     20h56
Le Train Bleu - adventures in lunch and travel in Paris and the South of France
francewhereyouare    Leaving Paris can be hard Can you tear yourself away from the avenues the sights sounds and attractions If so it s great to remember
19  mai     13h39
Lights, camera, action Cannes Film Festival 2022
francewhereyouare    It s that time of year again Cannes is back What images does Cannes conjure for you Whether you have images of the red carpet
13  mai     20h17
Postcards from France: fresh water for all - the Wallace Fountains of Paris
francewhereyouare    The Postcards from France have been stacking up in the postbag but haven t made it on to the blog Oh dear If you ve been wondering
09  avril     03h53
Postcards from France - the Most Beautiful Villages of France
francewhereyouare    marks the th anniversary of the wonderful association which has brought so much joy and interest to Francophiles and French people
03  mars     04h46
Postcards from France - driving in style - Citroën car icons in France
francewhereyouare    Have you driven in France Do you love the idea of a classic car to explore the smaller roads of this beautiful country While the coach
19  février     04h31
Postcards from France - is petanque the most beautiful game created?
francewhereyouare    Marcel Pagnol the famous writer and film director once called pétanque the most beautiful game ever created by hu man my parentheses
17  février     21h53
French Pastry Obsession: The Great British Bake Off versus Le Meilleur Patissier
francewhereyouare    Have you seen the The Great British Bake Off GBBO Perhaps where you are it s called The Great British Baking Show but it s the same
09  février     19h17
Postcards from France - books and bouquinistes in Paris
francewhereyouare    Do you love reading about France I absolutely do I also like to read French classics in my own time but reading has to be its own
05  février     01h16
Postcards from France - with love from the pearl of the Atlantic coast
francewhereyouare    Crossing the bridge from the mainland the journey to the Ile de Ré has to one of the most enjoyable If you know the Atlantic coast
29  janvier     03h49
Postcards from France - is it a real croissant?
francewhereyouare    Dear Francophile here we are in another Francophile postcard from France Just like the podcast where we ve started exploring the Côte
20  janvier     20h36
Postcards from France - why Francophiles love France
francewhereyouare    Are you missing France Wanting to explore a little more France each week To honour our shared Francophile love of France here on the
12  juin     12h55
Best French Films - Cinéma Saturday - La Vie en Rose
francewhereyouare    The D Day commemoration weekend last weekend delayed our Ciné adventures but here we are back again with a dramatic bio pic full of
06  juin     06h44
D-Day and the Liberation of France
francewhereyouare    The anniversary of D Day th June is here again looking somewhat different in its memorials and commemoration but unchanged in
29  mai     09h22
Best French Films - Cinéma Saturday - Zazie dans le métro - 1960s Paris
francewhereyouare    From last week s beautiful th century setting to this week s firmly in the th French films give us an endless source of inspiration
22  mai     08h11
Best French Films - Cinéma Saturday - Cyrano de Bergerac
francewhereyouare    From last week s hilarious comedy we go to quite another branch of French cinema the heritage cinema of the s One of its finest
15  mai     08h11
Best French Films - Cinéma Saturday - it’s Sink Or Swim
francewhereyouare    Following the intermission and last week s VE Day post which you can find here I was going to recommend some WWII films but you ll
08  mai     20h42
Victory in Europe Day - commemorating VE Day 2021
francewhereyouare    The th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day or VE Day th May is a day of mixed emotions of turmoil and relief joy and
29  avril     21h14
Top 100 French Blogs feature for France Where You Are
francewhereyouare    That s right France Where You Are podcast and blog has made it into the Top French blogs and is currently ranked out of the