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Promote Ukraine
02  mai     22h55
Unlock Ukraine with President of EECS Christa Schweng: Support Ukraine, Challenges, and Future Prospect
Promote Ukraine    Intro How did you make a decision about hosting Ukrainian civil society here in the comittee What was your opinion about helping Ukrainians from the start of the war Do you see Ukraine as a member of the EU How is the EECS responding to this topic Do you feel
Unlock Ukraine with MEP Vlad Gheorghe: Seizing Assets, Environmental Protection, Snake Island
Promote Ukraine    Vlad discusses his initiative to seize assets from Russian oligarchs to fund Ukraine s reconstruction The European Union s criminalization of sanction circumvention is discussed Vlad delves into the challenges of his initiative including finding legal grounds to seize
Unlock Ukraine: Georges Dallemagne on Ukraine, Holodomor, Terrorism and Fighting for Justice
Promote Ukraine    Introduction of the guest Georges Dallemagne Belgian politician doctor and writer Discussion of Georges connection with Ukraine and his role in leading the inter parliamentary group on Ukraine and Belgium Georges talks about his experience working with Doctors Without
09  avril     07h22
Unlock Ukraine : Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicus on Russia state sponsor of terrorism
Promote Ukraine    Petras discusses Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism He suggest that Russia s involvement in various acts of terrorism around the world should be acknowledged and condemned by the international community The importance of a fair process is emphasized
Unlock Ukraine: Dubravka Å uica Vice-President of the European Commission. Full Version
Promote Ukraine    We begin our discussion by acknowledging that democracy cannot be taken for granted and why it is essential to protect it We will explore how civil society plays a vital role in defending democracy and the ways in which it can help safeguard our democratic institutions We
03  avril     17h13
The path of Dubravka Å uica, a prominent figure in Croatia and EU who has experienced war and now stands for democracy and civil society
Promote Ukraine    Dubravka uica You know that I was not born in a democracy so I experienced the war in Croatia and years later I can compare what happened in Croatia at that time when we had that atrocious war and it s similar to the war that is unfortunately ravaging in Ukraine so I can understand the
02  avril     21h35
Unlock Ukraine with the MEP Radoslaw Sikorski
Promote Ukraine    In today s episode we will talk about the role of the EU during the Euromaidan Revolution about the attribution of the war only to Putin or to Russians in general and about designating Russia as a terrorist state
26  mars     09h48
Unlock Ukraine: Marta Barandiy about new project
Promote Ukraine    Welcome to Unlock Ukraine a podcast where we explore the cultural historical and political aspects of Europe In each issue we send you on a journey through various facts stories insiders points of view of our guests With us today Marta Barandiy is the founder and head of the organization
22  août     22h38
3.4 Ukraine: Up to Date - Ukrainian Resistance Strategy
Promote Ukraine    Roman Sushenko Why is Ukraine resisting so well to the full scale Russian invasion despite the several different strategy scenarios
09  août     11h40
3.4 Ukraine: Up to Date: the full-scale russian aggression
Promote Ukraine    According to Yehor Brailian a Ukraine NATO membership could be considered to fight against russian imperialism because the Kremlin organized a full scale invasion against Ukraine
26  juillet     13h56
3.3 Not Granting Ukraine Candidate Status Would Be a Terrible Mistake
Promote Ukraine    According to Georges d Allemagne First of all creating a political community is not an option furing these times and would consume too mich time and energy when the EU needs to act fast regarding Ukraine In addition not granting canfidate status would have despaired Ukrainians and most likely
11  juillet     08h41
3.2 Ukraine: Up to date - Promote Ukraine’s Advocacy working group explained by their intern
Promote Ukraine    Promote Ukraine s Advocacy Group operates at different levels international organizations states corporations and individuals Click Play for more details Here is the link to the reasons why Ukraine needs candidate status https docs google com document d WQW ueaTDo xpiP Dr o
04  juillet     15h04
3.1 Ukraine: Up to date - A Case for Ukraine’s EU Candidacy
Promote Ukraine    The reasons why the European Union made the right decision by granting Ukraine Candidacy status are numerous Ukrainian people throughout history have times and times again shown their will to fight for Europe integration and for the values of the Union such as freedom and democracy And this is
