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Antiwar : Ukraine
01  juin     23h01
Russia Says It Repelled Another Cross-Border Raid in Belgorod
Dave DeCamp    Russia said Thursday that its forces repelled another cross border attack from Ukraine in Russia s Belgorod region the second such incident within two weeks Russia s Defense Ministry claimed that over Ukrainian terrorists were eliminated in the attempted attack on the town of Shebekino
SpaceX Lands Pentagon Contract for Starlink Terminals for Ukraine
Dave DeCamp    The Pentagon Thursday said it s awarded a contract to Elon Musk s SpaceX to ship Starlink satellite internet terminals to Ukraine Satellite communications constitute a vital layer in Ukraine s overall communications network and the department contracts with Starlink for services of this type
Mexican TV Spots Anti-Tank Missile Launcher That Has Been Sent to Ukraine in Hands of Cartel
Dave DeCamp    Mexican TV has reported that a militant affiliated with Mexico s Gulf Cartel was spotted carrying an advanced rocket launcher the same type that the US has shipped thousands of to Ukraine Azucena Uresti a news anchor for Milenio TV identified the rocket launcher as a Raytheon made Javelin anti
Debt Ceiling Deal Puts No Limits on Ukraine Aid
Dave DeCamp    The debt ceiling agreement reached between the White House and House Republicans places no constraints on spending on the war in Ukraine a White House official told Bloomberg The billion that has been authorized to spend on the war in Ukraine so far was passed as supplemental emergency funds
31  mai     21h06
US Announces 300 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
Dave DeCamp    The Biden administration announced on Wednesday a new million weapons package for Ukraine that includes Stinger anti aircraft systems and ammunition for Patriot air defenses and the HIMARS rocket systems The arms are being sent to Ukraine using the Presidential Drawdown Authority which
Macron Will Push NATO to Pledge Concrete’ Guarantees for Ukraine
Dave DeCamp    French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that NATO should offer concrete and tangible security guarantees to Ukraine as the alliance is debating what to offer Kyiv at a NATO summit that will be held in Vilnius this July Macron acknowledged it s unlikely that Ukraine can obtain full NATO
Russia Says UK Encouraging Ukrainian Attacks on Russian Civilians
Dave DeCamp    The Russian embassy in the UK on Wednesday slammed London over British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly s comments about Ukrainian attacks inside Russia In response to a drone attack that hit Moscow on Tuesday and targeted residential buildings Cleverly said Kyiv has the right to project force
Ukraine and Its Western Backers Plan Peace Summit’ Without Russia
Dave DeCamp    Ukraine and its Western backers are planning to hold an international summit to increase support for Kyiv s terms for a settlement to the conflict with Russia The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday While being sold as a peace summit the plan does not involve inviting Russians Andriy Yermak
30  mai     22h01
Ukraine Pushing for Road Map to NATO Membership
Dave DeCamp    A Ukrainian official this week was pushing for a stronger commitment from NATO during the annual GLOBSEC forum in Bratislava Slovakia Olha Stefanishyna Ukraine s deputy prime minister for European integration wants NATO to give Kyiv a road map toward membership at the upcoming summit in Vilnius
Drone Swarm Hits Moscow in Largest Attack on the City of the War
Dave DeCamp    Russian authorities said Tuesday that eight Ukrainian drones targeted civilian areas of Moscow marking the largest attack on the capital city since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine last year Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the drones only caused insignificant damage to residential