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08  décembre     00h00
The Russian Challenge to Europe’s Gas Supplies this Winter and Beyond
René Balletta, Sidharth Kaushal and Dan Marks,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]    With Europe facing another winter of war in Ukraine and the broader stand off with Russia showing no signs of easing, the continent’s gas supply remains precarious and reliant on offshore infrastructure. What are the principal dangers, and how can they be mitigated
War is What Hamas and Iran Want
Bernard Haykel,[object Object]    The latest Gaza war presents the US and governments across the Middle East with an opportunity to end Hamas and Iran’s cynical project of creating chaos. But first, Israel must be stopped from expelling the Palestinians from Gaza, as that would radicalise and destabilise the entire region.
07  décembre     00h00
Seeking Strategic Advantage
Ivanka Barzashka,[object Object]    The potential of combining artificial intelligence and human centred wargaming.
Europe Must Urgently Prepare to Deter Russia Without Large-Scale US Support
Justin Bronk,[object Object]    NATO’s European members must ramp up investment in ammunition production and focus military training and force structures against key mission sets to credibly deter Russia from exploiting a clash between the US and China in the late s as an opportunity to break Article in Europe.
06  décembre     00h00
The Ukraine Model’ for Intelligence Disclosure May Not be the New Normal
Jack Duffield,[object Object]    The war in Ukraine heralded a new era of public engagement for Defence Intelligence. However, the Israel Hamas war has demonstrated that it is not a silver bullet for countering disinformation.
05  décembre     00h00
Episode 12: Tecumseh: America’s First Whole-of-Society Strategy
,[object Object],[object Object]    In an epic achievement, Shawnee chief Tecumseh brought together warring Native American tribes to stand up against the European settlers as they were pushing further West. His strategy included coalitions and the mobilisation of society as America had never seen before.
Exploring Mechanisms for the Return of Proceeds of Corruption
Maria Nizzero,[object Object]    This Emerging Insights paper assesses different mechanisms from which the UK can learn to allow for the return of proceeds of corruption.
NATO and its Indo-Pacific Partners Choose Practice over Rhetoric in 2023
Hae-Won Jun,[object Object]    NATO has quietly but decisively entered into a new phase of cooperation with South Korea, along with other Indo Pacific partner countries. The South Korea NATO Individually Tailored Partnership Programme is a small but concrete step for connecting the capabilities of US allies in the Indo...
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Too Fast, Too Furious? Cryptocurrency as Legal Tender
Fatima Alsancak,[object Object]    What can countries learn from recent experiments in adopting cryptocurrency as a legal tender
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The Legacy of Henry Kissinger
Richard Haass,[object Object]    The passing of the US’s preeminent foreign policy thinker and practitioner marks the end of an era. Throughout his long and extraordinarily influential career, Henry Kissinger built a legacy that Americans would be wise to heed in this new era of great power politics and global disarray.
Episode 5: Crypto Risk Assessed
,[object Object],[object Object]    Those in the private sector can often feel stuck between policymakers who fear cryptocurrencies are undermining their carefully built regulatory fortifications, and the online world of dark markets beyond those regulatory walls.
Aluminium: A New Critical Mineral Frontier
Timothy Laing,[object Object]    With the transition to a low carbon world potentially resulting in a large increase in global demand for aluminium, how can concerns around the environmental and geopolitical impact be mitigated
30  novembre     00h00
Episode 35: Concepts of Warfare in Space
,[object Object]    How do concepts of warfare apply to space Is there such a thing as irregular warfare, asymmetric tactics or hybrid warfare in space
NATO Leadership: What Next?
Oana Lungescu,[object Object]    The race is on to fill NATO’s top job when Jens Stoltenberg’s term ends next year, with outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte leading the pack.
Christopher Coker - In Memoriam
Terry McNamee    Terry McNamee pays tribute to the life and work of Christopher Coker.
Foundations of UK Energy Security: The Shifting Sands of Oil and Gas
Dan Marks,[object Object]    This paper looks at the UK’s energy security strategy with respect to the challenges posed by oil and gas dependence.
29  novembre     00h00
Episode 64: India as an Indo-Pacific Power and Strategic Partner
,[object Object]    As India is quickly developing as a major power, Global Security Briefing considers its prospects as a partner for the UK in the context of the Indo Pacific Tilt’
Can the UK-Japan Relationship Stay on Course?
Philip Shetler-Jones,[object Object]    With both countries facing the prospect of domestic political changes in , doubts have emerged about whether the momentum of the budding defence and security partnership between the UK and Japan can be maintained.
28  novembre     00h00
Clear Five-Eyed Focus Needed on Communist Espionage and Subterfuge
Andrew Borene,[object Object]    In the light of recent attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate the UK Parliament and Western business organisations, how can allied democracies safeguard themselves against this growing threat
The Indo-Pacific Diverges in Response to a Coordinated Transatlantic Approach
Ben Bland, Veerle Nouwens and Philip Shetler-Jones,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]    This Policy Brief seeks to explore how key partners in the Indo Pacific have perceived and responded to recent North American and European efforts in the region.