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France Travel Tips
18  mars     21h20
10 Costly And Embarrassing Travel Mistakes To Avoid In France
Jan    Mistakes can happen to even the most experienced travellers to France I made many during my first few trips to France and still make some now but I am improving Have a read and see which ones are new to you I ve got a list of costly and embarrassing travel mistakes to avoid in France You
04  mars     21h24
The 3 Best Immersive Art Exhibitions In France
Jan    If you are looking for an experience that will knock your socks off do consider attending one of three immersive art exhibitions in France where you are surrounded by famous works of art which are projected onto gigantic walls and choreographed to classical and modern music These digital art
19  février     00h52
French Sites Where No Photos Are Allowed-More Reason To Visit
Jan    You ll usually see a sign posted on the door Photography Forbidden Unfortunately there are a number of French sites where no photos are allowed inside and it s a shame especially when the place is remarkable and unique I like to share photos in my posts as they help communicate why I think the
21  janvier     23h23
5 Activities At Pont du Gard You Can Do (And 1 You Can’t)
Jan    There are some fun activities at Pont du Gard that are worth doing when you make a visit to the famous Roman aqueduct in the south of France Most visitors typically spend time taking photos of the bridge and walking from one side of the river to the other but they re missing out on some other
07  janvier     21h09
Where To Go Running In Paris: 10 Best Spots
Jan    Interested in some scenic running in Paris or perhaps just a lovely walk Here are of the best spots that are located in beautiful locations and include parks gardens and promenades These are the favourite places to run in Paris chosen by casual and seasoned runners and flaneurs too flaneurs
12  novembre     22h40
Where To Eat In Paris? 11 Must-Try Restaurants (Listed By Type)
Jan    I often get asked Where should we eat in Paris What are your restaurant recommendations It s hard to choose when there are so many which is why I ve compiled a short list of must try restaurants in Paris that are sorted by type of cuisine or venue you might be interested in ie crepes