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25  juin     19h27
A Russian Soldier’s Killing of His Comrade Shocked Me
Wes O'Donnell    I will not show the video here, but I x ;m a veteran of the Global War on Terror and I x ;ve never seen anything like this.Continue reading on Medium
Ukraine Attacks Crimea with American Weapons Consequences of Joe Biden’s War
George Dmitry Reul Gilligan    Russia Summons US Ambassador to Protest Attack in SebastopolContinue reading on Medium
Zelenskyy Replaces Commander of Joint Forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces
Damion Davis    Non Members Can Read Free HereContinue reading on Medium
Missile Strike on Pokrovsk: Number of Casualties Rises to 40, Including Three Children
Damion Davis    Here Is What We KnowContinue reading on Medium
Russian Commanders Throwing Soldiers into Pits and Starving Them for Minor Offenses
Damion Davis    Those who fall out of favor are placed into a pit and starved with the aim of re education, informs the National Resistance CenterContinue reading on Medium
Europe and the US Begin Rebuilding Ukraine and Undermining Putin’s Influence in Europe
Shankar Narayan    Yes.Continue reading on Medium
Ukraine’s Support Is Grows: Key ally steps up aid efforts
Damion Davis    Ukraine Getting Much Needed AidContinue reading on Medium
Germany Gives Over 40 Trucks to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service to Improve Logistics
Damion Davis    Non Members Can Read Free HereContinue reading on Medium
The Aftermath of War
Robert W Ahrens    Or, are we better than we used to be or not Continue reading on The Left Is Right
What I’m Reading
Florian Schoppmeier    June , Continue reading on Of Pictures Words