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20  février     09h42
   The CASSINI Challenges winning Ideas have been announced From enabling sustainable livestock grazing to monitoring urbanisation and helping autonomous vehicles avoid collision all of the CASSINI Challenges winning ideas have one thing in common: each leverages the power of EUSpace.Meet the...
19  février     09h48
   Calling all recent graduates: Fuel your passion for innovation by joining our vibrant EUSPA. Unleash your creativity and make an impact. ’ Find your opportunity here: eucareers.spacehttps: w Snv uQxp bAzEZmSVzR
   Not only did the GNSS and EO downstream market generate over EUR billion in revenue in , it is estimated to increase to nearly billion by Read the full report here: https: sites default files euspa market report .pdf
16  février     12h52
   Published every two years, the EUSPA EO and GNSS market report is the most established reference document for information on the global Earth Observation and GNSS markets.According to the newest report, published in , how much revenue did the GNSS and Earth Observation downstream market...
15  février     13h11
   The HorizonEU project GEXTRECS had the kick off meeting at EUSPA HQ last February with representatives of all project partners.GEXTRECS aims to develop a solution that meets user needs and requirements for secure SATCOM, while also exploring synergies with other EUSpace components in emergency...
14  février     10h30
   Recently, our Workshop on Standardisation of Galileo Timing Receivers reaffirmed the necessity of timing receiver standards and validated the existing user needs and requirements.Key outcomes and more insights here: https: newsroom news enhancing critical infrastructure galileo...
13  février     10h24
   EUSPA is hiring We have two vacancies open in Prague and Saint Germain en Laye: Head of the ICT and Facility Management Department Senior Legal, Procurement and Concession OfficerApply by February.More info amp; applications https: EUCareers
11  février     11h00
   Today is Day Europe’s emergency number has been answering the call and saving lives for over years relying on EUSpace based data and services, like eCall or Advanced Mobile Location AML to accurately pinpoint the caller’s location. eCall can cut emergency response times in half,...
02  février     09h30
   Explore, Innovate, Succeed s Experience EUSpace innovation at EUSPA as our new trainees. Your journey begins here Hear what our current trainees have to say:https: w Snv uQxp bAzEZmSVzR
01  février     12h07
   First EUSPA Administrative Board of done â ï This week, we discussed the Agency’s plans for and reflected on some of the most recent milestones including the launch of the EUSPA EO amp; GNSS Market Report.
29  janvier     14h05
   Looking for a fresh start in your career Become EUSPA ;s new Cyber Accreditation Officer Your expertise: ’ Cybersecurity architecture audit Cybersecurity configuration audit Penetration testing ï Cyber organisational and physical auditSounds like a match Apply now: https...
   Today, over airports have implemented EGNOS based approaches, including many small and regional airports that cannot afford the high cost of ground based navigational systems. By increasing accessibility to regional airports, EGNOS based procedures help decongest Europe’s busy airspace,...
26  janvier     14h01
   Meet EGNOS, Europe ;s regional satellite based augmentation system SBAS used to improve the performance of GNSSs, such as GPS and Galileo.Can you guess the number of airports in Europe that have joined the EGNOS league for safer, greener and quieter landings â ï
24  janvier     10h13
   s The Galileo Emergency Warning Satellite Service EWSS is underway EUSPA together with the European Commission published the Common Alert Message Format Specifications, useful for Member States to implement EWSS in their national alert systems.Read: https: newsroom news galileo...
23  janvier     11h08
   ï The nd EO and GNSS Market Report is out This report outlines EUSpace based applications in market segments and offers analytical insights from both EO and GNSS markets, their growth and their benefits. This is a key document to understand and integrate SatNav and Earth Observation in new...
22  janvier     13h54
   One year ago, Galileo High Accuracy Service HAS Inicial Services was declared In its first year, Galileo HAS brought precise point positioning PPP options through the Galileo signal E B and by terrestrial means internet to capable receivers down to a decimetre level.Read more: https: www...
19  janvier     09h26
   Do you know what GSS are Discover how the Galileo Sensor Stations network works to check the accuracy and signal quality of individual satellites in real time, and to pinpoint current satellite orbits. EUSpacehttps: w kMBvCx EQ YVeVRpTA sfY
15  janvier     10h38
   And the aim of GOVSATCOM provide secure and cost efficient satellite communications capabilities to security and safety critical missions and operations. To learn more, be sure to download your free copy of EUSPA’s Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology Report today https: www.euspa...
13  janvier     09h30
   Calling all recent graduates: Fuel your passion for innovation by joining our vibrant EUSPA. Unleash your creativity and make an impact. Find your opportunity here: https: about careers euspa
12  janvier     09h41
   s Introducing GOVSATCOM, a pivotal initiative within the Global Strategy for the European Union ;s Foreign and Security Policy. Do you know what GOVSATCOM offers EUSpaceSecure satellite communications capabilitiesInternet connection in EU Member States G to mobile users in EU