16  décembre     19h08
2.1 Ukraine: Up to date - What is going on at Ukraine’s Eastern border?
Promote Ukraine    Tensions are rising in Ukraine as the intelligence of various countries report that Russia is considering a scenario of a rapid large scale offensive operation against Ukraine in several directions Russia continues to put pressure on Ukraine and the West The build up of troops on the border with
14  juin     15h22
20 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Vicious Circle Must Be Broken When Volodymyr Zelensky ran for the president of Ukraine the commitment to resolve the conflict in Donbas and stop the war was one of his main campaign promises A large part of Ukrainian society not only Zelensky himself deemed that the war in eastern
07  juin     13h51
19 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Registration for Vaccination of Citizens Living in Temporarily Occupied Territories Begins in Ukraine The Ukrainian authorities have launched a process of vaccination against COVID for those citizens of Ukraine who live in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk
01  juin     12h16
18 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    This Fragment Puts Pressure on My Head It s Unbearable Pain Vladyslav was injured in January when he went to a store in his hometown of Horlivka Fighting was ongoing in the town and a shell dropped a hundred metres from him Since then Vladyslav has been living with two
25  mai     14h56
17 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    EU Proposes Avoiding Overflight of Belarus Adopting New Sanctions Belarusian opposition journalist Roman Protasevich former editor of the main Belarusian opposition NEXTA Telegram channel and incumbent editor of the Belarus of the Brain Telegram channel was detained in Minsk
17  mai     13h35
16 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Treason Charges Brought Against MPs Medvedchuk and Kozak Ukrainian MPs Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak were served with the notices of charges based on the case files of the Security Service of Ukraine SBU EU Plans to Impose New Sanctions On Alexander Lukashenka s Regime The
10  mai     14h05
15 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    President of Ukraine G and EU Ambassadors Commemorate Victims of World War II President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a working visit to the Luhansk region together with the ambassadors of the G and the European Union What Does Germany Owe Russia and Ukraine In early
26  avril     14h21
14 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Ukraine offers EU member states action plan to deter Russian Federation Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba took part in an online meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council at the invitation of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell
19  avril     14h27
13 Ukraine:Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Magic Call The direct interference of U S President averted the military political crisis that the Kremlin was trying to create Clusters of Reconciliation or Formula of Surrender Ukraine Concerned about Possible Remix of Minsk Agreements Civil society representatives of the
12  avril     13h55
12 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    President Zelensky Arrives in Donbas to Boost Soldiers Morale President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has left for Donbas to visit the advanced positions on the line of contact President Zelensky Considers NATO Membership the Only Way to End War in Donbas A possibility of
06  avril     13h37
11 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    France Does Not Support Germany s Stance on Nord Stream France and Germany have different stances on the Nord Stream gas pipeline but discussions are ongoing between the countries to find a common vision for the project Minister of State for European Affairs of France Clément Beaune
29  mars     14h15
10 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Under the Roof of Russian Diplomacy From a Spy Consul to a Bicycle Thief In the Consul General of Russia in Strasbourg was expelled from France for espionage Recently this story has gained wide resonance in the French as well as Ukrainian and even Russian media and social
21  mars     13h58
9 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Biden s Factor The U S President holds off on calling Kyiv but he is already actively present in Ukrainian politics Iran Releases Official Report on Ukraine International Airlines Plane Crash Iran s Civil Aviation Organisation released the final report on the circumstances of crash
14  mars     15h31
8 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    Verkhovna Rada plans to set up temporary commission of inquiry into Wagner Group fighters and Medvedchuk Surkov Tapes The Servant of the People party initiated the creation of a temporary commission of inquiry TCI in the Verkhovna Rada to investigate the possible involvement of
07  mars     15h11
7 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    We are back with a brand new podcast episode of Ukraine Up to date This time we have a special episode in a new format for you where we take an in depth look into two topics Five moments of We are starting today s episode off with a recap of Of course the fight against
22  février     13h33
6 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    SBU s Counterintelligence Detains FSB Agents Collecting Classified Military Information Counterintellegence officers of the Security Service of Ukraine SBU exposed two Ukrainian citizens who had been recruited by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation FSB and were
14  février     13h48
5 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    After another eventful week here are the week s hot topics about things happening in and around Ukraine Commissioner Borrell s Insightful Trip Latvia Bans Rossiya RTR TV Channel Due to Hate Speech Against Ukraine Ukraine Formally Bans Russian Sputnik V Vaccine Merkel s
07  février     15h30
4 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    In Promote Ukraine s podcast series Ukraine Up to date we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine On this week s menu Ukraine to receive coronavirus vaccine Ukraine reacted to the opening of an honorary
01  février     14h05
3 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    In Promote Ukraine s podcast series Ukraine Up to date we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine In this week s episode we talk about Over Russians Detained During Protests in Support of Navalny EU Wants
24  janvier     15h38
2 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    In Promote Ukraine s podcast series Ukraine Up to date we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine This week we are talking about the following topics Ukraine Honours Memory of Soldiers Killed Defending Donetsk
17  janvier     16h36
1 Ukraine: Up to date
Promote Ukraine    The Promote Ukraine Podcast is back with a brand new format In our new series Ukraine Up to date we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine This week we are talking about the first judgment of the European Court of Human