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20  février     18h04
   The fact the Python shell doesn ;t print anything when None is returned still feels weird after years of using the language.
19  février     17h47
   Unexpected python traps for beginnershttps: p unexpected python traps for beginners Inconspicuous string concatenation When None is returned Tuples are weird Stop with is already Reference initialization is tricky
04  février     19h37
   The beautiful theory of TDD and the reality check of practicehttps: p the beautiful theory of tdd and the
02  février     21h57
   Every successful people have a model of the world with very inconfortable truths on their mind. Those truths are part of the success, but if they were uttered out loud, the person would get laught at or cancelled.
30  janvier     20h46
   What ;s up Python Python, the video game, pyodide on the rise, numpy breaks...https: p whats up python python the videoFeaturing way too many hyperlinks, and a terrible pun.
27  janvier     17h54
   So the Python community on Twitter is sleepy, and now r python subreddit changed the rules to put everything on megathread. It ;s now deader than a subprocess after kill .Mastodon, substack and bluesky have yet to see emerging fun sustained interactions. Silos are boring.
   Analyzing quot;Sorting a million bit integers in MB of RAM using Python quot;https: p analyzing sorting a million bitWe are going to revisit Guido ;s famous quot;Sorting a million bit integers in MB of RAM using Python quot; article, explaining in detail how it...
   If you think doing good is easy, you haven ;t been doing a lot of it.
26  janvier     10h48
   TIL I learned about International Atomic Time because the guy who wrote the best scify ebook of the last years algo turns out to have written the NPM package for it : https: package t a i comparison of models
24  janvier     11h22
   People undervalue the beauty of a short feedback loop until it ;s taken away from them.Even then, they won ;t pin point the problem, rather express their general frustration, not realizing that the dynamic system they used had some great properties and were popular for a reason.
23  janvier     18h33
   Nice, pydantic made their doc executable https: latest Thanks to pyodide, and integrated by Samuel Colvin ;s mkdocs run code project:https: samuelcolvin mkdocs run code
   Python as a configuration languagehttps: p python as a configuration languageSignificant white spaces worked for YAML, OK
   If I had superpowers, I would force insert this in all .bashrc in the world:pip python m pip quot; quot;
21  janvier     22h02
   Xmas decorations, part https: p xmas decorations part This time we get more practical, by reviewing concrete usages of decorators in real libraries
15  janvier     21h26
   Things You Should Never Do https: things you should never do part i
   The splat operator, or args and kwargs in pythonhttps: p the splat operator or args and kwargsWith fancy words like variadic parameters and pedantic debates on the proper naming for things
12  janvier     06h28
   Half of all floats are in ,
07  janvier     21h52
   A fan on my laptop popped, I tried to fix it but no luck. No article until I replace it, sorry.
04  janvier     13h51
   SQLALchemy vs Django ORM https: st en blog sqlalchemy vs django orm
03  janvier     10h47
   Helping the helpershttps: p helping the helpersIt ;s not fair to want to help so much and to not receive it yourself when you need it.