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CNBC : Ukraine
06  décembre     08h47
Putin makes rare visits to the UAE, Saudi Arabia to talk strengthened relations, Israel-Hamas war
   The visits are his first to the region since Russia invaded Ukraine in February .
04  décembre     17h47
I don’t care how we pay for it’: GOP senator backs no-strings Israel aid bill but only after border funding
   Congress and the White House must hash out a deal to beef up U.S. border security first, said Sen. Roger Marshall, R Kan., on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
Venezuelans vote to claim sovereignty over a part of oil-rich nation Guyana
   This marks the latest escalation in a long standing territorial dispute between both countries.
Oil falls on demand fears and doubts over OPEC cuts
   Oil futures rose on Monday as geopolitical tension in the Middle East returned to focus, spurring concerns about supply from the region.
01  décembre     14h00
Op-ed: With continued geopolitical conflicts, here are defense stocks investors should consider
   Continuing wars and geopolitical hotspots could mean increased revenues for U.S. defense contractors, enhancing the allure of stocks in the category.
27  novembre     08h38
Ukraine’s push into Russian-occupied territory was bold, but a breakthrough is far from guaranteed
   Hopes have risen that Ukraine could have made a small but key breakthrough in its six month counteroffensive.
26  novembre     10h00
Ukraine needs more air defenses to protect grain exports, Zelenskyy says
   Zelenskyy was speaking after Russia attacked Ukraine with drones overnight, the biggest drone assault of the war.
25  novembre     11h18
Five wounded in Kyiv by largest drone attack yet on Ukraine, officials say
   Ukraine’s capital suffered what officials said was Russia’s largest drone attack of the war on Saturday, leaving five people wounded.
22  novembre     20h20
We have to take care of ourselves’: How to function at work during times of turmoil
   How do you stay motivated at work during stressful times Katharine Manning shares her top tips to combat compassion fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion.
17  novembre     13h59
Biden signs a bill averting a government shutdown for now, with Israel and Ukraine aid still stalled
   The measure passed the House and Senate by wide bipartisan margins this week, ensuring the government remains open until after the holiday season.
15  novembre     18h13
Why the Pentagon is spending billions to bring laser weapons to the battlefield
   The U.S. Department of Defense has been investing billions of dollars in lasers over the last decade. Will these new weapons change the battlefield
Why the U.S. military is investing billions in directed-energy weapons
   Directed energy weapons such as lasers and high powered microwaves may soon be used to defend against drones and rockets on the battlefield. These futuristic sounding weapons are part of a new wave of devices produced from billions of dollars in research and development from the Defense Department....
11  novembre     14h00
Starlink’s rapid growth and influence has made it an indispensable part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX
   Starlink is SpaceX’s answer to providing global, high speed internet coverage using a network of thousands of satellites buzzing around the Earth.
Elon Musk’s Starlink business has grown quickly and so has its influence
   SpaceX has said its satellite internet service, Starlink, now has more than million active customers and is available on all seven continents and in over countries. Praised for its ability to connect remote parts of the world , Starlink has also become indispensable in areas hit by natural...
Russia renews missile attacks on Kyiv, attacks intensify in the east
   Russian forces targeted Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as part of an overnight bombardment, local officials said Saturday.
09  novembre     07h38
As the West courts Russia’s neighbors, Putin shows he won’t give up its backyard without a fight
   Russia signaled this week that it will not take Western efforts to build ties with Central Asia lying down.
07  novembre     06h43
Oil giant Saudi Aramco’s profit slides 23% in third quarter on lower crude prices, volumes
   The drop in profitability this year has been in line with industry trends amid weaker oil prices.
03  novembre     05h59
Russia fumes at the West’s charm offensive in its backyard, saying it’s ’luring’ its friends away
   Russia is likely to be watching closely as Western nations try to build alliances in what has traditionally been seen as its backyard and sphere of influence.
31  octobre     19h37
Three charged in New York with sending Russia over 7 million in electronics to aid war on Ukraine
   Nikolay Goltsev, Salimdzhon Nasriddinov and Kristina Puzyreva are accused of evading sanctions in order to send Russia equipment used in their missile systems.
A ’festering’ powder keg in Europe is lurking in the shadow of the Israel-Hamas war
   Political analysts say escalating Serbia Kosovo tensions represent a serious security issue for both the Balkans and European region.
Rampage by antisemitic mob puts pressure on Russia to confront rising ethnic tensions
   Moscow is coming under increasing pressure to protect the country’s Jewish community after the latest episode of antisemitsm highlighted interethnic tensions.
30  octobre     02h01
G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China
   The G trade ministers, after a weekend meeting on Osaka, did not mention China but denounced what they consider its rising economic coercion through trade.
28  octobre     11h04
The Israel-Hamas war is affecting the financial outlooks of these large companies
   The conflict is shaking up everything from advertising to supply chains.
27  octobre     15h14
A new hope for Ukraine aid in Washington
   Speaker Johnson said the U.S. must stop Russia’s advances in Ukraine, and some GOP hardliners who oppose additional aid are hinting at a path for Congress to vote on it.
26  octobre     05h11
In the ultimate irony, Russia’s obsession with Ukraine may have weakened its power
   Analysts say the war in Ukraine has created the irony that Russia has lost a degree of control, power and influence over its backyard.
25  octobre     04h58
They’re running out of time’: Ukraine’s counteroffensive is gaining urgency as winter approaches
   Ukrainian forces are desperately trying to battle through deep Russian defenses along the south and east of the country before winter sets in.
24  octobre     13h23
Jamie Dimon: ’The most serious thing facing mankind is nuclear proliferation’
   International bodies and proliferation experts warn that the danger of nuclear weapons use is higher than it’s been in decades.
Ukraine’s EU membership bid to be assessed in report due on Nov. 8
   The European Union’s executive is set to present on Nov. an assessment of progress made by Ukraine in its membership bid, three officials said.
23  octobre     18h45
A price cap on Russian oil aims to starve Putin of cash. But it’s largely been untested. Until now
   For months after Ukraine’s Western allies limited sales of Russian oil to per barrel, the price cap was still largely symbolic.
Turkey’s president submits protocol for Sweden’s admission into NATO to parliament for ratification
   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan submitted a protocol for Sweden’s admission into NATO to Turkey’s parliament for ratification, his office said Monday.