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CNBC : Ukraine
04  juin     11h04
Clashes near Bakhmut persist despite easing, Ukraine’s military says
   Clashes continue around the devastated city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine and Moscow is still suffering significant losses Kyiv s armed forces said Sunday
03  juin     08h22
Zelenskiy says Ukraine ready to launch counteroffensive
   Ukraine is ready to launch its long awaited counteroffensive to recapture Russian occupied territory President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in an interview
01  juin     23h01
Russian forces target food and water sources to starve Ukrainians, law investigation says
   The new report details routine Russian strikes in concentrated areas where civilians gathered to receive humanitarian aid and food supplies
Pentagon awards SpaceX with Ukraine contract for Starlink satellite internet
   The Pentagon declined to offer additional contract details including the price scope and timeline of the delivery
Firms are bringing production back home because of the Ukraine war, China’s slowdown and TikTok
   The reshoring trend is set to upend supply chains as firms look to source products closer to home turning away from manufacturing powerhouses like China
29  mai     12h21
Putin congratulates ’dear friend’ Erdogan as NATO’s Turkey challenge looks set to stay
   Erdogan leads a country that s home to NATO s second largest military but also has a friendly and growing relationship with Russia s Vladimir Putin
25  mai     06h21
German economy enters recession as first-quarter GDP data is revised lower
   The German economy entered a technical recession in the first quarter of this year after posting a contraction of over the three month period
24  mai     12h11
Without a hint of irony over Ukraine, Putin rages against countries that meddle in other states
   Russia invaded Ukraine months ago in what is widely seen as the most egregious transgression of national sovereignty in Europe in years
The West’s oil war against Russia is starting to lose momentum
   The findings show that Moscow has been able to successfully claw back earnings from fossil fuel exports in recent weeks
China is willing to work with Russia to take cooperation to a ’new level,’ says Chinese premier
   Pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia has shown a good development trend Li told Russia s prime minister during a meeting in Beijing
China and Russia are in an ’alignment of convenience,’ not a deep alliance, professor says
   Joseph Nye Harvard University distinguished service professor emeritus says the United States is a common irritant rather than a common enemy for both countries
23  mai     02h39
South Korea, EU agree to boost security ties amid Ukraine, North Korea tension
   South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has been pushing for greater security ties with Europe and other U S allies to address global challenges
22  mai     07h07
European officials are quietly preparing for the possibility Biden loses the next election
   The EU a group of nations was openly thrilled with the election of Joe Biden in late after four challenging years under the presidency of Trump
A middle finger to the Paris Agreement’: Norway faces backlash over renewed push for Arctic oil
   The Norwegian government says it is seeking to maintain Europe s energy security by exploring the Barents Sea for further resources
21  mai     08h29
Europe’s energy market faces 3 key challenges this year, the IEA’s chief says
   Europe may have done a good job mitigating an energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine but it s not out of the woods yet the head of the IEA said
G-7 stiffens resolve to thwart Russia, gives Zelenskyy chance to win over fence sitters
   The Group of Seven rich nations signalled to Russia their readiness to stand by Ukraine for the long haul
20  mai     08h59
Russia seeking to disrupt Ukraine’s preparations for counterattack, Kyiv says
   Russia has shifted the focus of its missile strikes on Ukraine to try to disrupt preparations for a Ukrainian counterattack an official said
Hiroshima G-7 marks costs of war and welcomes Ukraine’s Zelenskyy
   The Group of Seven rich nations are not seeking a policy designed to harm China or hinder its economic progress their communique said
19  mai     11h12
5 things to know before the stock market opens
   Here are the most important news items that investors need to start their trading day
G-7 leaders commit to more Russia sanctions with Ukraine’s Zelenskyy set to attend summit
   We will continue our joint effort to support Ukraine s repair of its critical infrastructure recovery and reconstruction the G said in its statement
Russia’s military has adapted and is now a more formidable enemy for Ukraine, defense analysts say
   Defense analysts say Russia has adapted its tactics during the war and say a more structured coordinated and reactive armed force has emerged
18  mai     09h54
As G-7 Summit kicks off in Hiroshima, China and Russia are on everyone’s minds
   The leaders of the seven major industrial democracies will discuss the future of the global relations and its economy as the world faces a number of uncertainties
17  mai     23h22
China walks a tightrope, searching for a Ukraine peace deal that doesn’t hurt its ally Russia
   China s bid to position itself as a peace broker when it comes to Ukraine and Russia presents a daunting challenge for Beijing political analysts say
15  mai     00h00
China doesn’t really care who wins the war in Ukraine it just wants to win the peace, analysts say
   Political analysts question whether China has the diplomatic skills and perceived neutrality needed to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table
13  mai     18h39
Zelenskyy meets with Pope Francis at Vatican, says he sought backing for his peace plan
   Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had private talks with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday seeking support for his peace plan
China unlikely to play peacemaker role in Ukraine war, Western officials and experts say
   Beijing tends to play it safe in its diplomacy and remains reluctant to pressure Moscow foreign diplomats and former U S officials say
12  mai     05h21
Russian diamonds could soon be sanctioned potentially disrupting the global jewelry market
   The seven most advanced economies in the world the G are discussing imposing sanctions on Russian diamond exports a complicated measure that could potentially hike prices for the luxury commodity
11  mai     11h52
The Ukraine war is driving a wedge between Moscow and its mercenaries and the Kremlin knows it
   Prigozhin s very public criticism of Russia s military leadership this week has made it impossible for the Kremlin to ignore
There’s an increase in demand for our products from many countries, says aerospace company
   Son Jae il CEO of Hanwha Aerospace says South Korea has increased its defense capabilities because of geopolitical issues giving the company a competitive advantage
10  mai     14h42
Here’s the inflation breakdown for April 2023, in one chart
   Inflation moderated for the th consecutive month in April Households will likely see continuing price relief in food energy and housing economists said