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Breaking Defense : Ukraine
06  décembre     13h06
Not just 155mm: Army says it needs supplemental funds to shore up combat vehicle fleets
Ashley Roque    The service has sent hundreds of ground combat vehicles to Ukraine since February , and Maj. Gen. Glenn Dean warned that sustainment challenges abound without additional dollars.
04  décembre     21h30
US arms sales dip causes top 100 contractor revenues to slide in 2022: Report
Tim Martin    SIPRI said global competitors moved faster, and revenues for defense firms in Asia and the Middle East increased substantially.
Amid Ukraine and Israel conflicts, Pentagon acquisition chief sees counter-drone crisis’
Michael Marrow    It is an urgent issue. We need counter UAS capabilities at scale, said Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Bill LaPlante. We need lots of money, we need production lines to go up fast.
At Reagan, Army’s Camarillo talks recruiting, military funding and lessons from Ukraine [VIDEO]
Lee Ferran    Army Under Secretary Gabe tells Breaking Defense it’s absolutely critical that Congress passes a full budget over a continuing resolution.
Why Russia now has to use its A-50U closer to the fight in Ukraine
Reuben Johnson    They will have to decide what costs them more: to lose one or more of these A s or to continue to see their combat aircraft and S units progressively degraded, a Ukrainian expert told Breaking Defense.
03  décembre     00h14
America must not waver’: Austin urges congressional action for US military, Ukraine, Israel
Ashley Roque    At the Reagan National Defense Forum, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also emphasized that Jerusalem must minimize civilian deaths in Gaza in order to keep any tactical victory from turning into a strategic defeat.
01  décembre     17h32
Europe faces nervous wait after Dutch election surprise, Ukraine aid in balance
Tim Martin    The Netherlands has been a vital weapons supplier to Kyiv, throughout the war against Russia, most recently pledging an additional . billion in military aid for .
Pentagon must train for uncertainty,’ while better sharing data: Officials
Jaspreet Gill    The Pentagon is working to update the processes, procedures, authorities, to make it easier to share, to incentivize, to reduce those barriers so that we can actually learn from each other, Rear Adm. Peter Vasely said.
Anduril unveils VTOL Roadrunner-Munition for aerial defense, one US customer buying in
Ashley Roque    The start up declined to identify its American customer, but budget documents show that Special Operations Command is investing in counter UAS technology bearing the Roadrunner name.
30  novembre     13h13
Ahead of high-level defense gathering at Reagan forum, poll finds consistent support for Ukraine
Ashley Roque    Despite the kind of media narrative, or what you might expect watching the debates on Ukraine aid in the US Congress, there is not waning support for Ukraine, Ronald Reagan Institute Policy Director Rachel Hoff told reporters during a Tuesday call.
29  novembre     22h20
As US Army transforms, it’s gleaning lessons about high- and low-tech fighting from Ukraine, Israel
Jaspreet Gill    Young Bang, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology, said the effectiveness of high and low tech fighting was pushing into our guiding principles.
21  novembre     20h14
An Asia hand’s argument for putting Ukraine first
Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.    Europe is too important, and Russia too great a threat in the Far East, to put Ukraine on the backburner in favor of Taiwan, argues AEI Asia expert Michael Mazza.
20  novembre     17h48
Ursa Major takes aim at DoD solid rocket motor market
Theresa Hitchens    DoD officials and outside experts have been wringing their hands for the past year over the state of the US supply chain for solid rocket motor technology, as stocks of munitions and missile systems reliant on SRMs such as the Army’s Javelin shoulder mounted anti tank weapon, Guided Multiple...
16  novembre     21h04
Army inching closer to PrSM fielding with successful’ qualification test flight
Ashley Roque    If a final test report is positive, the service can begin accepting early operational capability PrSM missiles before the start of .
15  novembre     13h20
ITU rules meeting: Geopolitical fireworks,’ DoD spectrum challenges
Theresa Hitchens    Disputes over spectrum use by mega constellations in low Earth orbit, such as SpaceX’s Starlink, also carry heavy political baggage at the World Radio Conference that starts tomorrow in Dubai.