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21  mai     13h30
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Most Inappropriate Outfits
   Marjorie Taylor Greene has a lot of opinions. The member of the House of Representatives for the th District in Northwest Georgia unsuccessfully ...
Tucker Carlson finally gets his big break with new show on Russian state TV: Tucker. Rossiya 24
   Russia propagandist Tucker Carlson finally gets his big break, landing his own show on the Kremlin’s state run Rossiya . Simply called Tucker. ...
Biden’s Inflation Spin is Ridiculous
   Plus: The geopolitics of Counter Strike. Donald Trump’s social media account on Monday shared a video referencing a unified reich’ in a post about ...
Biden releasing 1 million barrels of gasoline from Northeast reserve in bid to lower prices at pump
   WASHINGTON AP The Biden administration said Tuesday it is releasing million barrels of gasoline from a Northeast reserve established after Superstorm Sandy in a bid to lower prices at the pump this summer. The sale, from storage sites in New Jersey and Maine, will be allocated in increments...
Thousands of Russians flee Turkey due to residency struggles and soaring costs
   Many Russians who initially sought refuge in Turkey amid the Ukraine war have since left due to residency challenges and rising living costs. Turkey, initially a popular destination, saw a significant decline in Russian residents, with numbers dropping from , to , . Difficulties in ...
Now is not the time’ Zelensky’s term should have ended on May 20. Here’s how Ukrainians feel about him staying in power without an election. Meduza
   May marked five years since Volodymyr Zelensky was inaugurated as Ukraine’s president. Ukrainian law mandates that presidential terms cannot ...
20  mai     10h09
Ukraine’s Zelensky stays in power despite term expiring
   Martial law and a desire for stability keeps the Ukrainian leader in power without new elections.
21  mai     15h23
Billionaire urges Russian firms to build alternative to SAP software
   MOSCOW Reuters Billionaire Alexey Mordashov has proposed creating a Russian consortium to invest billions in developing an alternative to the ...
Introducing the AbramsX: America’s Next-Gen Battle Tank
   Summary: Contrary to former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s prediction, the conflict in Ukraine has proven that tanks remain crucial in modern ...
US Cheered ICC Arrest Warrants for Putin’s Crimes. Not So for Netanyahu’s Common Dreams
   Why everything Washington officials said in response to the request for warrants by the International Criminal Court’s top prosecutor was wrong. Karim ...
20  mai     15h38
It Turns Out Republican Voters Don’t Actually Care about Ukraine Aid
   This is disgraceful, said Senator J. D. Vance following the passage through the Senate, earlier this year, of legislation designed to provide ...
21  mai     05h03
Russia Snatching Thousands of Vacant Homes in Occupied Territories
   Russian state takeover of more than , empty houses and apartments is even understood to be happening without the rightful owners even being ...
20  mai     15h02
Slovakians raise millions for Ukraine, opposing their government’s pro-Russian stance
   The fundraiser’s organisers say many Slovakians oppose their government’s pro Russian stance, leading to widespread backing for their initiative.
Iran: A day after death of its president and foreign minister
   Iranians woke up on Monday to the news of the death of President Ibraheem Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian. The officials were traveling in a helicopter when it crashed in a mountainous area in the northwest of the country. And naturalists have discovered that there are many ...
What the top U.S. Nazi hunter thinks of claims that Israel is committing genocide
   For more than four decades, Eli Rosenbaum’s job was to track down the bad guys: He was a professional Nazi hunter, the leader of a famed Justice ...
21  mai     11h13
Putin Gas Giant’s Stocks Plunge After Dire Earnings Report
   The Russian government has instructed Gazprom, once Russia’s biggest company by revenue, not to pay out dividends, following record losses and a ...
20  mai     16h14
Ukraine’s desperate struggle to defend Kharkiv
   It is holding off Russia’s attack for now
21  mai     05h38
Russian immigration streams in as Israel predicts uptick in Western newcomers
   As Israeli officials and activists prepare for an influx of immigration from Western countries, some, Russians have made the move since January, ...
Zelenskyy’s popularity in Ukraine has fallen. Will he hold elections?
   Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s approval rating soared to a high of after Russia’s full scale invasion in . As the war drags on, his ...
Nine people arrested in Poland over alleged Russian sabotage plot
   The Polish government arrested nine people from a Russian spy ring in connection to alleged sabotage plots, Prime Minister Donald Tusk told Polish ...
We’re not about to fold’: Janet Yellen says efforts are underway to package a 50 billion loan to Ukraine using frozen Russian funds
   Janet Yellen told The New York Times that G leaders will discuss the details of a loan program for Ukraine. The loan would use proceeds from Russia’s ...
General Staff confirms Russian missile ship Tsiklon struck in occupied Crimea
   The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces confirmed on May that the Russian missile ship Tsiklon was struck in a Ukrainian attack in Sevastopol, ...
19  mai     21h16
HUGE LOSS Major blow to Putin as 1,200 Russians killed in just 24 hours in bloody battle for Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv
   VLADIMIR Putin is suffering brutal battlefield losses as his troops advance on Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv. As many as, Russian troops ...
21  mai     09h55
Russia’s Cutting-Edge Icebreaker Faces Delay After Ukraine Factory Bombed
   Russia has boasted it will have the world’s most powerful icebreaker vessel by the end of the decade but the project has been hit by delays ...
Russia Detains Spartacus’ General Who Criticized Troop Losses
   A Russian general who said he was dismissed after criticizing the scale of troop losses in Ukraine has been detained on fraud allegations. Major ...
The drones are like bees’: Ukrainian soldiers speak from the frontline after Russia’s invasions
   ITV News Correspondent John Ray sent this eyewitness report from the frontline with Ukrainian forces as they try to repel a fresh offensive by ...
Russia is Concentrating One-Third of its Strategic Bombers at an Airfield in Murmansk
   The Olenya air base, which has been one of the main bases from which Russian aerospace forces initiated massive missile strikes on Ukraine, has ...
Russia says it’s still waiting for France’s D-Day invitation, amid displeasure from allies
   Inviting Russia to D Day commemorations is fast becoming a diplomatic headache for Paris. PARIS Russia said Tuesday it has not yet received an ...
20  mai     20h45
Carlyle’s planes are stuck in Russia, and it wants insurers to pay up
   The Carlyle Group’s aviation fund had commercial planes leased out in Russia when the country invaded Ukraine in February . The latest: The ...
21  mai     09h03
Opinion The Real Danger if Trump Is Re-elected
   Donald Trump may be regularly depicted as an impetuous toddler in chief, but he appears to possess genuine convictions about international relations. Ever since he gave an interview to Playboy magazine in decrying Mikhail Gorbachev for failing to hold the Soviet empire together not a firm ...