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Reddit : Ukraine War Video Report
03  décembre     22h00
Ukraine War Megathread for the Week of December 03, 2023
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29  juillet     14h31
UPDATE - Reporting War Crimes
   Hello all, thanks for the continued support of the sub and for being the frontline for exposing war crimes. On the subject of war crimes, the recent video circulating of the castration of a Ukrainian POW, has made an impact on us all. These acts cannot go unpunished. Publishing peoples private...
07  décembre     11h08
Ukrainian mother Paraska Matsiievska-Demchuk stands by the monument depicting her son, who was executed by Russian forces
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Multiple Ukrainian drone-dropped grenades hit Russian soldiers hiding in the wreckage of buildings, making little effort to get away despite being picked off one by one.
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Ukrainian drone drops a grenade on a Russian soldier, causing a visibly broken lower leg.
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Himars strike in temporarily occupied Donetsk
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The left engine of a Russian Tu-204 caught fire in the air over Ulan-Ude.
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Two Russian soldiers sheltering inside a crater were struck by an FPV kamikaze drone strike
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Confirmation from Russian sorces that the Mi-8 helicopter shown in the Ukrainian artillery strike yesterday was damaged. Yet another BDA for Ukraine Original strike footage linked in comments.
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The reported use of a new type of fpv drone adapted for anti personal. At 1:30 you can see a Russian take a few steps then faceplant in the dirt due to blood loss.
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Here, the Swedish Archer weapon system is used sharply in Ukraine
   The Swedish artillery system Archer is now being used sharply in battles in Ukraine. SVT ;s Ukraine team visited a unit that uses the system and participated at a firing ; submitted by ; u volvoutanbyxor link ; comments
Magura V5 marine drones in a secret warehouse on the the Dnipro River.
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Ukraine Aid Operations - Another MASSIVE delivery for the 33rd Battalion The unit received: Tablets, Encrypted Radios, Thermal Underwear, Tactical Gloves, Active Ear Protection, Warm Socks After receival, the boys sent this nice message
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06  décembre     21h38
A monument to the Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Matsievsky has already been opened in Kyiv.
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07  décembre     16h38
Two hero Ukraine soldiers save their wounded comrades by carrying them across Bakhmut battlefields
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Swedish news went to Ukraine and recorded the Archer in action
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Russian 2S34 Hosta self-propelled 120mm mortar destroyed by Ukrainian fire is filmed by other Russian troops in Donetsk Oblast. (Not a repost - the previous post of this is photos only).
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Ukrainian soldiers clear houses and take prisoners in the village of Krynki, Kherson region
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The combat losses of Russian invaders from February 24, 2022 to December 7, 2023
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USA and Ukraine sign agreement on joint weapon production
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From Ukrainian artillery fire and drone strikes: Many destroyed Russian BTR armoured personnel carriers and dead Russian soldiers on the fields of Avdiivka (which is covered by artillery shell craters) - Donetsk Oblast.
   https: maks nafo fella status s https: pstyle ne status s Those losses were caused by the th Separate Mechanized Brigade quot;Magura quot; of the Ukrainian Army. ; submitted by ; u Tegan Quin link ; comments
The last of a batch of 14 of a new Counter-Unmanned Air System weapon system (VAMPIRE) are set to be delivered to the Ukrainian military before the end of the year
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06  décembre     21h54
A Wagner members skull successfully was able to stop an automatic bullet.
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07  décembre     12h32
Ukrainian Forces Say They Destroyed Russian Helicopter Using American-Made HIMARS Missile
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A Tu-204 cargo aircraft has caught fire during takeoff from the city of Ulan-Ude in Buryatia, Russia.
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Analysis: What The Washington Post Missed About Ukraine’s Counteroffensive
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A series of extremely solid FPV drone hits. Sadly there is no observer drone footage.
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