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Ukrayinska Pravda
07  décembre     19h49
Russia shelled Ukrainian thermoelectric power plant near the front for several hours
Ukrainska Pravda    A Ukrainian thermoelectric power plant located near the front was damaged as a result of systematic and enduring Russian shelling on December. This is the seventh Russian attack on a thermoelectric power plant near the front in the past days.
Putin meets President of Iran: trade between their countries increased by 20%
Ukrainska Pravda    On December, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi in Moscow. Among other topics, they discussed trade between their countries, which increased by over the past year amid trade in assault drones.
Hungary’s Prime Minister once again says he is against talks on Ukraine’s accession to EU
Ukrainska Pravda    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orb aacute;n has held a telephone conversation with his Spanish counterpart Pedro S aacute;nchez against the backdrop of Spain’s presidency of the Council of the European Union.
Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency launches the world’s first open database of foreign components in Russian weapons
Ukrainska Pravda    The National Agency for Corruption Prevention NACP has announced that it is launching the world’s first open database of foreign components in weapons. This base will be on the War and Sanctions portal.
US Naval Station Norfolk hosts tanker with Russian oil products, bypassing embargo
Ukrainska Pravda    Naval Station Norfolk, the main naval base of the US Navy on the east coast of the country, hosted a tanker on December that delivered , tonnes of Russian oil products to the facility on a direct voyage from Novorossiysk.
Ukrainian forces clash with Russians 56 times today, destroying 1 Russian radar General Staff report
Ukrainska Pravda    The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that a total of clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces occurred on Thursday, December, with Ukrainian Rocket Forces striking a Russian radar system.
Zelenskyy lights Hanukkah candles together with Ukrainian rabbis
Ukrainska Pravda    On the occasion of the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, together with representatives of the Jewish clergy of Ukraine, took part in the Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony.
What should Ukraine do to unlock border with Poland
Ukrainska Pravda   
There will be more weapons : Ukraine and US sign memorandum on joint production
Ukrainska Pravda    Ukraine and the US have signed a Memorandum on joint production in the defence industry and the exchange of technical data at the Defence Industries Conference in Washington. Source: Andrii Yermak, Head of the President’s Office, on Telegram Details: As Yermak said, the memorandum defines the...
UK Foreign Secretary says frozen Russian assets should be used to rebuild Ukraine
Ukrainska Pravda    UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said that Russian assets should not just be frozen but should rather be used to rebuild Ukraine. Source: David Cameron in a comment during his US visit, as reported by Sky News Details: Cameron said there is a strong argument for seizing frozen Russian...
Biggest registered weight loss of Ukrainian in Russian captivity is 77 kg Human Rights Commissioner
Ukrainska Pravda    The Ukrainian citizens are in critical condition after coming home from Russian captivity. The biggest officially recorded weight loss after five months of Russian captivity is kg, reported Dmytro Lubinets, Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, at the International...
Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers approves European integration bill on lobbying
Ukrainska Pravda    At a meeting on Thursday, December, the Ukrainian government has passed a lobbying bill that has been improved to include suggestions from the public and feedback from the Ministry of Justice. This step was necessary in order to start EU negotiations.
Air Force report high-speed target towards Poltava Oblast
Ukrainska Pravda    The Air Force has reported a high speed target moving in the direction of Myrhorod in Poltava Oblast on the evening of December. Source: Air Force on Telegram Details: An air raid warning was issued in Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv and Chernihiv Oblasts.
Russians try to strengthen their positions near Avdiivka but repelled by Special Operation Forces
Ukrainska Pravda    The Special Operations Forces SOF of Ukraine’s Armed Forces have shown how they stopped the Russians’ attempt to strengthen their positions on the Avdiivka front with mortar fire. Source: SOF press service Quote: SOF operators continue to carry out combat missions on the Avdiivka front and...
Russia hopes war in Ukraine will become second Vietnam for US
Ukrainska Pravda    Sergey Naryshkin, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, has written an article in which he claims that Russia hopes to turn the war in Ukraine into a second Vietnam for the US. Source: Kremlin aligned Russian news outlet Interfax with reference to the article by Naryshkin in the...
Two thermal power plant units in frontline zone shut down due to Russian attack
Ukrainska Pravda    Two units of a thermal power plant in the frontline zone have shut down due to a Russian attack. Source: statement of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Quote: Today in the afternoon the Russians struck a thermal power plant in the frontline zone.
Ukraine decides to transport lorries by train due to blockade on Polish border
Ukrainska Pravda    Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ukrainian national railway operator, is preparing container trains to transport Ukrainian trucks blocked on the border with Poland. Source: Valerii Tkachov, Deputy Head of the Commercial Department of Ukrzaliznytsia, as reported by Interfax Ukraine Details: Polish customs...
Ukraine turns to emergency energy aid from other countries, citizens are asked to turn off unnecessary appliances
Ukrainska Pravda    Due to the shortage of capacity in the Ukrainian energy system on December, the Ukrenergo Dispatch Centre applied for emergency assistance from three countries. Source: Ukrenergo Details: Emergency assistance is applied from : and will last approximately until : .
Occupiers announce evacuation from Nova Kakhovka
Ukrainska Pravda    The Russian occupiers are conducting so called evacuation of the residents of the occupied settlement of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast. Source: occupying administration of the Nova Kakhovka City District Quote: Planned activities of voluntary evacuation from the territory of the Nova...
Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church banned in occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast a year ago by local top collaborationist
Ukrainska Pravda    The Russian occupying authorities issued an order banning the activity of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church UGCC in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast almost a year ago. Source: statement by the UGCC Details: The occupiers also banned the social service organisations Knights of Columbus...