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CNBC : Ukraine
11  juillet     23h46
Biden loses his train of thought, calls Harris ’Vice President Trump’ in solo press conference
   President Biden has faced growing drop out pressure from Democratic lawmakers, donors and from some voter polling after his debate flop against Donald Trump.
Watch: President Joe Biden holds rare solo press conference
   U.S. President Joe Biden is under growing pressure to drop out of the presidential race after his debate fumble against Donald Trump.
Biden stumbles over Zelenskyy introduction, calls him ’President Putin’
   The latest verbal gaffe by U.S. President Joe Biden comes as he faces increasing calls by Democrats to quit the election contest against Donald Trump.
10  juillet     10h53
As NATO meets, leaders look to ’Trump-proof’ the military alliance
   As NATO meets in Washington, the alliance is facing familiar foes and challenges. The prospect of another Donald Trump presidency is one of them.
CNBC Daily Open: Powell says high rates threaten growth
   Powell says prolonged high rates could harm economic growth. The S P notches its th record close. Biden pledges Patriot missiles to Ukraine.
09  juillet     22h20
Biden announces new NATO aid for Ukraine, as his reelection campaign teeters
   President Biden is scheduled to deliver a press conference Thursday following NATO summit events.
Trump has the ’most pro-European position,’ says Hungarian PM Orbán’s advisor
   Bal zs Orb n, political director for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orb n, discusses the Russia Ukraine war and U.S. presidential election.
Biden needs to show he’s ’with it’ at ’extraordinarily important’ NATO summit, former diplomat says
   Particular focus during the summit will be on President Joe Biden amid widespread concerns about his age and mental fitness for the presidential race.
08  juillet     12h51
Ukrainian children’s hospital hit, 31 people killed in daytime Russian missile attack
   Russian forces launched more than missiles across Ukraine, seriously damaging a children’s hospital in Kyiv, Ukrainian officials said.
India’s Modi to meet Putin in Moscow as both sides seek to forge deeper ties
   The meeting is significant as it’s India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first bilateral trip overseas since he was reelected for a rare third term in June.
05  juillet     12h35
Putin’s Hungarian ally Orban draws EU ire over ’peace mission’ to Moscow
   European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned that appeasement will not stop Putin.
02  juillet     10h31
Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban a key Putin ally makes first wartime visit to Ukraine
   Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is widely viewed as Russia’s closest ally within the European Union and is a vocal critic of NATO’s support for Kyiv.
28  juin     09h59
Specter of Putin casts a shadow over the Trump-Biden debate
   Russian leader Vladimir Putin was invoked roughly a dozen times in the minute debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
Iran votes for its new president amid economic strife, crackdowns and regional war
   If there is no clear majority after Friday’s vote, the top two candidates face a second round of voting on July .
26  juin     02h45
North Korea’s latest missile test likely ended in failure, South Korea’s military says
   A North Korean ballistic missile test likely ended in failure, said South Korea, days after the North protested the U.S.’s deployment of an aircraft carrier.
25  juin     11h15
International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for Russia’s Shoigu and Gerasimov
   The International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Sergei Shoigu, the former Russian defense minister, and Russian general Valery Gerasimov on Tuesday.
21  juin     12h29
Putin says Russia is ramping up its nuclear arsenal and is open to security talks with NATO states
   Russia is ready to hold security talks with NATO states, President Vladimir Putin said, while affirming Moscow’s plans to ramp up the national nuclear arsenal.
14  juin     11h07
Russia’s Putin sets out conditions for peace talks with Ukraine
   Russian President Vladimir Putin set out the requirements for Moscow to start peace talks with Ukraine, more than two years after its full fledged invasion.
Russia has to pay’: G7 taps Moscow’s frozen assets in support of Ukraine
   Russia has to pay, European Council President Charles Michel said, after G leaders agreed to tap Russia’s frozen assets for a billion loan to Ukraine.
Ukraine’s peace summit lacks clout as Russia, China and others stay away
   Ukraine’s leadership has been talking about this weekend’s peace summit in Switzerland for months, trying to drum up enthusiasm for Kyiv’s peace plan.
13  juin     21h27
Yellen: More Ukraine aid can be backed by frozen Russian assets after initial 50 billion loan
   President Biden reached a deal with G leaders in Italy to provide a billion Ukraine loan backed by frozen Russian assets.
12  juin     13h39
Russian warships enter Havana harbor under Washington’s watchful eye
   The frigate and submarine, part of the group of Russian vessels that arrived off Cuba, conducted missile drills in the Atlantic Ocean en route to the island.
09  juin     10h21
Ukraine says it hit latest-generation Russian fighter jet for first time
   Ukrainian forces have hit a latest generation Russian Sukhoi Su fighter jet at an air base inside Russia, Kyiv’s defense intelligence agency said.
08  juin     09h58
Biden honors U.S. war dead with a cemetery visit ending a French trip that served as a rebuke to Trump
   President Joe Biden closed out his trip to France by paying his respects at an American military cemetery.
07  juin     05h17
Putin looks to woo new business partners willing to overlook Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
   The days of scores of Western business leaders and heads of state attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum are long gone.
06  juin     06h04
In slamming China over its stance on Russia, Ukraine might have made a big miscalculation
   Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s very public criticism of China over its relationship with Russia could backfire.
05  juin     17h43
Former Meta engineer sues company, saying he was fired over handling of Gaza content
   Ferras Hamad, a Palestinian American engineer, accused Meta of a pattern of bias against Palestinians in the complaint.
03  juin     12h51
Kremlin warns Washington of ’fatal’ miscalculation to let Kyiv use U.S.-supplied weapons inside Russia
   Russia warned the U.S. against the potential fatal consequences of letting Kyiv deploy U.S. supplied weapons against targets in Russia.
02  juin     02h42
Supporting Ukraine is also an investment in our own security, Sweden’s defense minister says
   Pal Jonson, Sweden’s minister for defense, says the country is sending a lot of defense equipment to Ukraine and will continue supporting the country for as long as possible.
01  juin     09h14
We need to provide Ukraine with ’everything they need’ to fight this war, Dutch minister says
   Kajsa Ollongren, minister of defense for the Netherlands, says Russia is an existential threat to all countries in Europe, and it’s important the country’s defense spend to GDP ratio hits .