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11  juillet     23h00
The 2024 NATO Washington Summit: A Pre-Storm Gathering?
Ed Arnold,[object Object]    Political challenges among NATO members, the spectre of a second Trump presidency, and a bleaker military situation in Ukraine compared to the expectations at the Vilnius Summit for the Ukrainian counteroffensive made Washington feel like a pre storm summit’.
A Bureaucratic Approach to Safety is Weakening the British Army’s Training
Julian Brazier,[object Object]    The growth of an overly burdensome safety regime is restricting opportunities for the British Army to train at scale. This poses risks of higher casualties and reduced capability if it is called on to fight a war, and of reducing safety through undermining confidence.
The China Factor in Modi’s Mission to Moscow
Brahma Chellaney,[object Object]    The alliance of convenience between Russia and China threatens not only to accelerate an increasingly overstretched US’s relative decline, but also to erode Indian security. India now must take advantage of its relationship with Russia to mediate an end to the Ukraine war and drive a wedge between...
10  juillet     23h00
Tactical Lessons from Israel Defense Forces Operations in Gaza, 2023
Jack Watling and Nick Reynolds,[object Object],[object Object]    This paper seeks to identify lessons relevant to the British Army, based on analysis of Israel Defense Forces IDF operations in autumn .
09  juillet     23h00
Anti-Money Laundering and Professional Service Providers: Conference report
Kathryn Westmore and Maria Nizzero,[object Object],[object Object]    Three workshops explored the role of anti money laundering regulation, supervision and enforcement activity in preventing, detecting and punishing enabling’ behaviour and incentivising good practices.
Episode 80: Can Labour Reset the UK’s Security Relations with Europe?
,[object Object],[object Object]    On the heels of a landslide victory, this episode examines the newly elected UK Labour government’s plan to refashion the UK’s security and defence ties with Europe.
Ukraine in NATO is in Russia’s Interests
Nathaniel B Davis,[object Object]    With this week’s NATO summit, the perennial question of Ukraine’s future membership will again be raised and left unresolved. However, Ukraine joining NATO at the conclusion of the Russo Ukrainian War is also in Russia’s interests, although it may not yet realise or acknowledge this reality.
Closing the Say Do Gap for UK Land Power
Jack Watling,[object Object]    With mounting threats to European security, simple tests can determine the new UK administration’s seriousness on defence.
Recording: Prince Philip Lecture 2024
Emma De Angelis,[object Object]    Major General Peter Rowell, Chief Executive and Commandant, Defence Academy of the UK, gives this year’s Prince Philip Lecture on Military Education.
08  juillet     23h00
NATO at 75: Past, Present and Future
Jaya Pathak and Bob Seely,[object Object],[object Object]    A curated collection of past RUSI Journal articles on NATO.
The UK and China: A Call for Cross-Party Consensus
Webinar chaired by Jamie MacColl,[object Object]    Handling the challenges posed by China will require a cross party agreement in the UK. Here are some suggestions for how this could be done comprehensively.
Recording: The Past, Present and Future of UK Cyber Statecraft
Cathy Haenlein,[object Object]    An online discussion with academics and industry experts on the UK’s experience with cyber statecraft to date.
07  juillet     23h00
Serious and Organised Crime Conference 2023: Conference Report
Matthew Savill,[object Object]    RUSI’s inaugural Serious and Organised Crime Conference brought together law enforcement officers, policymakers, academics, analysts and industry experts, to determine how key stakeholders can collaborate to enhance the effectiveness of the response to serious and organised crime, and better...
A Hollow Force? Choices for the UK Armed Forces
,[object Object],[object Object]    As the new UK government grapples with the current state of the Armed Forces, hard thinking and prioritisation are needed to ensure they can provide capable and coherent forces to NATO and deal with modern threats.
Episode 6: Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain
Ed Arnold and Richard G Whitman,[object Object],[object Object]    Ingvild Bode, Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern Denmark, talks about the integration of AI in military systems and discusses the emergence of norms and standards about the use of AI technologies in conflict.
What Can the New Government’s Proposed UK-EU Security Pact Achieve?
,[object Object]    Post Brexit UK EU security cooperation has grown since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Practical cooperation on sanctions and support for Ukraine has opened other possible avenues for collaboration. The new Labour government wants an ambitious structural alignment with the EU, but it is...
04  juillet     23h00
Episode 20: The Evolution of Modern-Day Money Laundering
Malcolm Chalmers,[object Object]    Host Tom Keatinge, CFS Director, is joined by Geoff White, Investigative Journalist and author of his new book Rinsed.
No Easy Decisions: Foreign and Defence Policy Under the UK’s New Government
Noah Sylvia,[object Object]    The UK’s new Labour government takes power at a time of multiplying foreign and defence policy challenges. Can it steer a course through these choppy waters
03  juillet     23h00
The Israel Defense Forces’ Use of AI in Gaza: A Case of Misplaced Purpose
Oksana Ihnatenko,[object Object]    While AI has the potential to refine and improve military targeting, the evidence suggests that the Israeli military’s use of AI tools during the Gaza conflict has been more about speed than accuracy.
02  juillet     23h00
Shaping Tomorrow: A Roadmap for Ukraine’s Reconstruction using Virtual Assets
   This Policy Brief examines whether virtual assets can be used to facilitate donations to Ukraine’s urgent reconstruction efforts.