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23  novembre     15h38
Why is Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover increasing hate speech?
Rashawn Ray, Joy Anyanwu    The bird is freed tweeted Elon Musk on October as a celebratory endnote to his acquisition of Twitter However this begs the question free for which type of birds By show of his previous political statements current missteps and future plans for the platform this so called
22  novembre     15h19
Around the halls: What do the midterm elections mean for tech policy?
Nicol Turner Lee, Cameron F. Kerry, Bill Baer, Mark MacCarthy, Tom Wheeler, Alex Engler, Rashawn Ray, Aaron Klein, Mishaela Robison    With most results from the midterm elections announced and verified the dust is finally starting to settle Some have suggested that voters went to the polls with personal concerns like reproductive rights inflation and gun control in mind The tech industry was also on the minds of many voters
21  novembre     18h44
School finance and educational equity
   Recent studies show that increasing spending on K schools leads to better opportunities and outcomes for students In the United States where students of different backgrounds have unequal opportunities providing the most disadvantaged students with a larger share of resources may be necessary
The AI Bill of Rights makes uneven progress on algorithmic protections
Alex Engler    The White House has released the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights which is likely the signature document reflecting the Biden administration s approach to algorithmic regulation Paired with a series of agency actions the Biden administration is working to address many high priority algorithmic
Vital Statistics on Congress
Eric Abalahin    Vital Statistics on Congress first published in long ago became the go to source of impartial data on the United States Congress Vital Statistics purpose is to collect and provide useful data on America s first branch of government including data on the composition of its membership its
18  novembre     20h41
The GOP should see Nancy Pelosi as a role model, not a villain
John Hudak    As Nancy Pelosi winds down her nearly two decade tenure as the leader of House Democrats including four terms as Speaker of the House it is important to examine her time in leadership and learn from it In many respects Speaker Pelosi has been one of the most powerful leaders ever to hold the
Tracking regulatory changes in the Biden era
Abigail Kaunda    Note This regulatory tracker was last updated on November Every day the federal government enacts impactful policy changes through the executive branch and its agencies The Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets Regulatory Tracker Reg Tracker provides background information
17  novembre     15h40
5G is smart. Now let’s make it secure
   Fifth generation G wireless technology promises to deliver wonderous new capabilities ranging from smart cities to smart factories smart cars and more Moving from promise to reality will require those networks to be secure The technology that enables G however brings with it two
16  novembre     21h49
Blue metros, red state politics in the 2022 Nevada midterm elections
David F. Damore    Prior to the presidential election I coauthored Blue Metros Red States The Shifting Urban Rural Divide in America s Swing States This book examines how socio cultural demographic economic and political differences between Democratic leaning million plus population metros and the more
What to expect in the lame duck Congress
Molly E Reynolds    The Senate is set to remain under Democratic control in while the majority in the House of Representatives remains unsettled though most projections suggest Republicans will enjoy a very narrow majority Much attention is already being paid to what s to come in January but before the th