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04  juin     06h53
Ukraine keeps up pressure following Russian declaration of victory in Bakhmut
   OUTSIDE BAKHMUT Ukraine AP Watching imagery from a drone camera overhead Ukrainian battalion commander Oleg Shiryaev warned his men in nearby trenches that Russian forces were advancing across a field toward a patch of trees outside the city of Bakhmut The leader of the th Battalion of
Pro-Ukraine Russian Fighters Claim Captives, Offer Trade for Meeting With Governor
   KYIV Reuters A group of pro Ukraine Russian fighters involved in recent incursions into Russia s border region of Belgorod said on Sunday they
03  juin     11h12
Zelensky Responds to Donald Trump’s Plan to Stop War in 24 Hours’
   Speaking of next year s US presidential elections and a possible Trump victory the Ukrainian president said In a situation like this you are
04  juin     11h44
US must ’stand strong’ in face of ’unbelievable aggression from China’: Turner
   The intel chair also talked Ukraine and the source of recent attacks in Russia Rep Mike Turner the chair of the House Intelligence Committee on
03  juin     19h17
Nikki Haley’s campaign says she misspoke when saying U.S. needs to align’ with Russia
   COLUMBIA S C AP Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley suggested in an interview that United States forces need to align with
Zelensky Says Ukraine is Ready’ for Counteroffensive But Currently Faces a Difficult Choice
   In an interview with The Wall Street Journal the Ukrainian President was confident but added We would like to have certain things but we can t
04  juin     14h38
Playbook: DeSantis meets the press, Meet the Press’ changes hosts
   TODD SAYS TA TA WELCOMES WELKER CHUCK TODD the host of NBC s Meet the Press since announced at the end of today s show that he will be departing as moderator of the longest running program in TV history this September and handing over the teleprompter to NBC s KRISTEN WELKER The key
03  juin     12h00
The Russian Mathematician Who Exposed the Cannibalistic Nature of Socialism
   Igor Rostislavovich Shafarevich is not exactly a household name but the man richly deserves to be remembered a century after his birth and six
I won’t sign the contract even at gunpoint’: Russian conscript returns home in a zinc-lined coffin
   Mandatory conscription soldier Afanasy Podaev was killed in the shelling of Russia s Belgorod region border His parents are now asking one simple
Wingman Films Burning Russian MiG-31 Foxhound’s Final Moments
   The Russian interceptor s crew ejected from the burning jet seconds before it lost control and crashed in rugged terrain A video posted to Telegram
04  juin     03h30
War in Ukraine: The Czech company fooling the Russian army with inflatable tanks
   Inflatech owned by a Russian businessman who lives in the Czech Republic produces inflatable fake tanks and rocket launchers These decoys are
Vladimir Putin was never the Soviet super spy he’d like us to believe. He was merely a KGB ’errand boy,’ report says
   Russian President Vladimir Putin was likely never the elite Soviet spy that the world has been led to believe an investigaton by the German news outlet Der Spiegel has revealed Stories of Putin s exploits as an intelligence officer during the s vary and it is an era somewhat shrouded in
03  juin     20h35
Everything changed’: The war arrives on Russians’ doorstep
   Residents of the Russian border region of Belgorod are starting to understand the horror of having war on their doorstep
04  juin     11h01
Putin Gifts Historic Treasures to Church Amid Ukraine Campaign
   Art experts are adamant that Andrei Rublev s Trinity should not leave the museum given its delicate condition
Footage Shows Ukraine Trying To Shoot Russian Drones with Shotguns
   It might be easy to confuse a new video recorded in Ukraine with one from last fall s duck hunting season The post Footage Shows Ukraine Trying To
03  juin     18h03
Senate Republicans once again voluntarily cede their negotiating power
   Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell R Ky issued an unusual declaration early last month regarding the biggest congressional issue of the year There is no solution in the Senate Having served more than years in the chamber the last plus as the GOP leader who negotiated too many
04  juin     13h00
Wagner: What is mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin after?
   The businessman and owner of the Wagner mercenary group is no longer only attacking Russian elites He is also questioning the official discourse on
Spymania’ grips Russian security services amid sharp rise in treason cases
   The recent arrest of a number of high profile scientists has led the scientific community to fear they are being targeted by the Kremlin As Russia s war in Ukraine has grown into an existential conflict for the Kremlin over the past months its search for internal enemies has intensified with a
Brazil’s Lula is right on global politics and wrong on Ukraine
   The Brazilian president should support Ukraine this would be an expression of the South South solidarity he has pledged to pursue When Brazilian President Luiz In cio Lula da Silva was sworn in in January many policymakers in the West breathed a sigh of relief Four years of Jair Bolsonaro s
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 3, 2023
   Latest from the Institute for the Study of War Key Takeaways Ukrainian officials continue to signal that Ukrainian forces are prepared to start
Vivek Ramaswamy Proposes Major Concessions to Russia’ in Contentious Interview With ABC’s Martha Raddatz
   ABC News Martha Raddatz cast doubts on Vivek Ramaswamy s approach to foreign policy especially his willingness to give major concessions to Russia
Belgorod region governor reports clashes with saboteurs. He agreed to meet Russian Volunteer Corps
   Head of Russia s Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov has agreed to meet representatives of the Russian Volunteer Corps a paramilitary unit based in
02  juin     19h44
Ukraine Situation Report: Long-Range Strike Hits Russian-Held Port City On Sea Of Azov
   The strike on Berdyansk is another example of Ukraine s ability to hit Russian targets far beyond the front lines The Russian occupied Azov Sea port
04  juin     12h00
Blockade Runners Keep War-Torn Ukraine Working
   We re basically homeless here but at least we re home Russia s War in Ukraine Understanding the conflict one year on More on this topic AVDIIVKA
No plan B: Ukrainian refugees in NZ call for clarity on visa scheme
   Andrii Mishchenko and Olha Turska escaped Ukraine s war torn Donbas region in moving to New Zealand under the Ukraine Special Visa scheme to
03  juin     14h20
Beginning of the end of Vladimir Putin’ with ’break-up’ of Russia coming
   Infighting between the military and Vladimir Putin s warlords could be the beginning of the end of the Russian tyrant an expert has warned Luke
04  juin     12h00
Six-year-old orphan or con artist’ adult? Revisiting the strange story of Natalia Grace
   Docuseries breaks new ground on mystery of true age of Ukrainian girl adopted and then abandoned by Indiana couple It s been years since a central Indiana couple adopted a girl from Ukraine became convinced that she was an adult impersonating a child and abandoned her setting off an
03  juin     06h10
John Bolton on Ukraine Winning
   In the first part of a series of interviews with U S presidential candidates Kyiv Post speaks to John Bolton John Bolton served as the US
04  juin     00h16
Russian forces in occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast withhold insulin to residents who refuse Russian passports
   Russian forces are denying Ukrainian residents under occupation in Zaporizhzhia Oblast access to insulin if they do not obtain Russian passports the
03  juin     14h15
Ukrainian drone operator dodges Russian TOR-2M missile, then catches up to it incredible video
   Ukrainian drone operator dodges Russian TOR M missile then catches up to it incredible video Several units of Russian military equipment were